21 Democrat Senators Voted Against the Civil Rights Act of 1964! How many of them joined The Republican Party?

RobertA90195532 2013/10/11 03:09:12
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  • Dennis D 2014/11/06 22:06:06
    Dennis D
    The claim that the South went GOP after the passage of Civil Rights and racist Dems switched parties is a blatant lie put forth by leftist propagandists. None of them changed parties. Al Gore Sr. saw his son become VP. Byrd became Senate Majority Leader. Sam Ervin went on to head the Senate Watergate Committee. In 1975 the South overwhelmingly vote for Jimmy Carter. In 1979 the 96th Congress had 15 of 22 US Senators from the South in the Dem Party and 70% of Congressman in the South were Dems. Southerners moved because of Carters failure and the religious right movement in the GOP. Moral Majority and Jerry Falwell.
  • Stratweenie57 2013/10/11 04:25:03
    Uh,that would be NONE of them......
  • RobertA... Stratwe... 2013/10/11 05:28:09
    yes, there was only "1" that actually joined the republican party, he was: "STROM THURMAN"
  • Stratwe... RobertA... 2013/10/11 13:42:51 (edited)
    True,but he was not one of the democrats who voted against civil rights,he went GOP and supported Goldwater. Of the 21 southern democrats who voted against the 1964 act,not a single ONE switched parties.
  • RobertA... Stratwe... 2013/10/11 13:53:27
    I will look at it again but I am pretty Shure that's exactly what it said, not only that I have access to the actual roll call document.
  • Stratwe... RobertA... 2013/10/11 14:18:37
    Thurmond did vote against the 1964 CRA,but as a "dixiecrat",not a a national democrat. He sided with Goldwater and voted against it on the grounds that the act was flawed and would become overly-expanded federal power. He and Goldwater were both later proven correct.
  • I. Car Rus 2013/10/11 03:21:54
    I. Car Rus
    I don't know. How many??? One thing is for sure however, the Civil Rights Act marked the end of the Dixie(Demo)crats and began the reddening of the South which, to that time, had been pissed at the Republicans for burning it down.
    johnson if you can convince the lowest white man
  • RobertA... I. Car Rus 2013/10/11 04:17:23 (edited)
    only "1" Actually changed to The Republic Party" Strom Thurmond". During this time, everything was very controversial, the south has always been with the Democratic party until The Civil Rights Act of 1964, then the Democrats went to The Republican Party and supported Barry Goldwater. The bill was originally proposed to President John F. Kennedy, who wasa Democrat In his Civil Right Speech on June 11, 1963. And was signed by Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson. Also the afro Americans left The Republican Party and become Democrats, this shocked The Conservatives.

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