5 Dead, 15 Missing in Italian Shipwreck: Are You Less Likely to Take a Cruise Given the Costa Concordia Tragedy?

News 2012/01/15 02:49:26
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100 years after the loss of the RMS Titanic, another luxury cruise ship has now experienced maritime disaster. On Friday the 13th, with over 4,000 individuals onboard, the Costa Concordia ran aground off the coast of Tuscany, flipping the ship on its side and tearing a 160-foot gash in its hull.

So far 5 deaths have been reported, over 30 individuals are injured, and 15 others remain unaccounted for—though they may be in hospitals and shelters. Late Saturday night, rescuers found two survivors, one man and one woman, inside the ship after hearing their screams. A third survivor was found alive and onboard early Sunday morning.

The timing is not the only thing that brings back memories of the Titanic tragedy. According to survivors, the chaotic escape from the Costa Concordia could have been pulled straight from the movie. There are reports of passengers running, screaming, falling down stairs, and crawling on their knees in the dark attempting to escape. There were also individuals fighting over lifejackets and others falling or jumping overboard, leading some to suffer from hypothermia.

According to passenger Benji Smith of Boston, a lifeboat crew member instructed those boarding that it was “women and children first,” requiring family members to split up. Many men refused to go along with this plan, resulting in great confusion.

The cause of the wreck is still unknown, but ship’s captain was detained late Saturday and is being investigated under manslaughter allegations, as well as for his decision to abandon ship before many of the passengers were rescued.

Many questions remain: Why did the boat hit a reef to close to the Tuscan island of Giglio? Did a power failure cause the crew to lose control? Did the captain steer the ship in the wrong direction on purpose? Why did it take so long for crew members to tell the passengers that they were in danger?

The Costa Concordia, owned by the U.S.-based cruise giant Carnival Corp., was built in 2004-2005 at a cost of 450 million euros ($570.7 million) at the Fincantieri Sestri shipyard in Italy.

How does this tragedy affect you? Does it make you less likely to take a cruise?

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  • patrick.bonacoscia 2013/03/20 03:03:21
    No, but I will avoid Costa and italian captains
  • GD#1 2012/07/02 18:03:36
    Going on one this summer. This doesn't happen frequently so I don't really care.
  • Kylie 2012/05/02 03:08:31
    I have read alot of the posts here and although I agree that we take risks every day, I have to mention the real facts about cruising. Have any of you really looked into the actual number of safety violations on board cruise ships? And how sewn up and "in bed" the cruise line companies are with the media, government, coast guard etc…cruise liners are very adept at hiding the real accident/safety quota and it's the legal requirements that permit such incidents to not have to be recorded. Look into it people and you will be amazed at just how much power these cruise liners have. Safety is not their main priority…although they may say it is on their websites. It's profit, profit, profit and again profit. Again look into it! Here's a start - rapes, murders, food poisoning, sexual assault of minors…and it goes on and here's a list of reported incidents for 2012 alone - http://www.cruisejunkie.com/e...
  • Captain-Morgan 2012/02/28 04:48:43
  • Racin'Chick225 2012/02/16 01:31:53
    don't like boats in the first place
  • Charles E 2012/01/27 20:16:17
    Charles E
    This was not the Titanic. Fewer than 20 dead out of 4,000+ people still makes a cruse among the safest holiday travel options per pasenger mile.

    It was dramatic, but not that big a disaster.
  • brendan 2012/01/26 17:12:58
    i like royal caribbean
  • Wildflower66 2012/01/25 22:50:18
  • Terry 2012/01/24 19:59:37 (edited)
    I would still take a cruise just not on this cruise line
  • Christi... Terry 2012/01/28 18:12:56
    Christian Amsinck
    Of course not, the ship is wrecked!

    (If you should be wondering, it was a joke. People on the internet often misunderstands my jokes. They're not as intelligent as me(This is a joke too))
  • Nekogirl 2012/01/24 06:00:21
    I wanna try it someday, but not a huge one an averege one, relaxing
  • Mille peña 2012/01/24 00:48:51
    Mille peña
    ive never been, was curious, but now... i am not really sure. i mean a lot of planes have crashed and I still fly, so idk
  • Boo 2012/01/23 20:10:20
    I've never been on one, but still want to experience this type of travel some day. Just don't want a show-off Italian captain!
  • BackRoadz 2012/01/21 15:10:34
    I was unlikely to take a cruise in the first place!
    Long before this happened i had never planned on going on a cruise. The thought of floating above a perilous world full of deadly MONSTERS...being confined to a certain space and being 100's of miles out in the middle of nowhere have never appealed to me.....
  • EmoMcParland 2012/01/20 08:24:50
    I was unlikely to take a cruise in the first place!
    i don't like being environments that I cant protect my family or my self. The Captain a coward and a fool. Wait until we get all the details; I'm sure it's going to be a lot worse.
  • Ashlea 2012/01/20 05:50:18
    Thousands of people die in car crashes. Many people have died in plane crashes. It's not like we let that stop us from driving or flying. This doesn't happen to every cruise ship.
  • Zoey Walker 2012/01/20 03:50:16
    Zoey Walker
    no no no... so scary!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jim 2012/01/19 15:38:31
    No; accidents due to negligence or unforeseen conditions can happen anywhere at any time. If something like this is going to sway your decision then you better not fly anywhere because occasionally those airplane things do fall out of the sky and crash.

    BTW, better not drive anywhere as well.
  • APRIL KOUGHN 2012/01/18 15:55:00
    I typed in cruise ship accident, and I was shoked at how many accidents came up, it sure mad me less likely to jump on board, that's for sure!
  • neitu.tepano 2012/01/18 06:34:54
    off-course yes.................
  • ~♥~ Sullivia ~♥~ 2012/01/18 04:30:29
    ~♥~ Sullivia ~♥~
    yes,...maybe I gonna cruise costa cruises coz..not all costa ship are gonna happen like that..
  • YOMOMMA 2012/01/18 02:43:28 (edited)
    Hell no! this is a lesson for cruise lines. This kind of thing does not happen frequently.
  • Safury 2012/01/18 02:11:23
    I was unlikely to take a cruise in the first place!
    Well, less likely to take a cruise around Italy.
  • topgundy7 2012/01/17 19:41:25
    This so called captain somehow slipped through the qualification process, now he has blood on his hands!
  • Christopher Dresbach 2012/01/17 19:02:58
    Christopher Dresbach
    Statistically, this type of tragedy is not likely to occur. Plane crashes are a little more frequent, I believe, but I enjoy flying so I wouldn't be unlikely to go on a plane, either.
  • GamedameDMC 2012/01/17 18:55:28
    As someone who has been on a half a dozen cruises, I know that it will be a very long time, if ever, before I board another super-sized vessel. Things are being brought to light regarding passenger safety in an emergency on ships of this size that I hadn't realized before. The positive that has come from this disaster is that new studies will be done to find out just how safe and effective the current evacuation plans are when there are thousands and thousands of folks on board. Imagine if this had happened near an island in a much more remote area! The number of lives lost without the (fairly) immediate response of rescue boats and helicopters could have been astronomical!
  • Diddley Squat 2012/01/17 17:34:49
    Diddley Squat
    No. When there's a horrible accident like this, the industry tends to check it's mistakes and double back on safety measures. It gets better, not worse.

    I'd love to take a cruise ... but if somebody else pays for it.
  • Melicious Kiss of PHAET 2012/01/17 17:19:02
    Melicious Kiss of PHAET
    I refuse to live my life in fear. It's much more likely that I would die in a car accident or from a heart attack.
  • Charles E Melicio... 2012/01/27 20:18:38
    Charles E
    Like airplanes, travel to the ship is riskier than travel on the ship.
  • mike 2012/01/17 16:07:40
    I was unlikely to take a cruise in the first place!
    I didn't even know about the accident until I read this article.
  • MadamAqua2100 2012/01/17 15:44:20
    After seeing this, I was abit freaked out
  • Rono 2012/01/17 15:19:30
    There are far more driving accidents compared to taking a cruise. I haven't stopped driving. so why would I stay away from cruises?
  • AngelEyes 2012/01/17 14:19:22
    Why should I blame the Company, I have been on Carnival before, and I will go again. The Captain of the ship messed up. Carnival is a great cruise line, So yes I will travel with them again. And I did not understand why they said they had not done the drill to get off the ship, until they said they were only 3 hours into the cruise. When we went on ours, after we got settled in and everything, we all had to report to different parts of the ship, it was according to what deck and where on the ship our room was located. We were given direction and even showed what to do in case of an accident. The ones of use that were disabled, we were taken special care of. So I now know why they did not know what to do, they were not on the ship long enough. My prayers go out to the families of those that lost their lives and to the ones that are missing. And to all those that survived, do not let this detour you from going on a cruise again. I am so glad the truth came out, and the captain is in jail..
  • Angels Covey 2012/01/17 13:37:01
    Angels Covey
    I've only ever taken one cruise in my life--in the Med--in fact, a very similar route. The idea of being on open seas is lovely and relaxing. There were too many people for my liking. What strikes me here is that the life boats cannot be deployed if the ship keels to the right or left then the ship is toally unsafe and ill-equipped.
  • Candace Washington 2012/01/17 06:36:28
    Candace Washington
    I can swim
  • Bob, the reasonable one 2012/01/17 05:53:20
    I was unlikely to take a cruise in the first place!
    Bob, the reasonable one
    I'd stay away from Greek and Italian cruise ships....stick with the Norwegians...they are a serious bunch.... :)
  • Pele Em... Bob, th... 2012/01/18 19:34:21
    Pele Emerging
    Enough sailing for you?
  • Bob, th... Pele Em... 2012/01/18 21:09:54
    Bob, the reasonable one
    welllll, never say never....cruise ship is much better than what the Navy offered...lolz
  • Pele Em... Bob, th... 2012/01/18 21:12:44
    Pele Emerging
    A good cruise ship could certainly offer all sorts of possibilities for fun and mischief, but a resort might do just as well. I agree with you that you are better off finding out what flag the ship flies under, though.
  • Stix 2012/01/17 05:46:34
    I was unlikely to take a cruise in the first place!
    I rather pull into town, set up the place the first day and then PARTY....
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