Do You Always Vote For the Same Party in Each Election?

Do You Always Vote For the Same Party?

by Christian Collins

When it's time for you to cast your vote, do you just vote for the same political party every time?

Could Hillary Clintons Secret Email Account Derail Her Presidential Ambitions?

What Will Her Secret Emails Reveal?

by LonnieHead

If you thought the Benghazi trials were over, guess again. Hillary has found herself back in hot water. Why did she have a secret email account?

  • Jesse 'The Body' Ventura Sues the TSA Over Pat-downs: Does He Have a Case?
    Jesse "The Body" Ventura has rarely run away from a challenge. As a Navy man, a wrestler, an actor or politician, he was always ready to rumble. But can he beat his biggest foe?
    394 opinions
    News 2011/01/25 17:00:00
  • Was Keith Olbermann an Incredible Talent?
    Outgoing NBCU CEO says departing MSNBC pundit Keith Olbermann was an incredible talent, and was responsible for much of MSNBC's ratings success.
    225 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/25 17:00:00
  • Did the Founding Fathers End Slavery?
    Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann gave a rousing speech celebrating American history and tradition - but did she go too far by claiming the country's Founding Fathers eliminated slavery?
    946 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/25 17:00:00
  • Is Political Activism Dead?
    Singer/activist Harry Belafonte knows about fighting for your rights. He marched alongside Dr. Martin Luther King and experienced segregation firsthand. He says kids these days just don't get it.
    249 opinions
    News 2011/01/25 00:00:00
  • Will Obama's Numbers Last?
    Just when it seemed like you could count him out, President Obama has had a resurgence in national polls. How do you think he was able to pull off the confidence boost and will it last?
    822 opinions
    News 2011/01/24 23:00:00
  • Are You Going to Watch the State of the Union Address?
    It's a new year and time for a State of the Union address. President Barack Obama will primarily focus on the economy. But he will also talk about partisanship. What do you want him to say?
    502 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/25 19:00:00
  • Is the Middle East Peace Process a Lost Cause?
    For the last 60 years, politicians and activists have tried to hammer out a peace between Israel and the Palestinians. But now that process might be over in light of new leaked documents.
    441 opinions
    News 2011/01/24 18:00:00
  • Do You Want the Police to Use Drones?
    On the one hand, they could make you safer. On the other hand, if police start using miniature unmanned drones domestically you could have your right to privacy infringed on. What do you think?
    595 opinions
    News 2011/01/24 18:00:00
  • Do You Blame Congress for Not Closing Gitmo?
    The United States placed more than 500 so-called enemy combatants at Guantanamo Bay. Two years after Barack Obama promised to close it, he still hasn't. Whose fault is that?
    419 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/24 18:00:00
  • Whose Side Are You On: Ricky Gervais or Judd Apatow?
    Comedian/Producer/Director Judd Apatow hosted the Producers Guild Awards, but he had one thing on his mind during his monologue: Ricky Gervais, and his "mean" performance at the Golden Globe Awards.
    222 votes
    Politics 2011/01/24 16:00:00
  • Is the Real Problem Too MUCH Civility?
    Comedian Bill Maher is over this whole "civility" thing sweeping politics. How is Democrats and Republicans sitting next to each other during the State of the Union speech going to prevent another Tucson tragedy?
    331 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/24 16:00:00
  • Were Rick Santorum's Comments on President Obama and Abortion Racist?
    Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum has slowly emerged as he contemplates running for president in 2012. But can the Conservative known for his partisan attacks be presidential?
    1,107 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/21 19:00:00
  • Is Christianity Socialist or Conservative?
    Is Christianity inherently socialist or conservative or neither? Tucker Carlson's the Daily Caller stirred up the debate this week and the arguments will likely surprise you.
    1,714 opinions
    News 2011/01/21 19:00:00
  • Should We Legalize All Drugs?
    America has flirted with the idea of legalizing marijuana. Massachusetts and California are at the forefront of that movement. But no one has done what Portugal did. Should they?
    978 opinions
    News 2011/01/21 21:00:00
  • Walmart Turns Healthy: Thank Goodness or No Thanks?
    Walmart is going green. It's already committed to making its stores more energy efficient, and now it has pledged to offer healthier fresh food options as well. Is that what you want from your Walmart?
    1,056 opinions
    News 2011/01/21 16:00:00
  • Tucson Taco Joint to Offer Up Lion Tacos: Are You In?
    Chicken and steak is for wimps. How about some kangaroo, duck or elk in your tacos? A Tucson, Ariz., restaurant is raising some eyebrows with its upcoming offer of lion meat tacos. Are you game?
    836 opinions
    News 2011/01/21 15:00:00
  • Does the 'Fountain Lady' Have a Case?
    Fox News' Shep Smith could barely contain his derision at the idea that the "Fountain Lady" is considering legal action against mall security for laughing at her.
    216 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/21 12:00:00
  • Do We Need to Defend the Internet From Government and Corporate Control?
    Al Gore spoke at a technology conference in Brazil, telling the audience that it's up to them to protect the future of the Internet.
    288 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/21 12:00:00
  • What Should This Comedian Do With His $1 Million?
    Comedian Craig Rowin uploaded a video two months ago asking a millionaire to spread the wealth and give him $1 million. It seemed like a funny bit, until someone actually ponied up the cash. Who's laughing now?
    181 votes
    News 2011/01/21 00:00:00
  • Do You Think China’s Hu Jintao Is a Dictator?
    Chinese President Hu Jintao is expected to get a chilly reception when he visits Congress this week. He got a bit of a preview on Tuesday when Senator Harry Reid referred to him as a "dictator."
    557 opinions
    News 2011/01/20 21:00:00
  • Should Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Keep Her Seat?
    Some commentators on the Right are suggesting that two weeks after her grave wounding in an attempted assassination, Democratic Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords should step down. What do you think?
    557 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/20 19:00:00
  • Officer Rapes Captive, Gets One Year in Jail: Is That Enough?
    Police officers have a lot of power. They can detain you, ask for identification and even arrest you if they believe they have probable cause. But what if they abuse that power?
    655 opinions
    News 2011/01/21 12:00:00
  • Is Deadly Abortion Doctor Worse Than Jack Kevorkian?
    Jack Kevorkian was once named Dr. Death after boasting that he helped people commit suicide. A Philadelphia doctor is not boasting, but he might have killed more.
    466 opinions
    News 2011/01/20 16:00:00
  • Do You Still Like Sarah Palin?
    Sarah Palin has been a lightning rod for Conservatives and Liberals. No matter what she says or when she says it, people listen. But in her latest outburst, did she go too far?
    2,389 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/20 16:00:00
  • Are Those Who Want Guns for 'Self-Defense' Racist?
    Well, just when you thought there wasn't another possible story to be wrung from the terrible shootings in Arizona, Michael Moore is here to tell us the one reason people go out and buy guns.
    823 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/20 12:00:00
  • Is It Bad to Be 'Elite'?
    Writer Aaron Sorkin wants to take back the word "elite" from the Conservatives who want to use it to smear Liberals. After all, what's so bad about being elite?
    231 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/20 12:00:00
  • Should Italian Prime Minister Resign Over Sex Probe?
    And you thought our politicians were bad. Italy's prime minister is finding himself in the middle of a pretty serious sex scandal. Part of his daily routine these days it seems...
    127 opinions
    News 2011/01/19 19:50:34
  • Comcast and NBC Mega-Deal: Do You Care?
    Two more media companies are teaming up to form a conglomerate that has tentacles in some of the biggest pies in the industry. But will consumers benefit from the NBCU/Comcast marriage?
    88 votes
    News 2011/01/19 22:00:00
  • Immigration Fence: Effective or a Joke?
    Sen. John McCain is determined to spend billions on a massive, border-length fence to create a barrier between the U.S. and Mexico. But a new film shows two girls climbing the fence in 18 seconds. Go figure.
    1,255 opinions
    News 2011/01/20 12:00:00
  • Bringing the Wooly Mammoth Back to Life: Far Out or Freak Out!
    In a scenario straight out of "Jurassic Park," scientists plan to use some ancient DNA to create a wooly mammoth clone. But do we really want to awake a sleeping giant that's been slumbering for 5,000 years?
    1,448 opinions
    News 2011/01/19 16:00:00

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