8.8 Earthquake in Japan: Are We Having More and More Natural Disasters?

SenorBabyMan 2011/03/11 17:05:46
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An 8.8 earthquake (which is really really strong) hit Japan last night. At first, reports were that it was 7.9 but then it went up to 8.8. After the earthquake, because of all the extreme moving and shaking it did, a tsunami hit the region. Now, everyone in Japan is dealing with that. I hope everyone's okay over there.

I don't know about you guys but I think way more natural disasters are happening in the world. Do you agree?

japan dealing nbspi hope everyones guys natural disasters world agreenbsp

japan dealing nbspi hope everyones guys natural disasters world agreenbsp

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  • Deyken 2011/03/16 05:35:04 (edited)
    Absolutely - In my opinion this a clear and present indication that the End of Days are really really close. We are all in deep trouble now....

    I am told the Illuminati or something like that is going to take over soon - aparently to give power to some dude from the middle-east who will (they say) be able to bring world peace. These disasters are man-made (I am told) to distract us all from what is really going on. Keep your eyes peeled: More disasters and more destruction. Pretty soon we are going to look for somebody to help us all out - that is EXACTLY when this dude is supposed to take over...
  • LisaSajan 2011/03/12 19:27:40
    the frequency of disasters has surely increased.. in "the good old times" we used to hear about disasters only once in a few years and now a few disasters happen every few months.. Its time we start PRAYING, and caring more about our deeds than our salaries!!!
  • aherbert 2011/03/11 19:15:26
    Since we are noticing all these natural disasters can we now agree that there is some validity in global warming and start doing something about it before it is too late?

    noticing natural disasters validity global warming late global warming is real
  • cass 2011/03/11 17:56:10
    I am not a rocket scientist to figure this out. Since the invention of the internal combustion engine we've been burning fuel and other products constantly for our comfort.which comes from the earth.Why were they there to start with? I am sure it's not for a source of exorbitant profits for the gas companies.The lumber industry, Natural gas companies etc.. The air we breath has been polluted by burning the off products of these natural resources. The earth's lubrication/cooling system has been removed and not replaced. When ever you see or hear about another natural disaster don't ask that same question,just look around you..
    I don't want to keep going because i am not only a victim i am also a contributor..
  • sabravesfan 2011/03/11 17:56:04
    It rally seems to be that way.

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