$200 Gucci Glasses, it's hard to have empathy for union workers!

Michael 2011/03/28 18:21:40
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Protest in LA bashing wealthy corporations and conservative politicians!
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  • Patriot Unit 2011/03/29 17:53:47
    No, the glasses are really fake, bought cheaply, from China!
    Patriot Unit
    I don' t have any empathy for them. Not one once. As far as I am concerned, they are nothing more the slugs, living off the hard work of others, or keeping hard workers from working at all. I have seen the disparity between Union and Nonunion workers in many Union States. It seems the those in the union always make twice or more than the nonunion worker. They have many more benefits and they don't have to show any quality work product. They just have to fill the box that they are at work. Unions once stood for something good. Now it is all evil. benefits quality work product box work unions stood evil
  • Fef 2011/03/28 18:57:35
    No, the glasses are really fake, bought cheaply, from China!
    Apparently union bosses have a habit of fraud
    As head of the Service Employees International Union Local 660, Alejandro Stephens once represented 50,000 L.A. County employees. He enjoyed a lot of political clout — until federal prosecutors charged him with fraud.

    They say he bilked $52,000 from a union-backed nonprofit called the Voter Improvement Project by entering into bogus consulting agreements that included friends and family. He pleaded guilty to mail fraud and tax evasion.

    pleaded guilty mail fraud tax evasion httpwww scpr orgnews2010 union kickbacks
  • freethinker 2011/03/28 18:46:27
    Yes, I have empathy for union workers, who will now have to compete in the re...

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