Al Gore sold his broadcasting network to Muslims. Now that the L.A. Times is up for sale, think maybe that too will be purchased by Muslims as part of their long-range plan to take over America?

tncdel 2013/03/01 00:59:25
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  • Matt 2013/03/03 18:53:02
    YES [comment as you wish].
    If they do, they will have learned much from the Jews on how to gain influence in this country.

    Unfortunately, print media is going the way of the dinosaur.
  • sglmom 2013/03/01 06:52:42
    NO [comment as you wish].
    Well ..
    at least NOW we know why the LA TIMES posts here on SH are so crappy!!!!
  • sami sglmom 2013/03/09 13:37:16
    ok :)
  • Americanā˜†Atheist 2013/03/01 04:02:14
  • All American 2013/03/01 01:43:26
    Not sure [comment as you wish].
    All American
    Anything is possible with liberals. They're so smitten with Islam, a "religion" they know nothing about, they just might do it out of political correctness.
  • Gulfstream 2013/03/01 01:39:56
    Not sure [comment as you wish].
    Probably not, but it wouldn't surprise me and what difference would it really make?

    There is never a shortage of imbeciles in CA, especially L.A. S.F. and S.D.

    Heck.... let them start printing the rag in Arabic. Only 1/3rd of the population can read or would notice anyway.
  • Duke----The Non Racist, Fun... 2013/03/01 01:13:15
    Not sure [comment as you wish].
    Duke----The Non Racist, Funny Duke !
    LA Times?! Who would want that worthless noninformational media
  • les_gvt 2013/03/01 01:09:19
    NO [comment as you wish].
    It will be bought by Mexican drug cartels so they can list their dealers street corners for free
  • deidara.trueart 2013/03/01 01:02:15

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