America owes a lot of debt to China and we have lost a lot of clout (ratings)..Obama failed to take care of America so how can he take care of foreign affairs?

Veda 2012/10/23 21:11:40
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Romney was correct in what he said about China. Another point that he tried to turn around. Remember the open mike when Obama said to Putin" Wait til after the elections I WILL be able to give you more flexibilty" Exactly what did he mean and tried to dismiss it. Romney was right Don't attack meit is not an agenda when he spoke to Obama.and does not address the problem The only thing Obama could display his arrogance.and what was the beady eye stare about? made him look awful. romney look self contolled and Presidential and a statesman. Looked more Presidential than the president.The president looked like a bully trying to defend himself. Just tried to needle Romney but it didn't work.GO ROMNEY!!! He wil be the answer for the Americans economy.
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  • Sister Jean 2012/10/23 21:23:25
    Sister Jean
    or yes as I am not sure of the ? BUT I do know trade with China did NOT start with Obama
  • Veda Sister ... 2012/10/23 21:34:42
    No it didn't but it didn't end with Bush either.How refreshing your pic.:)))

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