A conversation between twins in mother's womb

twin#1 -My dear brother
Look around and tell me what your eyes behold
Don't deny that you see
It's only you and me
Our existence,
It is empty,
It is cold
Our existence,
It is empty,
It is cold

twin #2 - But dear brother
You must have faith that we are not the only ones
For in the distance there's a place
Where we'll stand up tall and straight
I believe there is a world to come

#1 My dear brother
Dont be blind,
Dont be stubborn,
Dont be set.
Imagination it's all right
But it won't light up the night
What you see is exactly what you get
Oh what you see is exactly what you get

#2But dear brother
You will surely find when all is said and done
That the future it will show
There is so much we don't know
Oh I believe that there is a world to come
Yes I believe that there is a world to come.

#1-My dear brother
Where have you gone?
Is this the moment i have known?
I can faintly hear the cry
My dear brother must have died
It's all over now forever I'm alone

#2-But dear brother
Please don't mourn me when my life has just begun
For what you hear are sounds of joy
"Congratulations it's a boy"
Oh i believe that there is a world to come
Yes i believe that there is a world to come

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  • RCastel 2008/11/21 03:39:11
    Lets sing this song together again, love mom
  • sdahn RCastel 2008/11/21 04:47:00
    Yeah, maybe next peysach we can go to a hotel and sing it there again!
  • KD 2008/11/20 20:53:47
    Sounds a lot like society. I believe this is a metaphor for life after death. Having faith that after your life on Earth is over, there is a better place in store for you. But hey, that's only my opinion. Seems like I remember something similar in church when I was younger.
  • tomem 2008/11/20 18:17:45
    wow, sounds great to me.
  • Dan 2008/11/20 18:15:59
    Twin #2 was born first. The song is about life within the womb and believing that there is another life to come outside the womb. A metaphor for life after death, birth into heaven.
  • sdahn Dan 2008/11/20 19:00:30
    yes that's right.
  • i812 2008/11/20 14:46:17
    thank god they did not experience an abortion.
  • Deb. I believe. 2008/11/20 13:54:38
    Deb.  I believe.
    One of the twins died in the womb. I feel it was brother #1.
  • SageBrush 2008/11/20 09:09:48
    A conversation between the strong and weak, faithful and doubtful, optimistic and pessimistic, Love and darkness. The latter ceases to exist without the former.
    How deep this rabbit hole goes, only God knows .
  • KODA 2008/11/20 06:51:30
    a Babies view from within, interesting. It reminds of an old book or might have been a poem but was about a conversation of aliens looking down upon earth and watching the vehicle driving around and they notice there is movement withing the vehicles, they question themselves is that brains or guts inside? haha yea I know , a weird old memory huh...
  • Kate 2008/11/20 04:39:26
    Touching. I last two baby boys who were born prematurely at 26 weeks. They were not twins but I can imagine that this is a conversation that they might have had. touching baby boys born prematurely 26 weeks twins imagine conversation
  • sdahn Kate 2008/11/21 16:49:47
    I'm sorry for your loss, My 4 year old daughter was a premee and I remember someone else at that time who had twins one girl one boy and the boy didn't make it- they say girls survive more.
  • Kate sdahn 2008/11/21 19:39:34
    Thank you.
    That is true.I worked in NICU and the survival rate was in this order
    1. caucasion female
    2. black female
    3. caucasian male
    4. black male
  • sdahn Kate 2008/11/23 20:09:24
    right that's what they told me too!

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