29% Of Americans Believe Economy Is in Depression

Slade 2011/04/30 14:43:33

Recovery?… What recovery?

29% of Americans believe the US economy is in a depression.

IB Times reported:

Are the American people losing faith in the U.S. economy?
The statistics that you are about to read might surprise you. Not
everyone believes that the U.S. economy is dying (there are still
millions out there that will swallow anything that the mainstream media
tells them), but the reality is that there is a growing chunk of the
population that has completely lost faith in our leaders and in our
economic system. A brand new Gallup poll
has found that the number of Americans that believe that we are in a
“depression” is actually larger than the number of Americans that
believe that the economy is “growing”.

That is absolutely shocking because according to official government
figures, the U.S. economy is growing right now and virtually nobody in
the mainstream media or the government has used the term “depression” to
describe the economic downturn that we went through recently. In fact,
according to Gallup a total of 55% of the American people believe that
we are either in a recession or a depression right now. This is clear
evidence that the American people are losing faith in U.S. government
economic statistics and instead they are basing their opinions on what
they see in their own communities.

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  • miller51550 2011/04/30 15:35:58 (edited)
    Stop and think..

    It is only 29 percent..

    54 % of legal immigrants are on the dole.

    45% of American PAY NO INCOME TAXES.

    ACTUAL REAL unemployment is at about 20 %. (That takes into account all those working part-time that need full-time work, those that are under employed,those that just can not find a job,

    Approximately 42 percent of the population are receiving some type of government hand out.

    The CPI DOES NOT include food and fuel as part of their numbers.

    The final shoe is about to hit the floor.

    All this takes place on OBAMA'S watch and as usual he is blaming the GOP, the World, God and the Devil at the same time.

    Here is hoping that those that voted for this scumbag and gave him POWER to only serve Muslims, Blacks and Hispanics..

    Are eating beans and rice at Christmas...because they can not afford anything else.

    But then I forget ONLY THE RICH LIBERALS will be eating high on the Hog, because they are Obama Lemmings.

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  • michael 2011/07/17 21:06:59
    heck yea we are in a depression----my lack of a paycheck is very depressing to me!! Yet I keep looking for Obama's 2 million new jobs he promised back in 2008 and I still cannot find one!! I am not planning to vote for Obama next year.
  • OPOA912 2011/05/02 01:45:42
    I think we are definately in a depression. I live in California, we are decades from getting out from our disasterous situation, especially with Moonbeam at the helm.
  • McCoy .YG. Sebrell 2011/05/01 14:31:21
  • pepper5419 2011/05/01 14:16:12 (edited)
    How many jobs can be outsourced?Why is it that conservative minds never look at what the wealthy have done?Who suffers when 67% of all manufactoring has left the country in the last 40 years.Whole industries gone and never coming back.America has become a country of assembly plants with no manufactoring.Miller51550 thinks it's Obama's fault and everything just happened practically overnight?Free Market Capitalism doesn't work like that.The reason capitalism worked decades ago is because the American worker was able to make a decent wage.The wealth in America was evenly distributed and included the middle class.If we really want to see America prosper we have to return control of it back to the American people.No one party seems to want that to happen.No one party wants to have illegal immigration ended or for that matter a quota system to end the influx of even legal immigrants.No one party wants Fair Trade agreements,Tariffs and Embargoes that protected the American people.Miller51550 your correct on your figures just the blame part.All our politicians are being paid off by the smallest class of Americans the wealthy.Who do you really think Obama or any politician gets a bulk of their donations from?It will cost the next president at least 1 billion dollars to get elected.As long as they can buy a politician doesn't really matter?Nothing is going to tilt what Congress or the president does in our favor.
  • Slade pepper5419 2011/05/01 16:49:53
    How on earth can you be so intellectually dishonest as to blame the conservatives and the wealthy ONLY when BILLY BOY CLINTON signed NAFTA?

    Look at what 0bama has done bailing out GM, he gives them a boat load of taxpayer money and as a thank YOU they build manufacturing facilities in foreign countries and stick us with a bunch of worthless stock options.

    There is no argument that this has been going on for years and both sides have guilt but nobody reads yesterdays newspaper. We can't have another 4 years of this assclown who has learned nothing from history except to repeat it. I think you missed Miller51550's point. Another 4 years of 0bama doing the same thing at warp speed will kill this country.

    missed miller51550s 4 years 0bama warp speed kill country gtfo 2012
  • KCurtis 2011/05/01 13:13:38
    Depression with the onset of Oppression
  • luigi1- in god we trust 2011/05/01 12:56:11
    luigi1- in god we trust
    We are in boom times. The recession ended in June of 2010. Ask CNN, MSNBC & NYT. It's all in our heads, folks. The far left media would't lie.
  • Slade luigi1-... 2011/05/01 16:52:44
  • Phil_will1 2011/05/01 12:37:45
    Being in the commercial finance business, the thing that I see is that banks just aren't lending, except for SBA loans. That suggests to me that bankers have no confidence at all in the U. S. economy and are unwilling to assume any risk whatsoever. They are happy to loan if they can transfer the risk over to the federal government, however.

    You can get debt financing for most solid projects through private sources, but the rates and terms are substantially higher than what was available prior to the fall of 2008. Some project owners aren't willing to pay the higher rates and their projects just aren't getting off the ground. My sense is that this is a major contributing factor to the continuing disappointing performance of our economy and we won't see a really strong recovery unless and until lending returns to more normal levels.
  • Andrew 2011/05/01 12:24:39
    Obviously, the economic condition of the country is NOT as bad as during the Great Depression! However, the monetizing of the debt is setting us up for a crash we will NOT be able to recover from! And don't be fooled! Those in charge know this and are gunning FOR it! Otherwise, you won't be compliant when they NEED you to be!!!!!
  • Dionysus 2011/05/01 12:20:41
    Just MHO...but the country would be in a better place if the top didn't pay themselves so much... If they paid the bottom better the country can heal faster... No Government can make the CEO pay themselves less.. they need to cut blue blood pay and raise the Average workers pay.
  • Slade Dionysus 2011/05/01 16:57:34
    You have to ask yourself why then IF the government is on the side of the people, why do they continue to bail out corporate America instead of main street America? The last time I saw the government help the people with a stimulus was when GW Bush was pres.
  • Dionysus Slade 2011/05/01 19:12:12
    I have no idea... I wish I knew.

    What stimulus did W do?
  • Slade Dionysus 2011/05/02 19:12:35
    The $168 billion Bush Economic Stimulus Package was approved by Congress in 2008. The package eliminated taxes on the first $6,000 of taxable income for individuals and the first $12,000 of income for couples. The economic stimulus package was paid as a rebate check mailed out to taxpayers, in amounts as follows:

    * Individuals up to $600.
    * Married couples up to $1,200.
    * Those with children $300 per dependent child.
  • Dionysus Slade 2011/05/07 01:55:34
    Really cuz that seemed like an advance of the Tax rebate I would of gotten
  • Slade Dionysus 2011/05/07 03:01:48
    Would have gotten from where?
  • PS 2011/05/01 10:58:49
    Independent economics and poll watchers say it's far, far worse than we are told. They say we are being lied to.
  • LVslotdoc 2011/05/01 10:45:25
  • Slade LVslotdoc 2011/05/01 17:00:35
    Despite being lied to only 29% can see through the BS I'm not so certain that is optimistic if 71% are to dumb to see the reality in front of them.
  • LVslotdoc Slade 2011/05/01 21:21:32 (edited)
    And many of those should get off of their asses and find jobs. It's not like there aren't any... no thanks to Obama.
  • PS LVslotdoc 2011/05/02 19:17:10
    They are the ones who don't listen, read or care for news from anyone but Obama's camp.
  • skull 2011/05/01 10:37:33
    We need to be paid for helping these countries . We are importing to much . Let export a little more.
  • Phil_will1 skull 2011/05/01 12:45:50
    I agree - our trade deficit is completely unsustainable, and it's getting worse again after dropping precipitously when the initial economic downturn hit.

    This is one reason that I am a strong supporter of the FairTax. We have the worst tax system on the planet from the standpoint of global competitiveness and the FairTax would move us to the front of the pack - at least until other countries inevitably copied us.

    There are other economic benefits that the FairTax would bring, but the trade benefits are clearly one of the biggest and most needed.

  • PS Phil_will1 2011/05/01 17:05:42
    We're giving billions$ to Mexico, Africa, and of course Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan-and who knows who else.
  • PS PS 2011/05/01 17:06:16
    And we're borrowing almost half of that from China.
  • skull Phil_will1 2011/05/01 20:20:10
    Well said . Phil
  • Lady Whitewolf 2011/05/01 09:51:07
  • Slade Lady Wh... 2011/05/01 17:03:27
    Maybe I should have titled this 71% of Americans are to dumb to realize the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train. I'll work on that next time. LOL!
  • Lady Wh... Slade 2011/05/01 21:11:31
    Lady Whitewolf
  • Adrianna 2011/05/01 09:36:17
    You ain't seen nothing yet. The party is just getting started.
  • Tom 2011/05/01 08:55:45
    Our friends at wikipedia have some interesting comments. The real problem apparently has to do with definitions, and some degree of disingenuousness.

    It takes 2 consecutive quarters of economic downturn to become a recession. It takes 2 years of continued woe for a recession to become eligible to be defined as a depression. The problem here seems to be that while there was a 2-3 year period of economic downturn, the indicators have stopped dropping. Also, the overall badness of the thing is not as miserable as the 'great depression', so many experts are unwilling to use the label depression. It has been proposed to call it the 'great recession', but this is not catching on. It is interesting to note that the 'experts' think the fault lies in the people, and that surely there should be some other term than 'depression', while in fact it could be argued that this indeed has been a depression, in spite of the fact that our glorious leaders refuse to recognize it as such.

  • Slade Tom 2011/05/01 17:06:28
    I hope you don't expect the truth out of the professional licensed liars we've elected. Dear Leader is the biggest delusionalist of them all.
  • Tom Slade 2011/05/04 11:26:26
    I do not expect the truth from any professional politician.

    Or ethics. As Reagan said "It has been said that politics is the world's second oldest profession. The more I learn about it, the more I have come to realize that it resembles the first in more than one way."
  • S. Gompers 2011/05/01 08:22:19
    S. Gompers
    They prefer the name of "third world paradise" for what afflicts us.
  • Richard 2011/05/01 07:48:53
  • Slade Richard 2011/05/01 17:07:52
  • JanHopkins 2011/05/01 06:36:47
    I think that the number of people who believe it is a depression is a lot higher than that.
  • nononsenseguy 2011/05/01 06:17:03
    Food and gas prices aregoing up. Things that should go up like homes and land are going down.
  • AL 2011/05/01 06:08:14
    I'm just surprised the number isn't alot more then just 29% myself! Since we can't even keep up with the price of everything we buy from day to day now! Yet you can call it anything you want to,but if you don't have the money you need to even eat, make no mistake you're in a real depession alright!
  • sdusmcret54 2011/05/01 03:36:12
    So does Obama. Why is it he keeps extending unemployment checks if the job market is improving????? Or I know sorry. He's giving them these checks until 2012 so they vote for him again. They owe him. unemployment checks job market improving checks 2012 vote owe extend unemployment checks

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