Al Gore, Pimp or Prophet?!

Andrew 2012/11/03 12:42:16
Al Gore is Pimping the Global Warming Scam for His Own Gain!
Al Gore Is a Modern Day Prophet Who Only Cares About the Well Being of the Planet!
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Al Gore, the one time Vice President, and "also ran" in the 2000 Presidential Campaign entered the Vice Presidency with relatively modest means. In just twenty years since his rise to national prominence, he has amassed an incredible fortune on the global warming scam eclipsing Bill Clinton, himself! Gore twists scientific data with greater skill then TV cult leaders Benny Hin and Tilton twist the scriptures for their own personal gain! This preacher of humanism and militant environmentalism has taken his faith and generated a personal cash flow that rivals the great entreprenuers of our generation.


His disciples have Discernment Deficit Disorder (DDD) on a monuMENTAL scale, not unlike those wh buy the fraudulent "evangelical" telethieves interpretation of the Bible has fooled the Scripturally ignorant! Like the opportunists who fleece the perifferals of the Christian Faith he makes proselites for his own personal enrichment. Gore asks his followers to place their faith in his contrived "hockey stick" which could have been drawn by a second grader and is just as "scientific"!

Al Gore's New Home:


Al Gore on Hurricane Sandy!


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  • wtxwoman 2012/11/30 18:53:25
    Other Thoughts!
    You hold Romney up as some kind of fiscal icon because he as amassed wealth by cheating people, but you bash Gore because you say he has done the same thing. I think you are a hypocrite and are pissed off because you aren't smart enough to do the same. Personally, I believe in global warming because I have eyes, ears and a brain and know how to use them. I have never heard Gore's take on global warming or any one person's for that matter. Strip the politics from it, eliminate the religious idiots and listen to the scientists that are not supported by governments and you might learn something. I doubt it, but you might.
  • Andrew wtxwoman 2012/12/01 09:45:52
    Where did I mention Romney? I realize you have the need to change the subject. So I ask you where he has "cheated people"? Gore is simply an opportunist who took the knowledge of where the government "investment" was headed because he had insider information and turned it into a massive amount of wealth. Never mind that this fraud owns nine houses, all of which dwarf mine and consume huge amounts of carbon based fuels even when he ISN'T there! He is a fraud and a hypocrite!
  • wtxwoman Andrew 2012/12/01 18:08:03
    That is true, you didn't mention Romney, but I know you always bash the DEMs, whoever they are. I was merely pointing out the fact that Gore is no worse or better than anyone else in his position. Most people, like you, who complain are angry because they haven't accomplished what they want out of life and are looking for someone to bash or blame.
  • Andrew wtxwoman 2012/12/01 20:50:32
    Once again, you failed to articulate where and when Mitt Romney "cheated people"! Did he cheat people simply by virtue of his wealth? Do all wealthy people get that way by cheating? Or are you just a greedy poor person who wants to get your hand in the pockets of those who are more succesful than you? You're the one who brought up Romney. Let's hear you attack on Gore since Romney is no worse or better than him!
  • wtxwoman Andrew 2012/12/01 20:56:01
    I'm going by the way Baine works and, yes, I believe most people who aquire great wealth does it by cheating. They may not steal directly like a robber, but they do. I'm not a greedy poor person. I have all the money I need to live the life I live and I earned it. Not everyone wants a lot of money or needs it. THAT is what most wealthy people don't realize. Gore took advantage of his position to gain a foothold in the global warming debate and made money from it. I don't think his heart is in it at all. Same goes for most politicians and all those in the national government.
  • Andrew wtxwoman 2012/12/01 21:21:16
    Did you earn more money than someone else? Does that make you a cheat? Your greedy and envy are spilling out for all with a brain to see! How come you greedy people always attack those who have money except for your favorite movie stars and rock and roll performers?
  • wtxwoman Andrew 2012/12/01 22:02:43
    Stop calling me greedy, you have no reason. I said that I think people who have or aquire a ton o money can not possibly do it completely honestly. I say that because of the people I know personally who are wealthy and I know a lot of them. I have no favorite movie stars, you imbicile! Why do you paint me with such a broad brush when you don't know what you are talking about. I don't envy anyone, period. You are a judgemental fool. Leave me alone.
  • Andrew wtxwoman 2012/12/01 22:21:28
    You're a socialist then!
  • wtxwoman Andrew 2012/12/01 23:39:46
    Why do you people insist on labeling everyone? Does it make you sleep better at night to have everyone in their little boxes. I am an INDE. I am a social liberal and a fiscal conservative. Does that do it for you? Also, I am a Pantheist, not religious in the least. I don't try to change anyone else as long as they leave me alone and I don't LET anyone change me. Is that detailed enough for you? Why do you care?
  • Andrew wtxwoman 2012/12/02 11:33:51
    In the beginning of our discussion, I asked you to explain how Romney "cheated people". You have failed to articulate anything coherant other than to use some veiled reference to the way "Baine works". I don't think you know jow "Baine works"! Therefore, it is you who is labeling people without a shred of evidence other than an association with a investment firm which YOU have no idea how they work except for the what you read or heard about from some liberal blog or MSNBC! You are the pot calling the kettle black! You label me as someone who "holds Romney up as some kind of fiscal icon" and then you want to accuse me of "labeling"?! You are daft and a hypocrite. There's a label you can bear proudly!
  • wtxwoman Andrew 2012/12/02 16:21:11
    I assumed that we both knew what certain definitions are and don't want to waste time repeating them. I know what Baine does, I know what vulture (venture) capitalism is. Why can't you people understand that not all of us (people who disagree with you) are not DEMs, liberals, or out to get you. I have nothing to gain or lose, no matter who is in the Whitehouse. You seem to get off on insulting people. Your fear and paranoia are ridiculous. You are ridiculous. Don't bother me. I haven't time for this BS.
  • Andrew wtxwoman 2012/12/02 21:24:57
    This is your chance to run without facing yourself! I'd take it!
  • wtxwoman Andrew 2012/12/03 01:08:36
    Nonsense. Is that all you've got?
  • Andrew wtxwoman 2012/12/03 08:35:53 (edited)
    You don't seem inclined to face reality or your own hypocrisy and obviously you don't want me to 'bother" or "waste your time" so what am I supposed to think? You cannot seem to admit that it was you who made the blunders you'd like to blame on me. So you're gonna run and why should I expect any better form you?
  • halfbreed 2012/11/30 18:48:34
    Other Thoughts!
    You can say he is a little of both. He might care about the planet but he also uses it for personal gain
  • Andrew halfbreed 2012/12/01 09:46:48
    Which means he cares less about the "planet" and more about his own personal gain which is hypocrisy!
  • halfbreed Andrew 2012/12/01 18:18:02
    Hypocrisy is about right.
  • Rick 2012/11/30 16:02:13
    Al Gore is Pimping the Global Warming Scam for His Own Gain!
  • Charu ∞ijm♥∞ 2012/11/30 15:09:52 (edited)
    Al Gore is Pimping the Global Warming Scam for His Own Gain!
    Charu ∞ijm♥∞

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