Bergdahl to Be Charged with Desertion: Was the Prisoner Swap Worth it?

Was the Prisoner Swap Worth it?

by LonnieHead

Bergdahl to be charged with desertion. Was the swap worth five high-level Taliban detainees now Mr. President?

Are You Satisfied With the Current Crop of Potential Presidential Candidates for 2016?

Are You Satisfied With 2016 Crop?


The 2016 Presidential race is right around the corner. Are you satisfied with this crop of potential candidates?

  • If You Were Invited to Koch Bros. Meeting Would You Participate or Protest?
    They're worth more than $40 billion and have used their fortune to help fund libertarian and conservative causes. But after protests and attacks from liberal groups, the Koch brothers have gone on the offensive.
    658 opinions
    News 2011/02/03 20:00:00
  • Is the GOP Afraid of Ruffling Sarah Palin's Feathers?
    She hasn't announced anything yet, but some of the leading Republican presidential contenders are steering clear of saying anything critical of former half term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Why?
    547 opinions
    Politics 2011/02/03 19:00:00
  • Elton John Is Buddies With Rush Limbaugh: Cool or Weird?
    Stranger (platonic) bedfellows are rare. But according to a new interview, Elton John didn't just play conservative talker Rush Limbaugh's wedding for the cash, but to bug him about civil unions for gays.
    403 opinions
    News 2011/02/03 17:00:00
  • Do You Live in a Segregated Community?
    We're as diverse a nation as we've ever been, but according to new data from RemappingDebate.org, our neighborhoods are as segregated as they've ever been. Why is that?
    747 opinions
    News 2011/02/04 12:00:00
  • Will News Corp.'s iPad Daily Save Journalism?
    The newspaper industry has been looking for the new technology that will save its future. Apple's iPad, and others like it, gave a glimmer of hope. But will it be?
    55 opinions
    News 2011/02/03 16:00:00
  • Should a Child Be Penalized for Using Ziploc Bags?
    Environmentalists are trying to make sure that fewer plastic bags are used. That seems like a noble goal. But is terrorizing a child a good way to get results?
    292 opinions
    News 2011/02/03 22:00:00
  • Should WikiLeaks Receive the Nobel Peace Prize?
    WikiLeaks has released thousands of secret documents that captured the ground reports of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, as well as inner workings of the U.S. State Department. Interesting. But prize-worthy?
    1,306 opinions
    News 2011/02/03 16:00:00
  • Will the Supreme Court Uphold Health Care Repeal?
    A number of states have tried to take down President Obama's health care law to no avail. But now a Florida judge's ruling could pave the way for a Supreme Court challenge.
    389 opinions
    News 2011/02/02 22:00:00
  • Should Kids Be Allowed to Wear Their Sikh Daggers to School?
    You can't bring weapons to school and teachers can't lead prayers in class. But what if a student wants to wear a religious dagger? A Detroit school board ruled that it's OK for Sikh children to wear Kirpans.
    1,192 opinions
    News 2011/02/02 17:00:00
  • Does Fox News Prey on Old People?
    Glenn Beck has been on a roll the last few days as he unwinds his epic series on the conflagration of the Middle East and the "coming insurrection." Is all his fear-mongering meant to scare your grandparents?
    990 opinions
    News 2011/02/02 20:00:00
  • Is It Time to Say Goodbye to the Yellow Pages?
    To some, they're a relic of the old days. And to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors the Yellow Pages are a nuisance. The Board introduced legislation this week that would ban unsolicited delivery of the YP.
    263 votes
    News 2011/02/02 16:00:00
  • Can Democracy Work in Egypt?
    As the end of a despotic era nears, questions arise over what an Egyptian government will look like. An Islamic theocracy? A military junta? Or a little of both, wrapped in democratic ideals?
    642 opinions
    Politics 2011/02/03 12:00:00
  • Are This Winter's Snowstorms Caused by Global Warming?
    The Northeast is covered in snow. With at least three snowstorms, records in January fell. But aren't we supposed to be amid a global warming crisis? Well, yes, says Al Gore.
    2,961 opinions
    News 2011/02/02 16:00:00
  • Planned Parenthood: Should It Be Federally Funded?
    Conservatives have long denounced the federal funding given to Planned Parenthood. With a new controversial video, Republicans may finally shut it down.
    1,283 opinions
    News 2011/02/02 16:00:00
  • Government Proposes New Dietary Guidelines: Will You Follow Them?
    Eat less sugar, salt and fat, and while you're at it, fill your plate with half vegetables and fruit and get some exercise. Those are some of the recommendations in the new government Dietary Guidelines.
    1,231 opinions
    News 2011/02/01 23:00:00
  • What's the Solution to Our Economic Woes: Cut or Spend?
    Many countries, states and municipalities are under tremendous strain to gain control of their outsized budgets. Unfortunately, we're also -- still -- in a recession. What would you do?
    649 opinions
    News 2011/02/02 12:00:00
  • Egyptian Riots: If Mubarak Is Ousted, Will It Be Good or Bad for the U.S.?
    President Hosni Mubarak, a longtime despotic leader and ally of the U.S., is fighting to keep power this week. In opposition, millions of Egyptians have flooded the streets protesting. What's our best option?
    823 opinions
    Politics 2011/02/01 19:00:00
  • Will Judge's 'Obamacare Unconstitutional' Ruling Sink Health Care Reform?
    A federal judge ruled the Obama administration's signature health care law unconstitutional on Monday. The latest ruling won't stop implementation, but it could set up an eventual Supreme Court challenge.
    739 opinions
    News 2011/02/01 19:00:00
  • Is It OK to Use Animals for Our Amusement and Then Kill Them When We're Through?
    A dog sled company in British Columbia is under fire after it was revealed that it killed 100 dogs by shooting them and slitting their throats after tourist traffic died down following the 2010 Winter Olympics.
    625 opinions
    News 2011/02/01 20:00:00
  • Do You Judge John Boehner for Being a Smoker?
    Smokers have become the 21st Century lepers. Kicked out of bars, banned from parks and forced to pay exorbitant prices for a pack of cigarettes, they're shunned by civil society.
    942 opinions
    Politics 2011/02/01 17:00:00
  • Is President Obama Too 'Chicken' to Address Real Issues?
    Probable 2012 GOP presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty is shedding the "Minnesota nice" persona and he has some choice words for the president and his administration.
    259 opinions
    Politics 2011/02/01 12:00:00
  • Creationism in High Schools: Teach It or Leave It Out?
    To teach or not to teach? The debate about whether high school teachers should teach creationism alongside evolution rages on. A new study finds that some teachers are reluctant to teach either.
    3,672 opinions
    News 2011/02/01 12:00:00
  • U.S. Aid to Haiti: Keep It Flowing or Halt It?
    Haiti sometimes seems cursed. If it's not earthquakes devastating the country or disease running rampant, it's corrupt politicians who bleed the country dry. What should the U.S. do?
    268 opinions
    News 2011/01/31 23:00:00
  • Do You Want a 50-Cent Beer?
    The national chain, known for its generic prescriptions and inexpensive medical products, is going into the supermarket business. Is this a good idea?
    129 votes
    News 2011/01/31 20:00:00
  • Gorilla Walks Upright Like a Man: Cool or Scary?
    He's not exactly the missing link, just a silverback gorilla that prefers to walk upright when he's strolling around his pen in an English animal park. So, is viral hit Ambam a link between humans and primates?
    519 votes
    News 2011/01/31 16:00:00
  • Should Republicans Redefine Rape?
    A new bill being pushed by mostly Republican lawmakers could change abortion laws to redefine rape. Experts worry that the new "forcible" definition could impact cases of incest and statutory rape.
    1,159 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/31 22:00:00
  • Should the U.S. Be Doing More to Help Protesters in Egypt?
    The U.S. has tiptoed into the problems in Egypt by saying it supports regime change and the right of protesters. But should we be helping more?
    1,422 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/31 20:00:00
  • Should Utah Have a State Gun?
    The recent shooting in Arizona has reignited the debate over gun ownership across the country. But in Utah the debate seems to be not about gun control but on whether the Browning is Utah.
    737 opinions
    News 2011/01/31 16:00:00
  • Should America End All Foreign Aid?
    Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has only been in office for a few weeks, but he's got this whole budget thing worked out: he's got a plan to cut $500 billion, partly by ending all foreign aid.
    536 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/31 16:00:00
  • Which Country Could Most Benefit From an Egyptian-Style Uprising?
    We can all name a country that would benefit from its people standing up to the evil tyrants who rule it. If there was a country you'd say that could use some protesting, which one would it be?
    527 opinions
    News 2011/01/30 12:00:00

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