75% of all jobs created since Obama took office went to illegal or legal immigrants: yay or nay?

tncdel 2012/10/02 18:44:30
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  • jeane 2013/06/28 02:31:35
    YAY! [explain].
    Most of the rest of our population is underemployed or unemployed! But the illegals will vote for Owebama no matter what.
  • syl 2013/03/05 22:02:13
    NAY! [comment as you wish].
    Nay, as in rotten. As in a rotten apple that is spoiling everything else around it, & it needs
    to be thrown out.
    Clint Eastwood's comments about the empty chair, & if he can't do the job, get someone who can, was right on.

    But the dictator wannabe in the WH is way more sinister. He is anti-America, & is in the highest office in our country, violating our Constitution, making hundreds of executive orders that are in violation of our Constitution-circumventing Congress!!

  • Pedalpusher 2013/02/03 01:59:38
    YAY! [explain].
    He is just out to destroy this country!!
  • Jesse-Tired of Liberal Lunacy 2013/01/13 01:19:49 (edited)
    YAY! [explain].
    Jesse-Tired of Liberal Lunacy
    Yeah!!! He is freakin dyslexic. The leftists' Fuehrer does NOTHING to help Americans get jobs. Especially not that evil white male all the libs are complaining about. Obummer would like to see the majority bowing down to the fringe groups.
  • Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2012/10/04 00:02:57
    NAY! [comment as you wish].
    Kat ♪ ~ ♪
    All government jobs to spy on us and suck the system dry.
  • gizamondo 2012/10/03 02:53:46
    YAY! [explain].
    All in Government jobs or as Dems say it welfare creates jobs.
  • tom C 2012/10/02 20:27:29
    NAY! [comment as you wish].
    tom  C
    thats not creating jobs......thats taking away jobs from AMERICANS....

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