A California city is considering an ordinance to prohibit ice cream trucks from playing music while parked. Do you agree with the proposed ordinance?

ABC News U.S. 2013/07/10 20:59:25
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Even though it’s summertime, not everyone is screaming for ice cream. Specifically, the Long Beach, Calif., City Council, who unanimously voted Tuesday to draft a proposal to silence the city’s ice cream trucks this summer.

The new ordinance would require ice cream truck vendors to turn down the volume on their amplified speakers while driving. Additionally, the trucks would be prohibited from playing music entirely while parked at the beach, in a neighborhood, or any other location in the city of Long Beach, Councilman Dee Andrews told ABCNews.com.

While restrictions of this nature may seem ridiculous to some, Andrews said residents of Long Beach are “annoyed” by the music. “When you get a complaint from your constituents you try to address it. It sounds kind of petty, but I’ll try to make it very simple and easy,” he said. “Let’s try to get along with our neighbors. Just be fair to the city that lets you in.”

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  • Willl 2013/07/13 02:10:45
    Poor people of California.
    So high on medical marihuana.
    So low on common sense.

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  • FUBO12 2014/04/05 18:40:34
  • Denai - The time is 3 till 12 2014/03/23 00:56:12
    Denai - The time is 3 till 12
    Do not like ice cream truck music!
  • Peaches 2013/12/19 18:31:29
    It makes it easier for the kids to come and get ice cream.
  • Dori 2013/11/07 22:18:10
    I sick to death of Kalifornia and the chit than comes out of those nitwits.
  • General "Bull" Krapper 2013/08/27 06:18:43
    General "Bull" Krapper
    How about prohibiting all the illegals they've got? -- Stay Well, Safe & Free
  • May 2013/08/08 01:37:30
    Maybe it should quite down when it's parked somehow tho :)
  • Faye 2013/08/02 05:49:09
    The dogs howl and the music goes on and on.
  • Nicole 2013/07/27 02:53:09
    I'd rather you silence the noisy garbage truck that wakes my dog and I up at 4 AM instead of the peaceful ice cream truck music that reminds everybody of his or her childhood.
  • Al in St. Lou 2013/07/23 14:41:12
    Al in St. Lou
    The key is "while parked." I don't see why communities shouldn't be free to have such a reasonable restriction. (I was prepared to vote No until I saw "while parked.")
  • david 2013/07/23 01:02:53
  • VL 2013/07/22 00:09:10
    Without the music, how are people supposed to know where the ice creams at?
  • Andre 2013/07/21 21:03:06
    I would understad if they park there for extented periods of time with the music repeating, but if it is only during the stop for the sales, no don't silence them, it is part of the charm. People are getting way to egoistic and un-tolerant. Hey, of you want evrything to your personal liking and preferences there is no place for you in society, go to a desert island.
  • mag's 2013/07/21 02:38:27 (edited)
    How are people supposed to kno where the ice cream truck is, i mean, this is jus RIDICULOUS. You mean to tell me that som people can't handle a little loud music for about 3-8 min parked but some of you are at clubs or home cranking up the music for mins too. If people are annoyed, i suggest putting headphones on and playing your fav song, so u aren't annoyed.
  • katelynn 2013/07/20 04:37:36
    thats how the kids know the truck is coming
  • boocab55 2013/07/19 15:25:05
    Turn down the volume maybe stop noway. That's Ca. for you messing things up for the rest of us.
  • Maiko 2013/07/19 15:11:40
    It isn't surprising, Liberal Hypocrisy California would try to ban this... They allow "alternative" parades featuring people half naked, or dang near naked, they allow dope to be legal, but shame shame shame on the ice cream trucks. A tradition that has been around for a very long time, will soon be silenced. Next thing we know, they will be banned for good, unless they ONLY sell rice cakes and yogurts...
  • Kevin 2013/07/19 14:13:46
    "The new compassionate America"....Get rid of them damn offensive children's icecream trucks and replace them with muslim praying 5 times a day from speakers on top of buildings. Obama promised change!!!
  • peppermint 2013/07/19 03:32:39
    No. It brings back my childhood memories.
  • FlyGalsMom 2013/07/18 06:52:41
    They should go back to the bells like the good humor man had~ there is NO reason that we should listen to an IC truck from blocks away with the music playing that incessant same song~ I can hear it with my windows closed and central air on~ Plus they do it about 10 xs a day, when the kids are out of school~~
  • Maiko FlyGalsMom 2013/07/19 15:14:55
    You can't deal with that for 5-10 min? You "won't" turn up the TV or radio, if it bothers you so much? So, you think because you are irritated, children should not have the fun of a tradition that has been around, possibly before you were?! Try plugging your ears if the above suggestions doesn't work for ya.
  • Barbara 2013/07/18 06:46:59 (edited)
    Thegood old days are slowly coming to a end, we still get the ice cream trucks driving around the neighbour hood here in Australia... but silencing the truck....now that's just not cool! Play that tune Mr Ice Cream Man :) Maybe all those drugs the Californian's take it freaks them out when they hear it coming and spin out...Ha!
  • us 2013/07/18 04:52:19
    NO, that way you know that they are coming and you can get your money ready. I don't see them that much anymore, I think because there not many kids where I live now, they are all grown up.
  • Bob Roberts 2013/07/18 01:03:44
    Bob Roberts
  • Junior the Outer Space Musi... 2013/07/18 00:56:24
  • Ellie 2013/07/17 22:56:46
    Absolutely not everything is far too regulated already, we don't need any more rules. Anyways how ate you gonna hear when the van is by your house.
  • JDood 2013/07/17 19:00:32 (edited)
    There's nothing like the sound of a good, old fashioned ice cream truck.

    If anything needs to be silenced, it's the very wind bags on the city council who have nothing better to do than it inundate us with more of their liberal, socialistic jargon.
  • david c... JDood 2013/07/17 19:33:16
    david carter
    this isn't a "liberal" or "socialist" issue dude.
  • ready46xwu 2013/07/17 02:09:26
  • chaoskitty123 2013/07/17 00:52:35
    I say no because around here we have only one ice cream truck and it's a nostalgic throw back throw back to another time we all enjoy. The idea of stopping them entirely at beaches is ridiculous when most California beaches allow every boombox under the Sun. Frankly, while I understand they can be noisy, there are far worse forms of noise pollution including street crews making far more noise with their jackhammers and those blasted beepers when they back up. Everything has a place and ice cream trucks have theirs... noise and all.
  • nina 2013/07/17 00:43:04
    That's the most exciting sound to a child! It still is to me! That's how you know... It's like an alarm for ice cream!!!
  • Phyl *In God i Trust* 2013/07/17 00:12:44
    Phyl *In God i Trust*
    no love the hear it play.
  • Anita Gerulis 2013/07/16 21:56:16
    Anita Gerulis
  • gus.anderson 2013/07/16 21:37:19
    The truck is parked..so sure, stop the music. There are noise ordinances and I'm sure an ice cream truck playing music while parked outside your apt window for 10 minutes while dozens of kids.....and adults.....load up on goodies, would be a real bite in the pushpop for many people. If a truck were parked for a while...which more trucks are doing because of high gas prices.....I can see where neighbors wouldn't want to listen to ice cream truck music for three hours straight.
  • FlyGalsMom gus.and... 2013/07/18 06:56:14
    Exactly~ especially since you can hear them from BLOCKS away cuz the music is Cranked up so loud~
  • Daniel ... gus.and... 2013/07/30 14:54:00
    Daniel Hughey
    Wow! Can't put up with a little noise for the kids huh? Hope you are not a parent!
  • JLM630 2013/07/16 20:51:24
    It sounds dumb!
  • Frank 2013/07/16 20:32:48
    Safety first.
  • carlton.dunlap 2013/07/16 19:43:51
    Those people are too darn sensitive!
  • FlyGalsMom carlton... 2013/07/18 06:56:44
    And YOU are far too Jaded~~
  • QUIS EVADET 2013/07/16 18:21:27
    Ban the trucks all together.
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