Are College Campuses Safe For Students?

Are College Campuses Safe For Students?

by LonnieHead

It seems that every time you turn around, another psycho is shooting up a school campus. Now FSU can be added to that list of schools.

Is Bill Cosby Ruined?

Is Bill Cosby Ruined?

by LonnieHead

The amount of women accusing Bill Cosby of rape and sexual assault continues to grow. Now a total of 15 women have come forth.

  • Obama Called Philadelphia Eagles to Praise Michael Vick: Cool or Not?
    Michael Vick is having a phenomenal season. He has pulled the Philadelphia Eagles toward a playoff spot and has been mentioned as an MVP candidate. But should the president be praising him?
    1,758 opinions
    Politics 2010/12/28 20:00:00
  • Will Sarah Palin Be in the 'Pole Position' in the 2012 Presidential Election?
    Pat Buchanan isn't letting any negative talk about Sarah Palin's chances in 2012 sway him - he says she'll be in the "pole position" in the GOP primaries.
    150 opinions
    Politics 2010/12/28 14:00:00
  • Can Sarah Palin Compete Intellectually With Obama?
    Juan Williams thinks Sarah Palin might be the best hope the Republicans have - but she won't be able to stand up to Obama on the "intellectual stage."
    376 opinions
    Politics 2010/12/28 14:00:00
  • Sarah Palin Talks to Katie Couric


    Was it Sarah Palin's interview with Katie Couric? Or a corrupt politician in Illinois with a hairdo that rivals Justin Bieber's. Tell us what you think was the biggest political gaffe of the past decade.
    804 opinions
    News 2010/12/28 20:00:00
  • Is Aspirin a Miracle Drug?
    It's a pain reliever. It can help prevent heart attacks and possibly strokes in women. It might even prevent cancer. What is this miracle drug? You would be surprised.
    174 opinions
    News 2010/12/28 18:00:00
  • Do Ancient Bones Prove New Form of Human Life?
    Here's more gasoline on the creationism/evolution debate: a 30,000 year-old fingertip seems to point to a previously unknown form of human life.
    1,632 opinions
    News 2010/12/24 14:00:00
  • Should Rudy Giuliani Run in 2012?
    Former New York City mayor and failed 2008 presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani might be a dark horse in the 2012 campaign. But does he stand a chance with Conservatives?
    72 votes
    Politics 2010/12/28 20:00:00
  • Hospital Stripped of Catholic Status?
    A Catholic hospital in Arizona has been stripped of its affiliation after allowing a 27-year-old woman with a heart condition to have an abortion to save her life. Was it the right decision?
    783 opinions
    News 2010/12/24 21:00:00
  • No Christmas in Iraq?
    Following a deadly siege and bombing of a church, Christian officials in Iraq have called off Christmas this year. As a result, there will be no masses and no Santa Claus just to be on the safe side.
    185 opinions
    News 2010/12/24 14:00:00
  • NY Jets Coach Has Foot Fetish: Do You Care?
    Brash New York Jets coach Rex Ryan has gotten flak for a lot of things, but the thing that's got him on front pages this week has nothing to do with football. A sports blog reports that he may have a foot fetish.
    256 votes
    News 2010/12/23 15:00:00
  • Shouldn’t Celebs Expect Privacy in Rehab?
    Lindsay Lohan is a tabloid staple. And that's fine as long as she's working in front of the camera. But does the world have the right to peek into her life when she's doing time in a rehabilitation center?
    368 votes
    News 2010/12/23 21:00:00
  • Was There a 'Capitulation ... of Dramatic Proportions' from the Republicans?
    Senator Lindsey Graham is fuming mad at the GOP for what he calls a 'capitulation' on several key pieces of legislation during the lame-duck congressional session.
    268 opinions
    Politics 2010/12/23 15:00:00
  • Does the Democratic Party Take Blacks for Granted?
    Radio host Stephen A. Smith says the Democrats have taken the black vote for granted for too long - it's time for the African-American community to determine what's really in their best interest before voting.
    869 opinions
    Politics 2010/12/23 15:00:00
  • Michael Vick Comeback: Is All Forgiven?
    Michael Vick has excelled on the football field this year. He is now being touted as a serious MVP candidate. So should he now be forgiven for his ugly dog fighting crimes?
    611 opinions
    News 2010/12/22 16:00:00
  • Should Police Officer Be Punished for Killing Barking Dog?
    Police officers have a tough job, and when they respond to vague "disturbance" calls they never know what they might find. But should they be quick to the draw?
    1,528 opinions
    News 2010/12/23 16:00:00
  • Does Congress Care About 9/11 First Responders?
    When emergency personnel and volunteers rushed to Ground Zero on Sept. 11, 2001, they didn't realize they were entering a toxic cloud. Now they need help and Congress seems to be running away.
    342 opinions
    Politics 2010/12/22 15:00:00
  • Census Says Fewer Immigrants Coming to the U.S.: Is That Good or Bad?
    America is a nation of immigrants, but the new census numbers show a slowdown in immigration to the U.S., both legal and illegal. Is that good?
    573 opinions
    News 2010/12/22 15:00:00
  • Should Classrooms Go Digital?
    Try getting your teenager to put down their smart phone for five minutes. Now try getting their attention in class if you give them an iPad. With more schools handing out laptops, some parents are concerned.
    451 votes
    News 2010/12/22 23:00:00
  • Is Our Water Safe?
    Quick, someone call Erin Brockovich. A recent study found traces of the chemical Hexavalent Chromium-6 in the water supplies of more than 30 cities. Scientists are divided over whether the chemical is a threat. Still, woul...
    271 opinions
    News 2010/12/22 23:00:00
  • Are You Better Off Than You Were Two Years Ago? (Your Stocks Are)
    Yes, the economy has been in the toilet for the past few years, but surprise, surprise, the stock market has been on a steady bull uphill ride. In fact, the market hit a two-year high this week. What gives?
    155 opinions
    News 2010/12/22 20:00:00
  • Is Obama on a 'Hot Streak'?
    CBS Early Show guest host Russ Mitchell says Obama's on a 'hot streak' lately, and his Republican and Democratic strategist guests are just as effusive with their praise.
    144 opinions
    Politics 2010/12/22 15:00:00
  • Is Obama Capable of Destroying the Country?
    Actor Jon Voight thinks the START Treaty is just one more bad idea from Obama, who Voight thinks is on track to destroy America.
    731 opinions
    Politics 2010/12/22 15:00:00
  • Do You Believe in Creationism?
    Creationism is the belief that God created humans nearly 10,000 years ago. Science has provided evidence to the contrary yet a large portion of the U.S. wants nothing to do with it.
    3,608 opinions
    News 2010/12/21 23:00:00
  • Will Government Intervention End Internet Freedom?
    Here's a possible vision of your internet future: your neighbor watches Netflix all the time while you spend hours on SodaHead. Your neighbor is considered a data hog, and you're not. Sound unfair?
    274 opinions
    News 2010/12/22 00:00:00
  • Is Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour a Racist?
    Haley Barbour has positioned himself well to run for the 2012 Republican pick for president. But will comments about the Civil Rights era doom him?
    541 opinions
    Politics 2010/12/21 19:00:00
  • Is Net Neutrality 'Socialism for the Internet'?
    Newsbusters' Seton Motley says net neutrality isn't about protecting consumers - it's socialism for the internet.
    169 opinions
    Politics 2010/12/21 12:00:00
  • Should the FCC Accept the 'Flawed' Net Neutrality Proposal?
    Senator Al Franken wants to protect net neutrality - so why does he want the FCC to vote down the latest draft proposals?
    171 opinions
    Politics 2010/12/21 12:00:00
  • Tea Party and CNN: Yea or Nay?
    Critics on both sides are crying foul over CNN's decision to co-sponsor a Republican presidential debate with the Tea Party Express. Is the struggling cabler losing its self-purported objectivity?
    151 opinions
    Politics 2010/12/21 14:00:00
  • Sarah Palin vs. Michelle Obama, Whose Side Are You On?
    Sarah Palin wants American kids to be free to eat as many Twinkies as they want. First Lady Michelle Obama wants them to have dessert alternatives and get more exercise. Whose side are you on?
    2,161 opinions
    News 2010/12/21 14:00:00
  • Should You Leave Bank of America?
    Bank of American joined MasterCard and PayPal this week in cutting off rogue whistleblower site WikiLeaks from using its services. Should you pull out of the bank after threats from hackers to shut it down?
    78 votes
    News 2010/12/21 23:00:00

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