2011 list of most Corrupt Politicians. Which is the worst?

\V/ 2012/01/23 20:55:30
Rep. Spencer Bachus
Senator John Ensign
Attorney General Eric Holder
Rep. Alcee Hastings
Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.
Barack Obama
Rep Laura Richardson
Rep. David Rivera
Rep. Don Young
Rep. Maxine Waters
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Yes, once each year, Judicial Watch releases its list of the 10 most corrupt politicians in the USA.

I'm with the Green party and if you ask me, the whole nest of vermin in Washington is a roach motel that needs to be fumigated!

They have no values other than money and power.

They dont care about you or the American worker or taxpayers.

They only care about their own fat asses as they work with the Fed, Goldman Sachs and military contractors to empty your wallet a leave no child left a dime.

So now its your turn to decide which of these scumbags is the worst!

1. -Spencer Bachus (R-AL): He has become the face of a
congressional “insider trading” scandal that has rocked the Washington
establishment as 2011 draws to a close. Rep. Spencer Bachus, Chairman of
the House Financial Services Committee, was one of the principal
targets of a 60 Minutes investigative report on the scandal, which aired on CBS in September 2011.
The report was based, at least in part, on the book Throw Them All Out
by author Peter Schweizer, which outed a slew of members of Congress
who allegedly profited in the financial markets by trading on insider
information. Bachus was not the only congressman cited by 60 Minutes
others included Speaker of the House John Boehner and House Minority
Leader Nancy Pelosi – but the Alabama Republican stood out for his
remarkable “good fortune” in shorting the stock market.
(read more at the web site below.)

2.- Former Senator John Ensign (R-NV): John Ensign,
former U.S. Senator from Nevada and former Chairman of the Senate
Republican Policy Committee, was forced to resign from office in May
2011 as the result of an investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee.
In a scandal that first broke in 2009, Senator Ensign publicly admitted
to an affair with the wife of long-time staffer Douglas Hampton. Ensign
then allegedly tried to cover up the affair by bribing the couple with
lucrative gifts and political favors.

According to The New York Times,
after Hampton discovered the affair involving his wife Cynthia, the
senator bought his silence by giving him “a strong boost into a lobbying
career.” Ensign asked political backers to find Hampton a job.
“Payments of $96,000 to the Hamptons also were made by Senator Ensign’s
parents, who insist this was a gift, not hush money. Once a lobbying job
was secured, Senator Ensign and his chief of staff continued to help
Mr. Hampton, advocating his clients’ cases directly with federal

(more juicy details...see web site)

3.- Attorney General Eric Holder: Attorney General Eric
Holder now operates the most politicized and ideological Department of
Justice (DOJ) in recent history. And revelations from the Operation Fast
and Furious scandal suggest that programs approved by the Holder DOJ
may have resulted in the needless deaths of many, including a federal
law enforcement officer.

Fast and Furious was a DOJ/Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and
Explosives (ATF) “gun-running” operation in which guns were sold to
Mexican drug cartels and others, apparently in hopes that the guns would
end up at crime scenes. This reckless insanity seems to have resulted
in, among other crimes, the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry,
who was killed in a shootout with Mexican criminals in December 2010.
Fast and Furious guns were found at the scene of his death.

The Fast and Furious operation by itself should have resulted in
Holder’s resignation, but it is the cover-up that has prompted serious calls for Holder’s ouster.

(read more on this bozo and have barf bag ready)

4. - Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL): In a year full of
shocking congressional sex scandals, perhaps none is more serious than
that involving Florida Rep. Alcee Hastings, who allegedly sexually
harassed a female government employee and then engaged in a cruel
campaign of retaliation when she rebuffed his advances. (On March 7,
2011, Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit against Hastings on behalf of the victim, Ms. Winsome Packer.)

The alleged harassment and retaliation began in 2008 when Hastings
(formerly an impeached federal judge) served as Chairman of the United
States Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe. Ms. Packer
served as his employee. According to Judicial Watch’s complaint, “Mr.
Hastings’ intention was crystal clear: he was sexually attracted to Ms.
Packer, wanted a sexual relationship with her, and would help progress
her career if she acquiesced to his sexual advances.”

These advances included: Making multiple demands that Ms. Packer
allow Rep. Hastings to stay in her apartment while she served as the
Commission’s lead staff representative overseas; subjecting Ms. Packer
to unwanted physical contact, including hugging her with both arms while
pressing his body against her body and his face against her face;
inviting her on multiple occasions to accompany him alone to his hotel
room; making sexual comments and references to Ms. Packer; and asking
Ms. Packer humiliating and inappropriate questions in public, such as
“What kind of underwear are you wearing?”

In addition, Hastings seems to have abused his office by using
government travel as a cover for sightseeing and by soliciting gifts and
campaign contributions from congressional staff.

( read more or watch daze of our lives)

5. - Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL) and the Blagojevich Co-Conspirators:
It took more than two years and two trials, but disgraced former
Illinois Governor Rod “Blago” Blagojevich was finally brought to justice
on June 27, 2011, for a number of crimes, including his efforts to
“sell” President Obama’s vacant Senate seat to the highest bidder. He
became the state’s fourth governor, and one of at least 79 Illinois
public officials, to be found guilty of a crime since 1972, proving that
Illinois has certainly lived up to its reputation as a cesspool of

As the trial unfolded, it became clear that many hands were dirty in
the Blago scandal. (See Chicago Mayor and former Obama Chief of Staff
Rahm “Rahmbo” Emanuel, who was finally forced to testify during this
second Blago trial – for a whopping five minutes – and President Obama himself, who was interviewed by the FBI in the scandal even before he took office.)

But all of the focus now seems to center on Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.

The House Ethics Committee announced on December 2, 2011,
that it will continue its investigation into allegations that “Rep.
Jesse Jackson Jr. or someone acting on his behalf offered to raise
campaign cash for then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich in exchange for a Senate
appointment in 2008….The committee also released an initial report from
the Office of Congressional Ethics that said there was “probable cause”
to believe that Jackson either directed a third party or had knowledge
of a third party’s effort to convince the since-convicted Blagojevich to
appoint Jackson Jr. in exchange for campaign cash.

(more on web site)

6. - President Barack Obama: President Obama makes
Judicial Watch’s “Ten Most Wanted” list for a fifth consecutive year.
(The former Illinois Senator was also a “Dishonorable Mention” in 2006.)
And when it comes to Obama corruption, it may not get any bigger than
Solyndra. Solyndra was once known as the poster child for the Obama
administration’s massive “green energy” initiative, but it has become
the poster child for the corruption that ensues when the government
meddles in the private sector. Solyndra filed for bankruptcy in
September 2011, leaving 1,100 workers without jobs and the American
taxpayers on the hook for $535 million thanks to an Obama administration
stimulus loan guarantee.

Despite the Obama administration’s reticence to release details
regarding this scandal, much is known about this shady deal. White House
officials warned the president that the Department of Energy’s loan
guarantee program was “dangerously short on due diligence,”
nonetheless the Obama administration rushed the Solyndra loan through
the approval process so it could make a splash at a press event. The
company’s main financial backer was a major Obama campaign donor named
George Kaiser. While the White House said Kaiser never discussed the
loan with White House officials, the evidence suggests this is a lie.
And, further demonstrating the political nature of the Obama
administration’s activities, the Energy Department pressured Solyndra to
delay an announcement on layoffs until after the 2010 elections.
Despite the public outrage at this scandalous waste of precious tax
dollars, President Obama continues to defend the indefensible and has refused to sack anyone over the Solyndra mess.

President Obama continues to countenance actions by his appointees that undermine the rule of law and constitutional government:

  • Despite a ban on funding that Obama signed into law, his
    administration continues to fund the corrupt and allegedly defunct
    “community” organization ACORN. In July 2011 Judicial Watch uncovered a
    $79,819 grant to AHCOA (Affordable Housing Centers of America), the
    renamed ACORN Housing which has a long history of corrupt activity. In
    absolute violation of the funding ban, Judicial Watch has since
    confirmed that the Obama administration has funneled $730,000 to the
    ACORN network, a group that has a long personal history with President
    Obama.In 2011, JW released a special report entitled “The Rebranding of ACORN,”
    which details how the ACORN network is alive and well and well-placed
    to undermine the integrity of the 2012 elections – evidently with the
    assistance of the Obama administration.
  • Barack Obama apparently believes it is his “prerogative” to ignore
    the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law when it comes to appointing
    czars. According to Politico:
    “President Barack Obama is planning to ignore language in the 2011
    spending package that would ban several top White House advisory posts.
    Obama said this ban on “czars” would undermine
    “the President’s ability to exercise his constitutional
    responsibilities and take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” In
    other words, Barack Obama believes he must ignore the U.S. Constitution
    to protect the U.S. Constitution. Many Obama administration czars have
    not been subject to confirmation by the U.S. Senate as required by the
    U.S. Constitution. In 2011, JW released a first-of-its-kind
    comprehensive report on the Obama czar scandal, entitled “President Obama’s Czars.”

7.- Rep. Laura Richardson (D-CA): A first-timer on
Judicial Watch’s “Ten Most Wanted” list, Rep. Laura Richardson is in hot
water for reportedly misusing her congressional staff for personal and
political gain. Rep. Richardson is now under investigation by the House
Ethics Committee regarding allegations by former staff member Maria Angel Macias.
Macias alleges that she was required by Richardson to order other
staffers to run personal errands for the Democrat congresswoman – such
as picking up her dry cleaning – and to work on her re-election campaign
at taxpayer expense.

Richardson’s alleged behavior would violate federal law, which protects federal employees from “being forced by job-related threats or reprisals to donate to political candidates or causes.” House ethics rules also specify that “in no event may a member or office compel a House employee to do campaign work.”

Macias indicated to the Committee that Richardson regularly directed
her to call staff members outside of office hours to “make them work at
campaign events.” According to former employees, they were required to
work the extended hours “under threat of dismissal,”
and reportedly, were even required to act as servers at such events.
Shirley Cooks, chief of staff for Representative Richardson, was also
directed to ensure that staff members “volunteered” for off-hour
campaign projects.

Rep. Richardson has responded by denying that she has ever forced
employees to volunteer on campaigns, and then played the “race card,”
claiming she is being targeted because she is black and because she is a
woman. Richardson has further indicated that she would explore whether
the Ethics Committee “has engaged in discriminatory conduct”… which is a blatant attempt to intimidate committee members and undermine the investigation.

Richardson is not new to controversy and investigations of ethics violations. Complaints against her include commandeering emergency helicopters in her California district for use as sightseeing vehicles for her staff and of her receiving special treatment
when a bank rescinded the sale of a foreclosed home Rep. Richardson
owned in Sacramento and then restructured her mortgage. (This was the third home on which Rep. Richardson had missed payments.)

The House Ethics Committee failed to punish her over the foreclosure
deal (no surprises there) and approximately one year later Richardson
again defaulted
on her payments. True to form, however, Richardson failed to take
responsibility for her actions, claiming the default was due to a
“clerical error.”

8. - Rep. David Rivera (R-FL): Rep. David Rivera, U.S. Representative for Florida’s 25th
congressional district, is mired in numerous ethics controversies
stemming from charges of money laundering and tax evasion schemes
initiated when Rivera served in the Florida House of Representatives.
The Republican congressman, serving his first term, is currently under
investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Internal
Revenue Service (IRS), the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the
Miami-Dade Police public corruption unit, and the Miami-Dade State
Attorney’s office.

Of particular interest is the investigation by the FBI and the IRS
regarding Rep. Rivera’s dealings with the Flagler Dog Track, now known
as the Magic City Casino. The basis for the investigation relates to
payments reportedly totaling as much as $1 million
made by the casino to Millennium Marketing in the guise of a consulting
contract. Most of the money is said to have been paid in 2008.

Millennium Marketing is owned by Rivera’s mother and godmother, and
Rivera supposedly benefited from the arrangement, and is thus the
subject of a tax evasion inquiry. Income from the consulting contract was never reported by Rivera
on his tax forms, nor did he mention the Millennium deal in financial
disclosure forms filed with the Florida Ethics Commission. Instead,
Rivera indicated that he had worked as a consultant for the U.S. Agency
for International Development (USAID), in addition to being a member of
the Florida House of Representatives. He reported no income for USAID,
however, and the agency had no record of his having ever worked there.

For a long time, Rep. Rivera denied ever receiving any income from the dog track, but just before heading to Congress, Rivera admitted receiving $132,000 in “undisclosed loans” from Millennium. He claims he paid the money back.

Participating in the dog track inquiry – and at one time having had
the lead on the case – is the Florida Department of Law Enforcement,
assisted by the Miami-Dade Police. Investigators are also taking a close
look at Rivera’s campaign spending, including $75,000 he paid in 2010 “to a now-defunct consulting company owned by the daughter of a top aide.”

9.- Rep. Don Young (R-AK): Rep. Don Young may have achieved a new level of corruption in 2011. The House Ethics Committee announced
just before Christmas that the Alaska Republican Congressman was
cleared of allegations by the House Ethics Committee that he exceeded
the limit on campaign donations to his legal defense fund – which was
set up to defend Young against an entirely different set of corruption
charges! There was good reason the House Ethics Committee released this
decision after most of official Washington left for the Christmas
holiday: because the Committee’s “exoneration” is a joke.

House ethics rules prohibit contributions from any single source that
exceed $5,000. Young received $63,000 from “twelve companies that…were
in fact owned by Gary Chouest, his wife, and his five children, or some
combination of those seven individuals.” Despite an independent analysis
by the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) that the shell-game was a
rather transparent violation of the contribution limit, the House Ethics
Committee gave Young a free pass because the 12 companies controlled by
essentially one individual were “separate legal entities”!

On July 24, 2007, the Wall Street Journal reported that Young was under federal investigation
for taking bribes, illegal gratuities, and unreported gifts from VECO
Corporation, an Anchorage, Alaska- based company. Two executives in the
company, including former company CEO Bill Allen, had already pled
guilty to bribing members of the Alaska legislature. Reportedly, Young
received $157,000 from VECO.

Rep. Young has developed a legendary reputation for steering federal dollars to Alaska. As The New Republic put it, Rep. Young is “well known for his sharp elbows and generous appetite for legislative pork,” including the $223 million he secured to build the so-called “Bridge to Nowhere.” Eventually, lawmakers responded to the mounting criticism and the bridge was defunded.

Over the years, Rep. Young has been linked to lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s
illegal efforts to lease government property, and he has been
criticized for adding a $10 million earmark to a transportation bill for
a short piece of road in Florida near Fort Myers, called Coconut Road.
The local real estate developer who owned 4,000 acres along the road helped raise $40,000
for Young’s campaign, which might go a long way toward explaining why
the Alaska congressman aggressively pushed to build a road in Florida.

10. - Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA): Rep. Maxine Waters is one
of the most senior and one of the most outspoken members of Congress.
She is also one of the most corrupt.

In August 2010, an investigative subcommittee of the House Ethics
Committee charged Rep. Waters with three counts of violating House rules
and ethics regulations in connection with her use of power and
influence on behalf of OneUnited Bank. She was expected to face an ethics trial in late 2010, but the committee delayed the trial indefinitely on November 29, 2010, citing newly discovered documentary evidence that may impact proceedings.

The delay apparently has less to do with evidence and more to do with infighting on the panel. Ultimately, an outside counsel was retained and a recommendation was expected by January 2, 2012. However, the Committee announced that the Waters probe will be extended until July 31, 2012.

According to The Associated Press,
the charges currently under the House Ethics Committee microscope
“focus on whether Waters broke the rules in requesting federal help
[bailout money] for a bank where her husband owned stock and had served
on the board of directors.” At the time she requested the help, Waters
neglected to tell Treasury officials about her financial ties to
OneUnited Bank.

Without intervention by Waters (and a big assist from her
co-conspirator Rep. Barney Frank), OneUnited was an extremely unlikely
candidate for Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) funding. The Treasury
Department indicated that it would only provide bailout funds to
healthy banks to jump-start lending. However, Judicial Watch uncovered
documents detailing the deplorable financial condition of OneUnited at
the time of the cash infusion. In fact, just prior to the bailout,
OneUnited received a “less than satisfactory rating.”

Aside from OneUnited, there was yet another scandal with Waters’ fingerprints all over it.

According to The Washington Times:
“A lobbyist known as one of California’s most successful power brokers
while serving as a legislative leader in that state paid Rep. Maxine
Waters’ husband $15,000 in consulting fees at a time she was
co-sponsoring legislation that would help save the real-estate finance
business of one of the lobbyist’s best-paying clients…”

“Real-estate finance businesses,” such as the one helped by Waters’
influence, were labeled a “scam” by the IRS in a 2006 report.

Despite all of her ethical woes, Maxine Waters seeks to take over
the retiring Barney Frank’s position as the ranking Democrat on the
House Financial Services Committee. It is quite obvious that Rep. Waters
has neither the integrity nor the ethics necessary to hold such a
position of public trust.

Read More: http://www.judicialwatch.org/corrupt-politicians-l...

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  • Jimbo 2012/01/26 18:31:37
    Rep. Spencer Bachus
    Far worse than all is the insider payoffs to politicians. All of them cash out upon leaving office. Most do it when in office too or they would not earn a 20% return on their "Blind trusts." Even Reagan got a million from Sony to change the law on foreign media ownership. Until we have nothing but public campaign financing, strict laws on insider trading, family jobs from lobbyists, a 5 year moratorium on sponsored legislation work in that industry, we will continue to have a government for special interests, not for the people.

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  • Steve 2012/06/25 02:24:46
    Barack Obama
    Obama is supposed to represent all of the people of America, and he's not interested in doing his job at all because he's beholden to the corporations of this country.
  • \V/ Steve 2012/06/26 22:25:56
  • Patti ... Steve 2012/06/27 20:09:56
    Patti  The Yes Fan
    They all are.
  • pepper5419 2012/06/25 00:24:26
    Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.
    I'm from Illinois I had thought that he was way better than his dad.I liked his politics but,like his dad he cheated on his wife (though he didn't get his mistress pregnant like his dad did).He also was in talks with former Illinois Gov.Blago top buy Obama's empty senator seat.
  • \V/ pepper5419 2012/06/26 22:28:07
  • jumpboots 187th PIR 2012/06/24 21:30:08
    Barack Obama
    jumpboots 187th PIR
    Obama""""He is taking our freedoms aways....
  • \V/ jumpboo... 2012/06/26 22:29:33
  • Beccy 2012/06/24 20:33:17
    Rep. Maxine Waters
    she goes out of her way to find discrimination
  • \V/ Beccy 2012/06/24 20:36:40
  • Maria 2012/04/30 00:55:26
    Attorney General Eric Holder
    All about fast and furious and to block the ID voters...it all about money that he is behind this that what my assume and please don't take my word it just my thought intend to spell out it could be or more ?..
  • \V/ Maria 2012/06/24 20:32:38
  • Jerry 2012/04/29 07:01:34
    Barack Obama
    but I guess I'm wrong on this one........it is Eric Holder......... Prosecute severely  Eric Holder
  • \V/ Jerry 2012/06/24 20:32:22
  • STEVE 2012/04/28 18:55:33
    Attorney General Eric Holder
  • \V/ STEVE 2012/06/24 20:32:04
  • sandstone 2012/04/28 12:56:15
    Attorney General Eric Holder
    This was a tough question, should have had an "all of these" option. Hastings & Waters are right there at the top.
  • \V/ sandstone 2012/06/24 20:33:13
  • \V/ 2012/04/27 21:02:28
  • Attorney General Eric Holder
    Gยเtคг Plคאєг ( JFK Democrat )
    They all need to go. Only problem i see with one of them is he is going to possibly be replaced with a jackass that does not care about the American People but to only continue the trend we have been on since 2001, Ridiculous government spending and continuing the tax breaks so we have no way to pay for any of it, Feck we are so screwed.
  • \V/ Gยเtคг ... 2012/04/27 21:04:21
  • Gยเtคг ... \V/ 2012/04/27 21:13:46
    Gยเtคг Plคאєг ( JFK Democrat )
    I agree, but how do we get everyone else to do the same. The problem i see is the 2 party system that most vote for and the elections of the lessor of 2 evils. Voting for a third party would consist of grabbing half the voters from the 2 major parties and everyone is afraid the other guy is going to do worse, when actually they have the same agenda by getting their pockets full of cash by Corporate America while the rest of us make less and less.
    I am with you on this one and i am willing to change the way i vote. Screw the Democrats and screw the Republicants. Freakin slime is all they are
  • \V/ Gยเtคг ... 2012/04/27 21:34:47
  • kudabux 2012/04/27 20:50:07
    Attorney General Eric Holder
    How can I possibly choose? They are all criminals.
  • Maria kudabux 2012/04/30 00:18:06
    yes agree.... how come didn't put on the post at the bottom of list {all the above} so I can click to that...sigh
  • \V/ kudabux 2012/04/30 05:26:23
  • luvguins 2012/04/27 20:38:44
    Rep. Alcee Hastings
    All these politicians are guilty. I just detest sexual harassers the most.
  • \V/ luvguins 2012/04/27 20:52:49
  • luvguins \V/ 2012/04/27 21:08:53
    Exactly. I would put him top of the list bribed by the Kochroaches.
  • STEVE \V/ 2012/04/28 18:57:25
  • \V/ STEVE 2012/04/28 20:02:16
  • STEVE \V/ 2012/04/28 20:12:45
  • \V/ STEVE 2012/04/28 22:14:34
  • STEVE \V/ 2012/04/28 22:23:36 (edited)
  • \V/ STEVE 2012/04/29 00:10:13
  • STEVE \V/ 2012/04/29 16:08:58
    it's like i am looking in a mirror...

  • \V/ STEVE 2012/06/24 20:35:44
  • Maria \V/ 2012/04/30 00:44:37
    simple answer is diluted when congressional districts are drawn to favor specific politicians or parties. districts are drawn to favor specific politicians or parties. We want to believe that we can make a difference, that our vote matters---but that's simply not the truth in a growing number of places. Defenders of these gerrymandered districts would argue that they are lumping people with similar concerns and circumstances together, but isn't that exactly the problem? Gerrymandering isn't limited to these three districts, and it's used by both parties to create and protect "safe seats"..Our founding Father didn't want any politician's job to ever be safe or secure: they wanted our representatives to fear the people. Gerrymandering has another downside as well. By cutting-and-pasting their districts together from large geographic areas, politicians have divided our neighborhoods and destroyed our sense of community.. Most likely you are completely oblivious to the boundaries of your congressional district and have no idea if the neighbor across the street from you is represented by the same person. And that's exactly how they want it. By blurring the lines,established politicians can prevent like-minded people from getting together to mount a challenge to them. After all it's...
    simple answer is diluted when congressional districts are drawn to favor specific politicians or parties. districts are drawn to favor specific politicians or parties. We want to believe that we can make a difference, that our vote matters---but that's simply not the truth in a growing number of places. Defenders of these gerrymandered districts would argue that they are lumping people with similar concerns and circumstances together, but isn't that exactly the problem? Gerrymandering isn't limited to these three districts, and it's used by both parties to create and protect "safe seats"..Our founding Father didn't want any politician's job to ever be safe or secure: they wanted our representatives to fear the people. Gerrymandering has another downside as well. By cutting-and-pasting their districts together from large geographic areas, politicians have divided our neighborhoods and destroyed our sense of community.. Most likely you are completely oblivious to the boundaries of your congressional district and have no idea if the neighbor across the street from you is represented by the same person. And that's exactly how they want it. By blurring the lines,established politicians can prevent like-minded people from getting together to mount a challenge to them. After all it's hard to organize a rally when you don't even know what doors to knock on.
    Thomas Jefferson understood the importance of bringing communities together in the political process. He proposed creating political divisions called "wards" so that neighbors with similar interests, concerns,and needs could meet and discuss them and then approach their political leader with a predetermined consensus. As Jefferson put it, "Divide the counties into wards of such size ...that every citizen can attend, when call on, and act in person. Ascribe to them the government of their wards in all things relating to themselves exclusively. "political divisions that things relating to themselves exclusively."
  • DeeB 2012/03/30 12:40:33
    Barack Obama
    I say Obama only because he is the so called leader. Otherwise it was too hard to pick just one. The whole of the federal government needs to be taken down. Just look at this.
  • \V/ DeeB 2012/03/30 15:52:41
  • DeeB \V/ 2012/03/31 13:20:30

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