'Always remember if you think you have it bad someone out there has it worse.' If that is true even with over 6 billion on this earth someone HAS to have it the worst... Do you ever wonder who that is and what s/he went through?

Kai-Neko 2009/03/26 02:54:26
I have thought of that and....
Never thought about that until now...
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Has anyone told you that no matter how bad it is someone has got it worse...??? and I'm talking about on this earth right now..... someone has to have it worse then EVERYONE
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  • Mimi 2009/03/28 20:58:24 (edited)
    That's a fact.... but..... if you help only ONE you've made a difference... kinda that "pass it forward" thing....

    You are a very sharp girl for someone so young... good job.

    There's a book I read long ago called.. The Mountain People... african tribe with NOTHING .. turned out on your own at the age of TWO.... made me the humble and grateful person I am today.
  • Headstrong 2009/03/26 04:02:01
    I have thought of that and....
    Yeah. Every time ( I'll admit it) when I start to feel sorry for myself, I do think about others who have it worse then me. How my problems are much smaller compared to theirs. I do think about how someone life could be, and theirs problems.

    But then there are others, who have it easier than you do. Somehow you can't show them how they should be thankful with their lives. But everyone has some kind of problem that is pointless to someone else.

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