9-11: Ties that bind.

Mr.Reasonable 2012/03/29 03:13:19
"Watch the whole clip to get a complete understanding of the message trying to be sent. 18 years before Obama, Bush was announcing the New World Order, on September 11 1991 he gave his New World Order speech, 10 years later with the help of the Zionist leaders, they dropped the World Trade center. Now it's the world economy's turn to drop, with Barack Obama aka Mr Wall St heading the requests from the Corporation of London."

The September 11th. Attacks took place on the 10th anniversary of G.H.W. Bush's infamous NWO speech. ( "It's a big idea!" Pffft)

Also it was the 6oth anniversary to the day, of the cornerstone implantation of the pentagon, more 'coincidences'?

i don t think so

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  • Superman 2012/03/29 19:34:36
  • Mr.Reas... Superman 2012/03/29 19:38:03 (edited)
  • Superman Mr.Reas... 2012/03/29 20:35:04
    Ah, paranoia rules the day...
  • Mr.Reas... Superman 2012/03/29 21:07:00
    Paranoia?.. Hardly! Knowledge of the facts. Is what I have. Delusions of reality seems to be your problem.
  • Superman Mr.Reas... 2012/03/31 01:53:17
    Its always one of two things. Either paranoia or too many movies. Fact is that while skepticism is healthy when it leaps to assumptions its unhealthy. Having questions is one thing, but coming to conclusions based on guesses, quarter truths, rumor, assumptions and outright lies then you've got problems.

    You people need serious help.
  • Mr.Reas... Superman 2012/03/31 14:37:55
    No, it's always 1 thing! The 1 thing that is wrong with everyone of you who have no idea, what's about to happen to you. IGNORANCE! Willful ignorance!

    You stick your idiot head in the sand, and deny the facts that would otherwise be smacking you in the face.

  • Joe Shwingding BN-ZERO 2012/03/29 15:28:01
    Joe Shwingding BN-ZERO
    nice find. Had no idea that was the date of the NWO speech. Sent shivers down my spine that day.

    Was the motivation behind this song also
  • Mr.Reas... Joe Shw... 2012/03/29 21:10:54
    The 1 song worth a tinkers damn from Neil Young. But then I never needed him around anyhow. ;P
  • Gregaj7 2012/03/29 04:17:00
    Concerning the first sentence, in text, in the video, AGREED!!
  • ConLibFraud 2012/03/29 03:28:57
    You have to be such a stupid dumbed down fool to not see the truth.
  • Mr.Reasonable 2012/03/29 03:18:12 (edited)
    Do you want to know a secret?

    Interesting thing to note about this video; The dude that busted Bush and Kerry on the interviews, died suddenly and inexplicably shortly after the election.

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