A 'Good Job' is Considered $12 an Hour: Is $12 an hour a decent wage?

Pamela 2009/06/04 21:09:58
Yes. $12 an hour is a decent wage to start
No.  $12 an hour seems too little
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Investing in green jobs can mean creating million manufacturing jobs. But this may mean that more jobs will be underpaid. What was once a $28-an-hour entry level job has now become a $12-an-hour job thanks to the economy. Some of these jobs are pretty tough - Is $12 an hour a decent wage?
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  • Puck ~PHAET 2009/06/05 05:56:46
    Yes. $12 an hour is a decent wage to start
    Puck ~PHAET
    It depends on where you live. $12 an hour around where I live would be freaking awesome. Most folks around here don't even make $8 an hour.

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  • Official Psy 2014/10/02 23:03:34
    Yes. $12 an hour is a decent wage to start
    Official Psy
    decent for me... for starting..
  • Morgan Campbell 2014/02/06 15:48:47
    Yes. $12 an hour is a decent wage to start
    Morgan Campbell
    I'm a recent college grad with 7 years work experience, great references, a close relationship with the career center at my University, and while $12 is not what I HOPE I make, it's realistic for a first job out of college. If this were a job I really wanted for experience, $12 an hour is fine. I'm moving across the US for work, so a big part is cost of living- in an area like Phoenix or Texas, where costs are lower overall, it's reasonable. Although I graduated college early, with less debt than most, and have a used car that is paid off, so your debt level also plays a role. If I had to pay $400 a month in student loan repayment, it would be a different story.
  • Geoff Fain 2012/07/20 14:30:41 (edited)
    No. $12 an hour seems too little
    Geoff Fain
    I live in rural south Texas you people are crazy if you think 12 an hour is a good job. I make 17 an hour my wife makes about the same as me 40 hr work week, with two kids, mortgage, car payment, groceries etc. Are house is small, cars are crappy and we are barely getting by. I think people that say 12 an hour is a good job got something from mommy or daddy like a paid off house or good car.

    I physically couldn't get motivated enough to get out of bed for less than 15 an hour.

    I don't think its wise for people to settle for a low wage I think we are setting a standard to this new amerachina just so we can compete with the rest of the world.

    If consumerism is mostly the only thing that builds countries and its super global why have countries? Why have different currencies or value? Why settle for a low wage. Just think there would be no such thing if everyone asked for higher salary. Rich folks would still get richer you would still have investments they would STILL want to make easy money!... it just won't be a ridiculous gap and super unrealistic high gains you have now.

    But this would take everyone to wake up, use their head and stop acting like slaves and that's not happening, we love being slaves. Thank you welfare, corporate corruption and mommys and daddys that spoil your kids from yals "times were good" generation. We now all get paid like crap.
  • ralph r... Geoff Fain 2013/01/28 02:20:01
    ralph ralpherton
    17 an hour isn't much for a middle aged person, but 12.50 is okay for a younger person, or for entry level wages =). You have to count competition, and remember what the freemasons said- "Never pay a man more than he thinks he is worth, and never teach a man your trade for free". Welcome to America
  • bernadine Geoff Fain 2013/03/04 04:16:39
    Most people are making minimum wage, which is 7.25.with no help from family. People are graduating with degrees and can't find a job in their field, so they end up working at a fast food job listening to a manager that don't even have a high school diploma let alone a ged.so yes 12 dollars an hour is pretty damn good depending on where you live at and if you're living within your means.
  • bernadine Geoff Fain 2013/03/04 04:28:07
    you can buy a house nowadays for 70,000 dollars paying close to 300 something dollars with a down payment od 1,000. That's why everyone is moving. (Live within your means) ; )
  • Adrien ... Geoff Fain 2014/01/28 20:26:40
  • Brandon Geoff Fain 2014/02/06 21:10:48
    If you and your wife make $17/hr and still barely get by, you are doing something wrong. I make $11.50 and my gf makes less than minimum wage and we have a kid and we are doing fine. I grew up poor and neither of us get any money from our parents. If you budget and don't live above your means, you can make it on much less money than $17/hr
  • richard... Brandon 2014/12/08 23:22:18
    But can you afford organic?
  • yougott... Geoff Fain 2014/11/17 16:41:37
  • Selrisitai Geoff Fain 2014/12/09 22:15:30
    So you make almost five-thousand dollars a month and this is considered bad? I think the problem here is that you have two kids and a mortgage and car payments. You should have waited to have kids until you were financially secure. You should have purchased a second-hand or used vehicle instead of buying new. Why did you jump into life so hard with so little money?
  • ray 2011/07/29 04:41:36
    No. $12 an hour seems too little
    I am 21 years old and have a lot of work experience, (have always remained in my previous jobs for at least two years and sometimes they overlapped) and I am about to graduate college soon and am certified in a trade, and my rent is 1200 (2 bedrooms) my food is at least 350 a month my car is paid off but my gas and parking fees are about 120 a month, my utilities n phone are at least 195 and i earn 7.25 an hour but i work commission so after commission i make about 13.75 an hour and i work many hours and deal with a lot of rude people. and even though i can barely pay for everything i seem to get LUCKY and do so, but lately since sales have been low im stressing on how to make ends meet. im finally getting a job that will pay 15-19 an hour, so i could start saving again and living comfortable. what i mean is if you enjoy good living and comfort $2ph is only good in high school when you live with ur parents, not if u have a family or are independent (i have a child so i need the 2 bedrooms, but on average a one bedroom here is $900). deal with it for now but don't settle because you will never get to save any money or have enough money to enjoy life, (believe me living paycheck to paycheck sucks!!!), and i live in jersey city, close to NYC, NY
  • ken ray 2012/04/30 15:49:27
    It depends I live in upstate ny about 1 hour from the city. Own a home and three used cars and a dog. I make 14 my girl makes 10 we make enough to pay the bills and loan payment, and be able to put money in the house and go out a couple times a month plus have some money in the bank. Just depends on were you live an
  • richard... ken 2014/12/08 23:23:24
    But do you have kids and eat organic?
  • Jenhifer Salas 2011/06/27 00:05:20
    Yes. $12 an hour is a decent wage to start
    Jenhifer Salas
    I live in California and I think people here are greatly exaggerating how expensive it is to live here. Maybe if you had thousands of dollars of debt, but if you play it cool and stay within your means, 12/hr isn't that hard to live on. I work 40 hours a week and get paid semi-monthly. I'm currently still entry level, but the company I work for has annual raises and full benefits once you pass the 3 month probation period. I even got this job with no schooling. My checks usually average around 900 dollars after taxes. If you want to live in a very nice neighborhood with perfectly manicured lawns, then yes, it would be too difficult to live here, but if you're okay with living in a slightly run down but safe neighborhood you would be okay. I save money by carpooling to work and I still have fun by going out once a week.
  • richard... Jenhife... 2014/12/08 23:23:46
    But do you have kids and eat organic?
  • IndoDAVE 2011/04/18 22:33:48
    No. $12 an hour seems too little
    Living in Cali with 2 roomates, $12.70 gets me by with a 30-40hr a week job. My contract says I top out at $20/hr but thats like in 2-3 years from now. I work in a grocery store and maybe I should move to Oregon lol.
  • richard... IndoDAVE 2014/12/08 23:24:01
    But do you have kids and eat organic?
  • calinkinpark 2010/01/08 23:39:20
    No. $12 an hour seems too little
    $12 an hour is way too low for someone straight out of college! It's so unfair that after working our butts off for 4 years that one gets paid so little. College graduates DESERVE $20 an hour out of school. If the value of the dollar drops because of that, so be it. I'd rather that happen then get paid slave wages for a long time because of greedy corporations.
  • richard... calinki... 2014/12/08 23:17:49
    Many nurses and doctors I've herd make less then 16/hr out of college
  • Phalome 2009/12/24 05:47:56
    No. $12 an hour seems too little
    hell no! it cost $14 pr hr just to eat rent car/under $15 ph is for high school kids.
    fuck all the rich mofos paying hard workin ppl crap wages like $9ph you should be shot.
  • Yeshe Sangpo 2009/10/23 19:36:03
    No. $12 an hour seems too little
    Yeshe Sangpo
    Perhaps if you are sitting around doing your homework like being a low level contract security guard as a college student, it would be a good job, but for working in manufacturing, or a warehouse doing heavy lifting, it is terrible.
  • Billyk75 2009/06/08 15:35:34
    Yes. $12 an hour is a decent wage to start
    With the way that things are high priced, yes that might sound good.
  • cronewinter 2009/06/08 15:31:45
    Yes. $12 an hour is a decent wage to start
    $12 an hour is a really good wage in my area. There are very few jobs above $9 to $9.50.
  • petean05 2009/06/08 15:06:50
    No. $12 an hour seems too little
    Its not enough if you have a family.
  • Philadelphia Freedom 2009/06/08 13:40:00
    Yes. $12 an hour is a decent wage to start
    Philadelphia Freedom
    Depends where you live i live in an area where you as a single person could live off it but not save a lot of money .
  • Alva 2009/06/08 04:24:41
    Yes. $12 an hour is a decent wage to start
    It's a great wage for starting anywhere. Granted it would be better to get that in the non-coastal areas where the cost of living is much lower. But I know a lot of college students and high school grads here in LA that would love to get $12.00/hour.
  • Armygeek 2009/06/08 03:58:55
    No. $12 an hour seems too little
    It really depends on the job. Obviously if you went to college for 4 years you should be making more than 12 dollars an hour, hell even people who went to college for 2 years should be getting at least 18 an hour. If you are doing mindless work then sure the wage will be low, but if you invested in your future and have loans to repay then I think you should be compensated for your hard work.
  • Jon 2009/06/08 02:42:51
    Yes. $12 an hour is a decent wage to start
    But I used to do yard work for neighbor, for $20 a week.
    And I think $18 would be better than $12.
  • moondancer627 2009/06/08 00:15:41
    Yes. $12 an hour is a decent wage to start
    The last time I made almost $12 an hour was when I had worked for a company for 14 years, unfortunately the job sucked and I quit cause I couldn't handle the s/it any longer. I am now at a school district for 3 years and am only making $10 an hour and next year due to budget cuts they are freezing everyone's nickel raise. 3 years 10 year budget cuts freezing everyones nickel raise
  • ««Gingey, the Master Debate... 2009/06/08 00:01:05
    Yes. $12 an hour is a decent wage to start
    ««Gingey, the Master Debater of Þ|-|Дэ†»»
    I only get 7.75 -_-
  • Adam 2009/06/07 23:22:26
    No. $12 an hour seems too little
    If a person made $12 an hour they would find it hard to buy the things they need to live. Most homes are around $900 a month. A good reliable car could cost you around $300 a month. Your light bill and telephone could cost you around $200 for the lights and around $100 for your phone and Internet. Insurance for you car is around $100 a month depending on where you live and how old you are. That alone would be $1,600 a month. That does not include gas, food, and other expenses. These things alone could bump your bills up to $2,000 a month. For a 40 hour week that would only give you $480 dollars a week, which is around 2,080 a month on average before taxes and health insurance. That is not enough.
  • moondan... Adam 2009/06/08 00:17:51
    Most "middle class working poor "don't make even 12 an hour and we still can buy things. I have an apartment, clothes, car, ect. Although I eat sunshine in Arizona.
  • Adam moondan... 2009/06/08 05:19:08
    I lived in Florida and my wife was working for $10 an hour while I was making $12 an hour and we just had enough to function. No money for medical bills, savings, two cars, or any of the extra things that make life that much more enjoyable. If we wanted to go on vacation we had to save all year long. It is very hard to live on that kind of money. I would have a hard time taking a job less than $25 an hour, but that is me.
  • yougott... Adam 2014/11/17 16:47:44
    Try living poor 25$ hour is god wages around here
  • Philade... moondan... 2009/06/08 13:49:28
    Philadelphia Freedom
    Is it you and someone else or just you alone thats the real question cause two paychecks are better than one , I know because my wife is going to school and is not working now and i was used to having a budget of about 900.00$ a week and now i am down to about 500.00 and that is something your not used to it still pays the bills but next to nothing goes into savings .
  • Anthony... Adam 2013/03/02 01:34:53
    Anthony West
    again depends on where you live,I have a 3 br house for 450 a month,light bill is about 125 and my insurance for car and minivan is 89,I do make way better than 12 but I could live off of it if I had to.I live in northeast Arkansas
  • Louis Shipman 2009/06/07 21:54:27
    Yes. $12 an hour is a decent wage to start
    Louis Shipman
    It depends on where you live. Here in S.E. Kansas that is a good starting wage. Matter of fact right now I wish I could find one right now.
  • BillySteve 2009/06/07 21:54:12
    Yes. $12 an hour is a decent wage to start
    Around here it's not too bad, this is a rural area. In big cities it's poverty wages.

    I've never ever seen a $28.00 an hour "entry level job". Where on earth is this seen, in Tokyo?
  • CyniqueCharme~La Patron Sup... 2009/06/07 19:34:34 (edited)
    Yes. $12 an hour is a decent wage to start
    CyniqueCharme~La Patron Suprême de P.H.A.E.T
    Its better then I make. Its above minimum wage, anyway.

    I don't know if I would go as far as to say its "good". But its not terrible.
    Its more then most people make in an hour, anyways. And I would rather be underpaid, then to not have any job at all.
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