A P: the Obama B. C. always in Hawaii. Was it there two weeks ago & is it real? Why released now? If real; Is this a RED HERRING designed 2 stop Q & As over everything kept Obama Secrets?Smell a rat?

jackolantyrn356 2011/04/23 17:22:25
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  • DavE 2011/04/27 15:38:51
    I'm glad Mr. Self Proclaimed "Transparency" has finally released his purported B.C. two and a half years after his election. Whether it is real or fake I don't know, but am looking forward to reading from experts on this issue. Sure it smells, as the governor of Hawaii even said there was no such document to be found. The B.C. issue isn't even 1/100th of what is terrible about Obama, but it is part of the total evidence that weighs against his re-election.
    document issue 1100th terrible obama total evidence weighs re-election
  • POPEYE 2011/04/23 22:40:55
    THE TRUTH truth
  • jackolantyrn356 2011/04/23 17:30:11
    There is more here than meets the eye . Do not make, Red Herrings are designed to STOP dead, all investigation of this. Especially, leaving hanging the brave gestures, those who have given up their freedom to get this far in "pealing the onion" ..........and make them meaningless. It is time to go on into the battle .......if for no one else then these victims of Obama.
  • greatwhyte2 2011/04/23 17:28:00
    its just away of keeping america from knowing the truth
  • jackola... greatwh... 2011/04/23 17:32:50 (edited)
    Maybe, Maybe not. If it looks like a red herring. Keep on research that's how this little tid bit from the Media, "Keepers of the Flame". . It always falls apart like rotting fish as it is on the verge of now.
    What is "The Truth" to you?
    When some one drops that line on me I am interested in knowing their TRUTH.
    Thanx 4 the interest.
  • greatwh... jackola... 2011/04/23 17:35:43
    the truth to me is hes not I lived in hawaii and I saw the emblem on his certificate its not real.and why would his granmother say he was born there.
  • POPEYE jackola... 2011/04/23 22:37:07

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