christopher jackson 2009/12/24 16:02:20
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call out the instigators because there is something in the air , we have got to get it together because the revolution here. Elections are coming in 2010 and voting is very important. But the major issue is those that corrupt the corruptable. Yes you can vote out the corrupt senate and house members this year but 80% of the new ones will be corrupt by 2011. The time is now to follow the money and take the monster head on and behead it. Look at health care Blue Cross and Blue Sheild will save billions and have a huge advantage over other insures, by the way most are just as corrupt but lack the power and prestige that they have. Interesting thing when it look like it may be a public option they posistion their selves to be the Goverment primary provider.

Before you join the revolution realize you are entering dangerous waters. These groups and companies can make life very uncomfortable for the revolution. But it is time to show that not only can you talk the talk you can also walk the walk
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