Rick Perry Plans to Deploy National Guard Troops to Protect the Texas-Mexico Border: Brilliant or Bogus?

Is Rick Perry's Deployment Plan Bogus?

by AdriHead

Rick Perry announced Monday that he'll be deploying up to 1,000 National Guard troops over the next month to the Texas-Mexico border.

Millennials Are Largest Generation to Not Want Marriage: Should Marriage Be a Priority for Millennials?

Should Marriage Be Priority?

by Aly1234

The millennials of today are on track to have the highest number of unmarried people.

  • Do Unemployment Benefits Harm Workers' Values?
    Juan Williams says Congress shouldn't extend unemployment insurance benefits - because they harm workers' values and ethics.
    460 opinions
    Politics 2010/12/03 14:00:00
  • Do Unemployment Benefits Help Create Jobs?
    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says we have a duty to protect unemployment insurance, and not just to help those in need. Pelosi says unemployment benefits actually help the economy and even create new jobs.
    422 opinions
    Politics 2010/12/03 14:00:00
  • Are Democrats Suffering From 'Intellectual Elitism'?
    It hurts more when it's one of your own. Outgoing Democratic Ohio Governor Ted Strickland said this week that his party is out of touch and needs to figure out how to explain their position to the American people.
    534 opinions
    News 2010/12/02 20:00:00
  • Could NASA's Discovery Lead to Proof of Extraterrestrial Life?
    It's not exactly an alien autopsy, but NASA scientists revealed on Thursday that they have made a discovery that could give them new clues to look for in the search for extraterrestrial life.
    226 opinions
    News 2010/12/02 20:00:00
  • Eliot Spitzer vs. Kathleen Parker: Whose Side Are You on?
    CNN has a lot banked on Kathleen Parker and Eliot Spitzer doing well in a marque time slot. But Parker's style and Spitzer's aggressiveness might be too much of a clash. Who has to go?
    76 votes
    News 2010/12/02 19:00:00
  • Is the Death Penalty Unconstitutional?
    While a majority of people still back the death penalty, many are also becoming uneasy with the system that defends some of the people convicted of capital crimes.
    489 opinions
    News 2010/12/02 17:00:00
  • Should a Religious-Themed Amusement Park Get State Funding?
    Forget log flumes and hair-raising roller coasters, the people behind Kentucky's Creation Museum want you to check out their plans for a Noah's Ark theme park.
    419 opinions
    News 2010/12/02 22:00:00
  • Would You Attend a Religious Theme Park?
    Forget rollercoasters and log flumes, the people behind Kentucky's Creation Museum want to build a $150 million religious-themed amusement park called Ark Encounter with state incentives. Does it violate church/state separ...
    0 opinions
    News 2010/12/02 16:14:36
  • Should We Just Scrap Lame-Duck Sessions?
    You never get invited back to make big decisions at work after the boss fires you, so why would we let rejected members of Congress pass major legislation?
    231 opinions
    News 2010/12/03 11:00:00
  • Should Guns Be Allowed on Trains?
    Amtrak has ferried millions of commuters over the decades. But since 2001, the taxpayer-subsidized train service has banned at least one thing: guns. Now that's changing.
    898 opinions
    News 2010/12/02 15:00:00
  • Should the GOP Block All of the Democrats' Plans?
    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Republicans vow to block anything the Democrats try to bring up during the lame-duck Congressional session - at least, until the Bush tax cuts are addressed.
    236 opinions
    Politics 2010/12/02 15:00:00
  • Is the Lame-Duck Congressional Session 'Rigged'?
    Colorado Democratic Senator Michael Bennett is going to be on Harry Reid's naughty list this Christmas if he keeps saying that the lame-duck session is "rigged."
    281 opinions
    Politics 2010/12/02 15:00:00
  • World AIDS Day: Do You Think AIDS Is Still a Problem?
    The panic over AIDS has subsided over the past decade as more effective drug therapies have come online. But nearly three decades into the fight against the disease, is it still a major concern or a past problem?
    282 opinions
    News 2010/12/01 19:00:00
  • Is Derek Jeter Being Greedy for Not Taking a $45M Contract?
    When you're talking about the difference between $15 million a year and $18 million a year it seems negligible. But when the employee you're haggling with is superstar Derek Jeter, well, things can get a bit ugly.
    105 votes
    News 2010/12/01 19:00:00
  • Should Smithsonian Have Removed Jesus Video?
    Good art provokes. But should art also be allowed to stand in the middle of a celebrated gallery and demean a religion?
    294 opinions
    News 2010/12/01 22:00:00
  • Do Gays Soldiers Hurt the Military?
    A year-long study into the military's openness to gays and lesbians has been released. Now Republicans and Democrats need to figure out whether it's worth it to fight over?
    811 opinions
    News 2010/12/01 19:00:00
  • Should We Start Racial Profiling at Airports?
    We've tried taking off our shoes, putting our toiletries in a bag and now invasive body scans and pat downs. Some Conservatives think it's time to just throw in the towel and start racially profiling.
    2,116 opinions
    News 2010/12/01 15:00:00
  • Should California Give Prisoners a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card?
    California made prison-building an art and tough laws to put people away a gift that has been giving for decades. Now chronic overcrowding has put it in a bad spot. Should citizens suffer because of it?
    234 opinions
    News 2010/12/02 11:00:00
  • Do You Admire Christine O'Donnell's 'Across the Aisle' Support of Hillary Clinton?
    Talk about strange political bedfellows! Failed Republican Senate Candidate Christine O'Donnell said this week she'd support a Hillary Clinton run for the White House, seemingly dissing one-time booster Sarah Palin.
    108 votes
    News 2010/12/01 15:00:00
  • Is the GOP Better at Campaigning Than Governing?
    Former Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean thinks the Democrats can learn a thing or two from the Republicans, at least in terms of messaging, if not governing.
    225 opinions
    Politics 2010/12/01 11:00:00
  • Should the GOP 'Man Up' About Palin?
    MSNBC's Joe Scarborough says if the Republicans have any intention of returning to the White House, they'd better not pin their hopes on Sarah Palin.
    1,400 opinions
    Politics 2010/12/01 11:00:00
  • Are you an Iphone or Windows 7 Phone Person?
    Not all smartphones are created equal. So if you're looking to get you honey a new one for the holidays, you'll have to decide if you're an iPhone person or a Windows 7 one.
    0 opinions
    News 2010/11/30 20:18:25
  • Is WikiLeaks a Global Security Threat?
    A nuisance or a growing threat to global security? That's the question raised by the fallout from the latest document dump from whistleblower site WikiLeaks, which has left the U.S. with diplomatic egg on its face.
    168 votes
    News 2010/11/30 21:00:00
  • Is Afghanistan This Generation’s Vietnam?
    Any American war that drags on for years without an end in sight and features surprise attacks from insurgents hiding in the shadows inevitably draws Vietnam comparisons. But is Afghanistan really the next 'Nam?
    335 opinions
    News 2010/12/01 11:00:00
  • Should Disgraced Ex-Congressman Mark Foley Run for Office?
    Scandal-plagued politicians don't fade away, they just seek another office. Now in Florida, Mark Foley, who resigned amid a sexual scandal, could be running for mayor. Should he?
    98 opinions
    Politics 2010/11/30 19:00:00
  • Is George W. Bush to Blame for North Korea Attack?
    North Korea has suddenly become a major headache with its bizarre behavior. Though the country has long been unstable, lately it has tittered toward chaos. Whose fault is it?
    539 opinions
    Politics 2010/11/30 19:00:00
  • Should Government Workers Get a Pay Freeze?
    The government is grappling with a more than $1 trillion deficit, and Republicans know exactly where to start: federal employees. But will a pay freeze really help?
    238 opinions
    Politics 2010/11/30 15:00:00
  • Scientists Reverse Aging in Mice: Creepy or Cool?
    Humans have been searching for the mythical fountain of youth for centuries. Now, scientists at Harvard think they may have found it after tricking up an enzyme in mice that appears to reverse the effects of aging.
    163 opinions
    News 2010/11/30 16:00:00
  • Is the 'Christmas Myth' Atheist Sign Offensive?
    Not everyone believes in Christmas. Just ask American Atheists, who have erected a billboard in New Jersey that refers to the holiday as a "myth."
    4,444 opinions
    News 2010/11/30 15:00:00
  • Do the Rich Sacrifice Like the Rest of Us?
    Billionaire Warren Buffett says the rich don't sacrifice enough - not in taxes and not in the military.
    422 opinions
    Politics 2010/11/30 11:00:00

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