9-11 License Plate Funds .. Where did the funding go?

sglmom 2012/05/29 11:31:30
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Out of California ..

We can all agree that 9-11 attacks
caused a lot of sorrow and loss
(especially of beloved family members across the USA)

These specialty License Plates
from the State of California

were set up to support the lofty
charitable goal ..
of helping those who lost parents
(either 9-11 or due to the death of their Law Enforcer Parent too)
with Scholarship funds ..
to help them afford their education

as well as fund anti-terrorism needs ..

NOW The Associated Press ...
decided to review where the FUNDS from these plates was going ..
(note that the state stopped funding the scholarships SEVEN Years ago)

(hmm ... that should be a CUE here .. look for where the FUNDs really went)

what did the AP Find out?

-- BOTH the previous and CURRENT Governor RAIDED This fund to plug Budget Deficits
(say what? That certainly was NOT what these Funds were designated for!)

and let's see .. some of the OTHER uses ..
-- livestock diseases
-- workplace safety
(NOW what do these have to do with Anti-Terrorism???)

Link to the Article

IF you've PURCHASED these plates ..
or ANY Specialty Plates ..
shouldn't you KNOW That the Funds you pay for them
are being USED for the PURPOSE or charity you wish to support?

IF you are in this State .. (or any other)
PLEASE .. reflect on your choice ..
and .. think .. do I need to ask any questions
and find out if MY extra Fees are being used wisely?

OR ..

like in CA .. are you just FINE with the funds being used to plug BUDGET DEFICIT HOLES?

Please feel free to add your thoughts below ..

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  • U-Dog 2012/05/29 13:42:31
    MY Thoughts ..
    Private charities would be prosecuted for this sort of thing but as always the political class is above the laws it makes for others.

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  • bettyboop 2012/05/31 13:04:01
    MY Thoughts ..
    Sounds like business as usual. Seems like you can't trust anybody anymore.
  • teigan 2012/05/30 02:29:52
    MY Thoughts ..
    They should be sued.
  • MkB 2012/05/29 22:36:55
    MY Thoughts ..
    I saw this article today and I nearly went postal. I'm not surprised, however.
  • S and S 2012/05/29 20:02:59
  • mk, Smartass Oracle 2012/05/29 19:37:56
  • rightside 2012/05/29 19:16:47
    MY Thoughts ..
    With brown claiming that california is soooooo broke, I can only assume that they "borrowed" the money to maintain supporting their welfare and illegal population.
  • none 2012/05/29 18:46:20
  • None 2012/05/29 18:44:01
    MY Thoughts ..
    Some smart lawyer needs to sue the state on behalf of the 9/11 families. It comes as no surprise that slimy money grabbing pols are not above robbing the victims of 9-11 .
  • tywon.smith 2012/05/29 16:50:10
    MY Thoughts ..
    In the pockets of all those top officials everyone trust so frickin much!!!
  • Flowers 2012/05/29 15:26:25
    MY Thoughts ..
    Can't say I'm surprised at this misuse of funds. Seems like "charity" organizations is just code word for screwing people who have good intentions. The state of california, and ANY other state who have done this with funds that were supposed to go to 9-11 survivors and family should be forced to pay back, plus interest. Shame on this country for being so complacent that we allow the elected officials to be so corrupt.
  • Old Nellie Bones 2012/05/29 15:18:50
    MY Thoughts ..
    Old Nellie Bones
  • Theresa 2012/05/29 14:47:54
    MY Thoughts ..
    Into the general fund just like where your medicare and ssn payments to the gov't go! There are no such things as trust funds in a gov't.
  • U-Dog 2012/05/29 13:42:31
    MY Thoughts ..
    Private charities would be prosecuted for this sort of thing but as always the political class is above the laws it makes for others.
  • Murph 65 U-Dog 2012/05/29 14:07:53
    Murph 65
    Good answer. Government of any type should be out of the charity business. We Americans are probably the most charitable in the world and we certainly step up and give when there is a need. Our money would be better spent with private charities, but getting the government to listen to that and back off is more than likely whistling at the wind.
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/05/29 13:27:25
    MY Thoughts ..
    Change the equation. Stop relying on government to do all those services. Until you do that, this kind of raid will happen again and again.
  • Grabitz 2012/05/29 12:25:53
    MY Thoughts ..
    We need a third party badly . Very very badly .
  • Dan (Politicaly Incorrect) 2012/05/29 12:15:01
    MY Thoughts ..
    Dan (Politicaly Incorrect)
    Typical Liberal in the California Governmet.

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