Americans Are About to Discover That the GOP Not the ACA is Hazardous To Their Health

ProudProgressive 2013/09/16 14:35:48
The Right Wing's desperate fearmongering over the Affordable Care Act is reaching epic proportions. As state after state reports that the insurance exchanges created under the Act are lowering premium costs significantly (up to 50% in New York State, for example), they still scream about "skyrocketing costs". As lives are saved every day, they are still delusional enough to talk about "death panels" (named 2009's "Lie of the Year" by the nonpartisan Politifact). Is it really that they WANT to cause as many Americans as possible to suffer, or is it simply another manifestation of the Obama Derangement Syndrome that has infected the Right Wing since January 20, 2009, when they decided that no matter what the President proposed, even on issues that they had previously supported, their answer would be to obstruct and impede progress no matter what the cost.

Article excerpt follows:

Americans Are About to Discover That the GOP Not the ACA is Hazardous To Their Health
By: Rmuse
Sep. 15th, 2013

When Americans think back on historically evil and depraved human beings, they may think of Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, or even Osama bin Laden for their profound immorality in wantonly taking human life and creating terror. If the American people took stock of the Republican Party over the past four years and considered the terror and distress they have caused tens-of-millions of American citizens, it is likely they would conclude that, as a group, conservatives are as depraved, wicked, and inhumane as any of history's human monsters. Whether it is deliberately withholding food, shelter, or medical assistance from people in need, there are no bounds Republicans and their conservative activists are unwilling to cross to inflict damage on Americans. As the government runs out of money to operate and its ability to borrow to repay Republican debts looms, the true extent of the GOP's malicious nature is becoming clear.

In what has to be the epitome of evil in the face of good news for New Yorkers, the pantheon of conservative malice, the Heritage Foundation led by the vile Jim DeMint erected a sign in Times Square warning "Obamacare may be hazardous to your health." The sign's message is to invoke fear as New Yorkers discover that, because of the ACA, their healthcare insurance premiums are falling by at least 50% on top of no pre-existing conditions, no lifetime limits on coverage, and parents' ability to keep children on their policies until age 26. That DeMint is responsible for fear mongering and disregard for Americans is not surprising. Last week DeMint told an audience that Veteran's healthcare benefits and Medicare senior citizens pay for are un-American. However, DeMint is just one face of the conservative movement waging a ferocious battle with itself to determine which group can inflict the most damage on the American people.

On Thursday, 43 Republicans garnered support from conservative groups Club For Growth, FreedomWorks, and Heritage Action for legislation to shut down the government unless the Affordable Care Act is defunded. The House measure attracted support from teabag Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz to "save America from Obamacare." The groups boast that "momentum is building" to stop the healthcare reform law and prevent tens of millions of Americans from getting healthcare insurance and to allow the insurance industry to keep raising premiums. Republican leadership in the House is disappointed because their proposal to maintain sequester spending levels and force the Senate to defund the ACA is in jeopardy of failing. Both groups' ultimate goal is ending the ACA and cutting spending to inflict the maximum amount of damage on the most Americans possible, and they are threatening a government shut down and defaulting on the nation's debt to achieve their goal.

With the country's debt and deficit falling at a record pace, and Americans suffering the effects of the GOP'S sequester, the only reasonable explanation of Republican's actions is that in their malicious minds, people are not suffering enough. In a very recent Gallup poll, a record number of Americans are unable to afford the basic necessities of life including 20% who said they lacked the money to buy the food that they or their families needed, and 75% are barely surviving living from paycheck to paycheck. The Republican answer is to vote next week to slash food stamp funding when 15% of American families already live with perpetual food insecurity Republicans exacerbated by cuts to school lunches, Meals on Wheels, and Head Start. Republicans are dissatisfied that only 24% of America's children live in dire poverty because their parents are unable to find work or struggle with part time-employment at minimum-wage jobs. To rub salt in their wounds, one Republican quoted his Christian bible and said, "The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat" to justify cutting food stamp funding regardless that 42% of food stamp recipients work and the rest are seniors and children.

The level of inhumanity endemic to Republicans belies their so-called Christian faith; particularly their drive to increase the number of Americans who are hungry and in poor health. In the next week, with only 4 legislative days to fund the government, Republicans will battle among themselves to see which group can inflict the most damage on the people, and it is barely mentioned that Speaker of the House John Boehner lusts to slash Social Security he hopes will be his lasting legacy. Boehner promised to hold the debt ceiling hostage unless Democrats and President Obama accept a deal to cut to Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, farm programs and government pensions to inflict even more suffering on Americans.

Boehner's evil is represented in his response to criticism that slashing crucial domestic programs is unfair when people are hungry and struggling through no fault of their own. Boehner said, "It may be unfair but what I'm trying to do here is to leverage the political process;" to achieve the "goal to stop Obamacare, to cut spending." Despite the debt and deficit falling, and dissatisfied the sequester damage is limited, Eric Cantor proposed keeping the sequester cuts in perpetuity and Boehner said "Now, it's time to deal with the mandatory side." The mandatory side are programs that require funding by law including Social Security, Medicare, and Veteran's benefits; all programs that benefit senior citizens will ensure that Republicans leave no American unaffected.

To be fair, it is wrong to single out Boehner, Cantor, or teabaggers as inherently malevolent because the entire conservative movement is intrinsically evil. It is bad enough Republicans have not proposed or supported one piece of legislation to help any American who is not filthy rich, but they have been on a crusade to withhold food, shelter, and medical care from people in need. That the Heritage Foundation is assisting Republicans in their effort to eliminate the Affordable Care Act coupled with their inability to explain how it is dangerous reveals their only purpose is inflicting pain on Americans; especially since the Heritage Foundation proposed the ACA's primary components in 1989.

Republicans, teabaggers, libertarians, and their belief tanks have resorted to fear-mongering, misinforming, and warning Americans for three years the Affordable Care Act is an existential threat, and now according to the Heritage Foundation it is "hazardous to your health." Americans will discover in the next week the only hazard to their health is Republicans on a crusade to see which faction can cause the most damage to the people and the nation. They are just as evil as any of history's monsters and although they are not slaughtering millions of Americans quickly, they are intent on inflicting slow death by withholding food and healthcare from the working poor, seniors, and children.

Read More: http://www.politicususa.com/2013/09/15/americans-d...

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  • trentinafur 2013/10/01 20:58:49
    We are watching the implosion of a once-great party. The GOP is heading the direction of the Whigs, as the wacko-birds take over the asylum.

    one flew over the cuckoo s nest
  • Billy J 2013/10/01 20:28:48
    Billy J
    whats to discover I've known it for years every since I left the Republican party in 96
  • A Founding Father 2013/09/16 21:11:35
    A Founding Father
    You went to great length to reveal the depth of depravity that exists among the RWNJs today. People who are insanely hateful surrender all senses of morality or values and
    will actually suffer great pain themselves if they believe they are fulfilling their destiny to
    "oppose" or "defend against" the object of their psychosis. Some will even flog themselves with ropes and small knives just to prove how much they are willing to suffer
    in order to vent their mental anguish. Sometimes I think the nutjobs such as post their vehement diatribe here on SH are doing just that, flogging themselves and inflicting pain on themselves and their families in a mental state of anguish over having this "black man", this "one of them", as the elected President.

    Certainly the results of the Affordable Care Act have yet to be determined. Adjustments will be made, perhaps for a decade. What we do know for sure is that the status quo of medical care and costs cannot be maintained for more than another five years. And, we now are seeing costs beginning to decline, which was the object of it all.
  • sjalan 2013/09/16 16:11:17
    And in second place are the major insurance companies.
  • lkreu 2013/09/16 15:02:11
    Even Michael Steele - who I thought was one with some sense - said to talk to him in a year b/c ACA is going to mess us up. Don't think so.
  • VoteOut 2013/09/16 15:01:23
    You start this post with a totally false premise specially referring to NY. Most all existing insurance plans in NY are seeing their premiums increase dramatically while many people are being pushed out of their existing plans as well as losing access to their existing doctors. The exchange are not set up yet and not know when they will actually be active.

    Many multi employer union members are about to see the their paychecks dwindle as they will have and contribute more to their health plans and or see increasing taxation on their pay.

    There are also a number of other taxes kicking in due to ACA that are about to take more earnings out of peoples pockets and less money for them to spend in the economy.

    ACA continue to fail to meet structure deadlines and Obama administration continue to fail to implement ACA a show they are incompetent to do so.

    ACA is to big a monstrosity for a bureaucratic wasteful government to implement as is proven by history and most all other entitlement programs unfunded liabilities.
  • ProudPr... VoteOut 2013/09/16 15:10:32
    Give it up. Premium costs are going down in New York, California, Oregon, Montana, Maryland, and just about every other state that doesn't have an obstructionist Right Wing governor.

    Oh and the exchanges open in a little more than two weeks (October 1).

  • VoteOut ProudPr... 2013/09/16 15:20:25
    you just absolutely wrong does not matter how many links you provide I am going by realty of the people I know and talk to day to day .

    You are absolutely wrong that exchanges will be providing people with insurance on October 1 however people will be finding themselves with out coverage come October and none of those plans will go into effect until at least 2014 and once vesting kicks in and there is no guarantee that people existing doctors will even accept those new policies.

    Go ahead see if you can sign up for a policy in the exchange and be cover by October because NO YOU CANT. And how do you justify ever bodies existing health pans dramatically increasing that's a fact
  • ProudPr... VoteOut 2013/09/16 15:35:04
    They won't be providing insurance on October 1, but people can begin to enroll as of October 1 for coverage that will go into effect on January 1, 2014.

    And existing health plan costs are NOT "going up dramatically". The cost of the highest end "platinum" plans will go up a small amount, and no doubt all costs will show minor fluctuations from normal inflation, but the ACA is NOT RAISING RATES on any basic insurance coverage.
  • VoteOut ProudPr... 2013/09/16 18:39:13
    yes many people will no longer have insurance October 1 as they maybe kick off their own or employer plans and "maybe " they will have coverage in January and may have to find new doctors not so close to home . Yes ACA is causing increasing premiums on basic plans as are medical costs are also going up.

    have you looked into the exchanges in NEW York do you know how many providers are part of the exchange?
  • Tom Degan 2013/09/16 14:43:39
    Tom Degan
    One of the reasons - and it's the main reason - that America is in decline is because we long ago lost our thirst for knowledge. The people that run this place do not want the masses educated. They want them indoctrinated. In too many American schools, children are not being taught to think. They're being taught to memorize and recite. And if the half-witted right wing has its way, in ten years every public school in this country will be offered up to the highest corporate bidder. Keep voting with the Conservatives. You'll deserve everything that happens to you.


    Tom Degan

    Tom Degan
  • David Tom Degan 2013/09/16 19:58:57
    You do realize that the Left has had the dominant handle on education over the last 50 years, don't you. You must be one of the brain washed millions who have been taught not to think. It is the Left that doesn't want people to think which is why they are so nasty when anyone dares to oppose them and their idiotic ideas.
  • JCD aka "biz" 2013/09/16 14:42:29
    JCD aka "biz"
    I read that some GOP governors have accepted Medicaid expansion. They seem to believe that opposing "Obamacare" is hazardous to the health of their party.

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