American Jihad

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Hizbollah Founded

“Children of God”

Imad Mughniyeh


Hizbollah. Shiite Islamic group founded. Aka Islamic Jihad, Jihad Islami. Radical Shi’ite Muslim group, backed by and based in Iran. They call themselves “Children of God”. Created at time when Iranian Islamic Revolution actively exporting itself. Directed from Iranian embassy in Damascus, Syria.

Imad Mughniyeh assumes central position in movement. Prior to joining Hizbollah, Mughniyeh was active in Lebanon War and is thought to have been a member of Arafat’s Force 17, where he received most of his training in terrorism.


US Embassy Destroyed

240 Americans Die

Hizbollah send suicide truck on US embassy and Marine barracks in Beirut [xx] , Lebanon. Two hundred and forty (240) American marines and diplomats die in attack. Imad Mughniyeh masterminds the attack.


Yasser Arafat Attacks America [xxi]

First World Trade Center Attack [xxii]

First Attack on World Trade Center in New York. Six civilians die. One thousand wounded. Operation headed by Yasser Arafat’s PLO and backed by Iraqi government. Arafat wanted as criminal against humanity in New York justice system. Masterminded by Ramzi Youssef and Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman (now serving a life sentence). Youssef was quoted to say that his wish was to have killed 250,000 American civilians.


International Islamic Front for Jihad Against the United States and Israel

Osama Bin Laden (Al Qaeda) joins Al Zahawiri of Jihad Islami (Muslim Brotherhood) to create the organization International Islamic Front for Jihad Against the United States and Israel.

It becomes a virtue to kill any American. It preaches that all ‘true Muslims’ should be involved in a daily armed struggle to rid the world of its non-Islamic element. War is waged on the Jews and the West.


America Under Attack

Second World Trade Center Attack

Saudi Terrorists

2001. September 11th. Suicide bombing launched against America. Four commercial airliners used as suicide bombs. World Trade Center destroyed. Pentagon also attacked. Fourth plane fails to hit target.

Osama Bin Laden [xxiii] denies involvement but praises act. Imad Mughniyeh (Hizbollah) also suspected of masterminding attack.

3500 American civilians murdered under ‘sword of Jihad’.

15 of 19 suicide bombers are from Saudi Arabia.


America Declares

War on Terrorism

President Bush declares war on terrorism. US troops join Afghan Northern Alliance in toppling Taliban Regime. ‘Any nation harboring or sponsoring terrorism will come under attack.’


Saudi Propaganda

In America

Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah launches multi-million dollar advertising campaign in the United States of America to divert American public opinion away from Saudi Arabia’s involvement in world terrorism.

(Tell The Children)
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