A Wake-Up Call For Concealed Carry?

~ The Rebel ~ 2012/07/23 13:04:03
The world is full of mentally unhinged, immoral, desperate, criminal and sadistic beings capable of horrific things. And they don’t always use guns.

When there are no guns, they might use chainsaws.

Or they may use a sword.

Or a baseball bat.

Or they may just use their teeth.

Whether guns are made illegal, there will always be people with intent and means by which to harm and kill the unsuspecting. And even making guns illegal — like, say, how it’s been attempted with alcohol, marijuana, narcotics, prostitution, theft, murder, bribery, etc. — isn’t going to stop lawbreakers from acquiring them, just as illegality doesn’t deter murders, drug addicts, prostitutes and thieves.

One armed person in the movie theater where James Holmes went on his psychotic killing spree would have had the opportunity to greatly level the playing field. But it is likely that the gunman knew the chance of any of his victims being armed was slight.

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  • I. Car Rus 2012/07/23 16:11:14
    I. Car Rus
    Very flawed reasoning. In one breath you suggest that it "likely that the gunman knew" that probably no one was armed (I seriously doubt that he cared), but your earlier premise identifies the guy as an undeterred "psychotic", so the presence of a firearm wouldn't have made a difference. Truth is, according to the police chief, he was covered head to toe in armor, he had the advantage of surprise, darkness, panic, a smoke screen, and overkill firepower. Quit trying to logic this away by saying another gun in the theatre would have made a difference. This man did not need an AR-15 for any reason but killing people.
  • Melizmatic I. Car Rus 2012/07/23 16:17:43
  • I. Car Rus Melizmatic 2012/07/23 16:22:09
    I. Car Rus
    *takes bow*

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