A new study shows plastic surgery boosts youthfulness, but not attractiveness. Have you ever considered plastic surgery?

ABC News U.S. 2013/08/02 08:00:00
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Thinking about a facelift? Before you spend the money, consider this: It might help you look a few years younger but not more attractive, a new study found.

The study of 37 women and 12 men who underwent facial rejuvenation procedures like facelifts and eyelid lifts and found that plastic surgery shaved about three years off their perceived age. But it had no effect on their perceived attractiveness.

“The drive to maintain a youthful appearance and attractiveness has been an important motivating factor leading patients to seek aesthetic facial surgery,” the researchers wrote in their study, published today in the journal JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery. “From this study, it seems that the attractiveness level will remain the same, regardless of age.”

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  • DianaXoGirl 2013/08/02 16:03:48
    I have a really big nose and for about a year I was considering getting a nose job when I got older. Then I realized it's a total waste of money, it's dangerous, and I began dating a wonderful guy who thinks I'm beautiful the way I am so I dropped the idea.

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  • AidenRenolds 2015/03/05 17:43:58
  • wally.west.5220665 2014/10/29 22:14:28
  • Min Carter 2013/08/22 18:30:04
    Min Carter
    Yes, I have chosen to grow old gracefully! Plus, I really do not want surgery that is not necessary.
  • MisterOriginal 2013/08/11 18:17:43
    I have considered loving my enemies as something I need to work on.
  • amber.l.sprayberry 2013/08/08 20:36:48
    Had my breasts done. I love them. I wouldn't touch my face though. But, do whatever makes you happy I say.
  • Patrick Henry~PWCM~JL 2013/08/05 18:22:20
    Patrick Henry~PWCM~JL
    Not seriously, just idly. Wow, take a look at Jacklyn Smith!!! I saw her on a rerun of "CSI" the other day and she looks HIDEOUS!!! Botox and calogen gone bad...
  • Trappedinthe90s 2013/08/05 16:37:42
    If me, the trainer, the dentist and the dermotoligist can't make it happen, it's a wrap.
  • AG 2013/08/05 14:52:45
    Aging is a part of life.
  • TasselLady 2013/08/05 13:04:39
    If you have good genetics, drinking alot of water, plenty of sleep, a decent diet and exercise will keep you looking youthful.
  • Captain TasselLady 2013/08/05 13:08:44
    And smoking.
  • TasselLady Captain 2013/08/05 13:14:39
    You know, when I smoked years ago, my mother told me I had a greyish sick pallor to my skin, and that I looked older than I was. But when I quit, she said the sparkle came back into my eyes, my skin returned to a normal healthy shade, and that I looked "alive". So I guess I looked like the walking dead while I smoked! It will be 14 years Christmas Day that I quit smoking. Glad I did now.
  • Fenabarb 2013/08/05 10:02:43
    hooter honker schnozzle.
  • John Duffy III 2013/08/05 09:05:04
    John Duffy III
    HELL NO! Plastic surgery never boost youthfulness and attractiveness, it is a waste of money and I am a true believer in great beauty, plus most plastic surgeons might botched it up producing lots of scars! Never had it, never will!
  • TasselLady John Du... 2013/08/05 13:17:07
    You got THAT right! I've seen too many of these, and the sad part is, many of them were great looking BEFORE the surgery. Then they destroyed what God gave them.
    botched plastic surgeries before and after
    botched plastic surgeries before and after
    botched plastic surgeries before and after
  • threenorns 2013/08/05 07:08:09
    my case is different - i was born with a hare lip and cleft palate. they've been repaired but as i get older, the left side of my nose and upper lip begin to collapse (it's bec that part of your face always grows throughout your life but where i had the surgery doesn't bec of the scarring).

    i've had 4 nose jobs - trust me, if it's a matter of appearance, you better make sure you're rocking a Sam the Bald Eagle nose before you go through that kind of hell!

    4 nose jobs trust appearance rocking sam bald eagle nose

    i'm 47 now and there will come a point when the lower left half of my face will look younger than the rest bec of the latest nose and lip work.

    so yeah - at some point, i'd probably discuss adding a jaw-firming or some work around the eyes just to make sure it all ties together.
  • Jaiheena Star 2013/08/05 06:49:25
  • TasselLady Jaiheen... 2013/08/05 13:19:07
    He was a VERY handsome guy BEFORE those surgeries. I felt so bad that he didn't see what we saw. It was a Dysmorphic Disorder that he had, a classified mental illness. We saw how good looking he was, but he had no idea how handsome he was before all those surgeries. It was such a shame.
  • Jaiheen... TasselLady 2013/08/13 19:56:46
  • TasselLady Jaiheen... 2013/08/14 22:30:22
    It sure doesn't. Unfortunately it doesn't matter now. It's sad that he's gone.
  • Jaiheen... Jaiheen... 2013/08/13 20:00:39
  • Jennapsyde 2013/08/05 06:45:12
    When I'm 50 or 60 years old, someday I might go get a facelift. And sing Alice in Chains, Facelift.
  • fish 2013/08/05 05:50:52
    I would like some skin resurfacing on my face, I have big pores from years of acne and sunburns from fairskin. Took me a long time to figure out why I can't tan like my friends. I'm a freakin redhead. Duh.
  • Horse237 2013/08/05 04:54:47
    I think I could find a girl friend if I won the lottery. But plastic surgery might not help.
  • DebraJMSmith 2013/08/05 04:46:40
    No. But I do use a lot of Vitamin E oil.
  • KittyKat 2013/08/04 23:46:08
    I'm not going to lie I have considered it.
  • yabbadabbadoo 2013/08/04 23:41:40 (edited)
    theres some things i would like to change but no its just not for me
  • Mark McKinney 2013/08/04 23:19:58
    Mark McKinney
    I would only consider such a thing if it were a quality of life issue. Having never been seriously burned or disfigured, I don't anticipate that ever happening.
  • Lana 2013/08/04 22:38:00
    considered it and got it done
  • Little Lynz Way 2013/08/04 21:03:00
    Little Lynz Way
    I'm natural. aw hell no
  • Nene' 2013/08/04 19:51:45
  • myowncompass 2013/08/04 18:42:45
    I was never beautiful, but I have been pretty in a very plain girl next door sort of way. Watching myself age is frightening. The lines, the wrinkles, the sag in my neck. Sometimes I cry when I see myself in the mirror. I believe in the possibility of a facelift in my future.
  • MOMMA THOMAS 2013/08/04 17:55:19
    NO THANKS...
  • shadow76 2013/08/04 16:28:56
    "For all is vanity, a striving for wind"
  • L Dub 2013/08/04 15:38:13
    L Dub
    Back when I was trying to do the modeling thing, they were hinting that I should 'get my nose done' and file my teeth (they weren't even that crooked, just not perfect.) Two things that are very permanent. Well, I eventually got braces and my nose, well, I like my nose just fine. I never wanted to get plastic surgery because I wanted to be recognized if and when I ever made it big. It's a good feeling to be recognized.
  • TheKneeGrow 2013/08/04 15:25:55
    Who want's to look like these hot messes!!! they JACKED UP from the RACK UP!!!
    donatella versace
    Linda Thompson
  • Jaiheen... TheKnee... 2013/08/13 20:02:02
  • Milo 2013/08/04 15:09:46
    No, fells like fake beauty I'm more on natural. And I'd rather wear a clown makeup than have plastic surgery.
  • LilyButterfly 2013/08/04 14:06:52
    My nose...
  • Jaynane 2013/08/04 13:40:39
    For a breast reduction. Being busty makes it very awkward for running or other sports.
  • eve 2013/08/04 08:51:12
    No, I'm happy with the way I am :) But I've considered getting moles and warts burnt off, but that's a different story.

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