Does the Obama Administration Support Israel?

Does Obama Support Israel?

by LonnieHead

Another verbal faux pas has exploded from the mouth, of another Obama administration official. This one is again aimed at Netanyahu.

Are Hispanics Turning on the Democratic Party?

Are Hispanics Turning on Democrats?

by LonnieHead

It seems that the tides, they are a changing. No matter what color you skin is, Americans are fed up with the current political system.

  • Should Politicians and Pundits Tone Down the Rhetoric?
    MSNBC's Keith Olbermann says those who've used violent rhetoric in political talk need to repudiate their actions - and he'll be first in line.
    771 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/10 13:00:00
  • Could Stricter Gun Control Laws Have Prevented the Arizona Shootings?
    Sen. Rand Paul says Arizona assassin Jared Loughner is a sick individual, but shouldn't be used to promote any new gun control laws.
    727 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/10 13:00:00
  • Should You Have to Pass a Spirituality Test to Be in the Army?
    You need to be physically fit and mentally tough to be in the military. But Army officials also say that another area that will help you succeed is spirituality. Is that right?
    1,169 opinions
    News 2011/01/07 18:00:00
  • Are You a Republican, Democrat or Independent?
    The 2010 midterm elections might have swept the Republicans into power across the country, but it didn't change how voters described themselves. Is there a third party coming?
    1,353 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/10 12:00:00
  • Is Doritos Super Bowl Ad Blasphemous?
    So a priest offers free Doritos and Pepsi to his flock on Sunday instead of the Eucharist? No, not a set-up for a joke, but a premise for an ad in a Super Bowl contest sponsored by Doritos/Pepsi. Are you offended?
    861 opinions
    News 2011/01/07 19:00:00
  • Is It Too Soon for John Edwards to Get Married?
    Talk about not letting the body get cold. The National Enquirer reports that John Edwards has gotten engaged to longtime mistress Rielle Hunter just weeks after the death of his wife, Elizabeth. What do you think?
    511 opinions
    News 2011/01/07 18:00:00
  • Should Bristol Palin Accept Radio Offer?
    She's a high school graduate whose real-life broadcasting experience so far amounts to a controversial run on "Dancing with the Stars." So why is a Phoenix radio station offering Bristol Palin a morning gig?
    867 opinions
    News 2011/01/07 23:00:00
  • Do You Believe the GOP Will Cut $100 Billion in the Budget?
    New House Speaker John Boehner says pay no attention to the reports that the GOP might not be able to fulfill their campaign promise to trim $100 billion from the budget. He says they'll meet that commitment this year, no ...
    341 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/07 12:00:00
  • Should We Cut the Defense Budget?
    Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich says it's great that California Rep. Darrell Issa wants to cut waste and fraud. In fact, Kucinich has some advice on where to start: the defense budget.
    483 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/07 12:00:00
  • Was Ritzy GOP Freshmen Gala a Bad Idea?
    Many of the new Republican congressmen were swept into office on the promise of fiscal responsibility. So why did they hold a splashy, $2,500-a-ticket fundraiser on Tuesday night?
    1,502 opinions
    News 2011/01/06 22:00:00
  • Was Elizabeth Edwards Right to Cut John Out of Her Will?
    Are you surprised that Elizabeth Edwards cut her estranged husband John out of her final will? According to reports, Elizabeth removed her cheating spouse in the final days of her life.
    292 opinions
    News 2011/01/06 21:00:00
  • How Would You Rate House Speaker John Boehner's Debut?
    John Boehner has been out of the majority for four years. Before that, he was kicked out of a Republican leadership spot because he criticized GOP plans. Now he's on top.
    1,258 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/06 19:00:00
  • Should Alec Baldwin Run for Office?
    Alec Baldwin has threatened to leave the country, suggested stoning a Republican and left vicious phone messages for his daughter. So he's obviously public office material.
    885 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/07 12:00:00
  • Should Rick Sanchez Be Allowed Back on the Air?
    Rick Sanchez was a high-flying host for CNN. In the afternoon drive, the Cuban-born newscaster took aim at breaking news throughout the world. But in a radio interview, he lost it and was fired.
    165 votes
    News 2011/01/06 19:00:00
  • Do You Believe the Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated CPAC?
    It seems like an unlikely story, but one conservative activist is claiming that the Conservative Political Action Committee has been infiltrated by spies from the Muslim Brotherhood. Do you believe it?
    244 opinions
    News 2011/01/06 16:00:00
  • Former Reagan, Bush Aide Found Dead in a Dumpster: What Do You Think Happened?
    The body of a prominent defense expert was found dumped in a Delaware landfill on New Year's Day. Police have no suspects, but eyewitnesses said John Wheeler appeared disoriented and confused before he died.
    273 votes
    News 2011/01/06 17:00:00
  • Is Obama Like Luke Skywalker?
    In a bizarre, twisted and hilarious analogy, Comedy Central's Jon Stewart explains that Obama isn't the "Comeback Kid" like the media has been portraying him. He's actually much more like Luke Skywalker.
    147 votes
    Politics 2011/01/06 15:00:00
  • Are Progressives Leading People to the 'Dark Side'?
    Fox host Glenn Beck says we'd better not follow the advice of progressives like Van Jones and Frances Fox Piven ... because they're trying to lead us to the "dark side."
    514 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/06 15:00:00
  • Christian Group Warns End of Days Is on May 21: Are You Worried?
    A Christian ministry in California has done some calculations based on the Bible and revealed that the end of times will come on May 21. Are you worried?
    848 opinions
    News 2011/01/06 12:00:00
  • Should N-Word Be Removed From 'Huck Finn'?
    A new edition of "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" is stirring up controversy for its editor's decision to replace the N-word with the less offensive "slave." Is it going too far?
    2,237 opinions
    News 2011/01/05 20:00:00
  • Is Sarah Palin Pro-Gay?
    Sarah Palin has kept mostly quiet about her feelings about gay rights and the recent repeal of "don't ask, don't tell." But on Tuesday the Fox News contributor retweeted a pro-gay comment by a lesbian commenter.
    162 votes
    Politics 2011/01/05 23:00:00
  • Is Cross Memorializing Korean War Veterans Unconstitutional?
    There's been a cross atop San Diego's Mount Soledad for nearly 100 years. Ever since a 43-foot version was erected in the 1950s as a war memorial it's been a source of controversy. A court has ruled it has to go.
    1,002 opinions
    News 2011/01/05 16:00:00
  • Should Man Get Donations Back From a School for Rejecting His Son?
    As part of paving the road for his son's admission to a school, a doctor was told to donate at least $100,000. His son was later rejected. Now he wants his money back.
    219 opinions
    News 2011/01/05 17:00:00
  • Decline of Bee Populations: Nature at Work or Something More Catastrophic?
    Bees can be annoying and scary. Few people like them. But if you like to eat, you probably should like bees a lot. And you should be worried about their predicament.
    229 opinions
    News 2011/01/05 23:00:00
  • Should Officer Have Been Suspended for 'Obama Prayer'?
    Psalm 109 reads, "Let his days be few, and let another take his office." One officer cited this referring to Obama and has been suspended. Was he just quoting scripture or did he have more sinister intentions?
    909 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/05 19:00:00
  • Should the GOP Stamp Out the 'RINOs'?
    South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint wants to see more Republican senators, but only if they're not RINOs - or "Republicans in Name Only."
    228 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/05 12:00:00
  • Are the Republicans a 'Sellout Party'?
    Outgoing Congressman Alan Grayson gave a rather colorful interview with The New York Times. He had some rather interesting things to say about the incoming Congress. Do you agree with him?
    727 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/05 12:00:00
  • Why Are These Birds Falling From the Sky?
    Thousands of birds falling to their death from the sky. More than 80,000 fish washing up dead in a nearby river. Folks in Arkansas are spooked about the New Year's die off and some think there's a spooky answer.
    1,412 votes
    News 2011/01/04 20:00:00
  • Does the Constitution Protect Women Against Discrimination?
    Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia has been described as "Archie Bunker in a high-backed chair." The Associate Justice is earning that title with comments about the Constitution not offering protection to women.
    531 opinions
    News 2011/01/04 21:00:00
  • Should the House Repeal Health Care Reform?
    Voters swept the Republicans into leadership of the House and cut the Democrats numbers in the Senate. A major selling point? A campaign promise to repeal health care.
    1,714 opinions
    Politics 2011/01/05 12:00:00

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