$770 Million from State Department for 'Mosque Makeovers' in other countries!

Raven 2011/11/29 05:18:30
Atlanta ABC Channel 2 report on our crazy fiscal irresponsibility tied
to Islamic appeasement. This should make the blood shoot out of your

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  • johnnie.prewett 2011/11/29 09:53:34
    Why is it suprising that Barack Hussein Obama is proMuslim ?
  • JERSEYDUDE 2011/11/29 06:36:45
    UNBELIEVABLE! and this is old news
  • A Founding Father 2011/11/29 05:40:04
    A Founding Father
    If your posting is not just another slanderous fiction by some right-wing nutjob, tell me how
    could $770 Million be appropriated without the House of Representatives authorizing the
    expenditure either as a budget item or as an "emergency appropriation"? The expenditure of all Federal funds must originate in the House or be authorized by the House in a budget
    item. Tell me where this expenditure can be traced.
  • Dale A Found... 2011/11/29 05:59:36
    Not quite the whole of it. There is appropriated items, Congressional action required, and there are discretionary items, Department and Administrative actions required. If a Department has the monies, they can divert it to what ever. Fair or right? Nope. Has it been done for the last 10 Presidencies? Yep. Could State Department give that money? Yes.
  • A Found... Dale 2011/11/29 06:15:37
    A Founding Father
    I understand the idea. Now, tell me where to trace this to some responsible source, not the posting of a RWNJ. $770 Million would be a very large "discretionary" cookie jar for even our State Department. This just smells of another unfounded posting that is so common here on SH.
  • Dale A Found... 2011/11/29 14:47:46
    I do not know the source of the story, nor did I comment on the story. I made comment on the money spending, if spent. "All" monies do not have to be voted on in House, Senate, or a committee. That's all, just commenting on the ability to spend monies, which we don't have by the way, without prior apporval from anyone. This Administration, last Administration, for a dozen before that do it, rightly or wrongly.
  • A Found... Dale 2011/11/29 19:29:10
    A Founding Father
    I understand. Of course, the posted story remains unconfirmed by the nutjob that posted it. Below is another whine from another who immediately blocked any comment or reply - these nutcases live in a world of their own making and don't want visitors.
  • Raven A Found... 2011/12/01 09:04:24 (edited)
    There is something that's called the Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation which was created by Congress under Pres womanizer, used by Pres Fascist and now by Pres Comrade.

    And there is USAID. The $root of all evil$ given to the Cairo mosque was part of a $770 million long-term program to fix the city’s sewer system.
  • A Found... Raven 2011/12/01 20:27:46
    A Founding Father
    And how did you discover that the money was being used to rehab a Mosque? I'm not suggesting that such isn't possible, but tell me what credible evidence you have to this obvious diversion. And, let me know
    when this grant in aid was made so we can attach it's origins to the proper
    session of Congress or others with responsibility for oversight of the expenditure.
  • CUDDLY ... Dale 2011/11/29 06:53:30
    RFK Jr recently was appropriated $1.4 BILLION dollars for his "green" agenda. Ask your friend down there where that taxpayer money came from. This is not slanderous fiction, it's fact. have him explain that ...............

  • tomas 2011/11/29 05:33:38
    This is obama's way of spreading our wealth. Wants to open US military bases in Australia as well, just another spread America's wealth and drain our economy. WTF UP, OBAMA IS A TRAITOR TO AMERICA.
  • Icanbean Arschloch 2011/11/29 05:30:25
    Icanbean  Arschloch
    And the government did't send a single taxpayer any Vasoline.

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