2 Million Biker Ride to protest the 9/11 Muslim March in DC. Will you support the Bikers protest of the Muslim March ?

CAPISCE 2013/08/21 00:14:44
Yes, this should be good
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2 Million Biker Ride To Protest The 09/11 Muslim March in DC.
Facebook ^ | 08/19/2013 | Myself
Posted on 8/19/2013 2:03:15 PM by Outland

A Biker Ride is scheduled to counter-protest the "Million Muslim March" on 09/11 in Washington DC.
See https://www.facebook.com/events/588094987901164/?ref=3 for details.
This is an open group so you don't need a Facebook account to view it.

Note that the group has numerous hostile posts by muslims.

Recent news articles such as the one at USNews.com state that the "Million Muslim March" has been re-named to "Million American March Against Fear". However, I'm sure we all know about "Taqiyya", the allowed, deliberate lying and misleading by muslims to non-muslims (and even other muslims under certain circumstances).

The march is all about islamic power in the US. What other reason is there for any group to have a show of force?
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  • MaryOz CAPISCE 2013/08/22 12:38:42
  • CAPISCE MaryOz 2013/08/22 13:15:36
    I can not chill when scumbags want to celebrate the killing of innocent Americans as well as others during 9/11
  • MaryOz CAPISCE 2013/08/22 13:41:21
  • CAPISCE MaryOz 2013/08/23 12:51:03
    Don't watch it---couldn't tell you
  • LEFT IS... MaryOz 2013/08/25 08:15:16 (edited)
    What are you talking about???...THIS IS A DAY ALL AMERICANS WILL REMEMBER!!!
  • MaryOz LEFT IS... 2013/08/25 08:22:12
  • CAPISCE MaryOz 2013/09/12 00:14:55
  • MaryOz CAPISCE 2013/09/12 00:29:38
  • Simpattyco CAPISCE 2013/09/12 00:50:13
  • feather... CAPISCE 2013/09/12 03:44:36
    Mary lives in her dilusional land of oz....the sheila hangs out at a 24 hour colonic coffee cafe naked flicking her bean because no one pays any attention to her. She's desperate for attention hoping any American Male will notice her.
  • srini 2013/08/22 01:07:52
    Yes, this should be good
    You betcha they get my support!
  • Rusty Bubbles 2013/08/22 00:46:51
    Yes, this should be good
    Rusty Bubbles
    Bikers are not known for very high tolerance levels, if the muslims start with some inflammatory speeches or actions.....well, it could get very interesting ~~ very fast
  • flrdsgns 2013/08/21 22:39:39
    No, I don't like bikers any more than I like any other gang
  • MaryOz flrdsgns 2013/08/21 23:20:00
  • LEFT IS... MaryOz 2013/08/25 08:17:40
    Grow up and get a grip!
  • MaryOz LEFT IS... 2013/08/25 08:22:47
  • Rusty B... flrdsgns 2013/08/22 00:48:41
    Rusty Bubbles
    That's OK....nobody likes you except foreigners

  • kaZappoo 2013/08/21 21:48:14
    Yes, this should be good
    I wish I could be there ...

    and I support this 100%
  • dubbie kaZappoo 2013/08/21 22:32:32
    Nothing like the roar of thunder and the smell of pork chops on the grill,with a cold beverage to wash it down with, of course
  • kaZappoo dubbie 2013/08/22 01:47:29
  • LEFT IS... dubbie 2013/08/25 08:19:00 (edited)
    And bring your dogs...They hate THEM too!

  • csrdrunner 2013/08/21 20:18:06
    Yes, this should be good
    Go for it guys, I believe bikers to be some of the most patriotic people in America!!!
  • Straud1976 2013/08/21 20:11:58
    Not really but they have a right to protest as much as the Muslims have.
  • Kaimeso 2013/08/21 20:05:23
    Yes, this should be good
    Yes I will support the bikers. I don't own one but I'm sure I can find some local bikers that need gas money.
  • LEFT IS... Kaimeso 2013/08/25 08:20:31
  • ¤Creepy Lumberjack¤ >-QC-< 2013/08/21 19:59:41 (edited)
    Yes, this should be good
    ¤Creepy Lumberjack¤ >-QC-<
    I don't agree with everything conservatives do and say, but I have to admit... I totally agree with this one. A massive Muslim march on september 11 specifically is an incredible insult, not only to the United-States, but to the entire Western world... And maybe even the entire 6 billion non-muslim humans of the world. Yes, the 2 million bikers are IMO welcome to go to Washington, DC and show these Muslims that there is a limit to what we can accept. Do it for America. Do it for Canada. Do it for Europe. Do it for the free world.
  • The Kni... ¤Creepy... 2013/08/21 20:14:27
  • ¤Creepy... The Kni... 2013/08/21 20:43:45 (edited)
    ¤Creepy Lumberjack¤ >-QC-<
    The original poster is deeply conservative person.
  • CAPISCE ¤Creepy... 2013/08/21 21:48:32
  • ConLibF... ¤Creepy... 2013/08/22 03:45:23
    Is the because you still believe the government/media 9-11 lie?
  • CAPISCE ConLibF... 2013/08/22 12:39:04
  • KW 2013/08/21 19:51:44
    Yes, this should be good
    I support anybody's right to peacefully protest.
  • rightagain 2013/08/21 19:31:32 (edited)
    Yes, this should be good
    So If it wasn't muslims that attacked us, then who? Look it's like this..... I know some muslims myself and I have a friendly relationship with them. As good a people as I have ever met. These extremist are just sorry excuses for human. They only want to kill. They want tyranny and death. They want to ruin everything that is good. I think the problem is when we are attacked by a terrorist and we want justice we call them muslim and that includes them all. Well if they would stand up and fight them with us we could separate the good from the bad but when they do nothing it makes it really hard to trust any. This protest only seems to be to cover it all with a meaning that all Americans are bad because muslims are only for peace. Show me ONE country in this world that's mostly muslim that ain't killing and bombing it's own people. I don't think that's possible.

    Islam is the only religion where you can MURDER your way to Heaven! country world muslim killing bombing people islam religion murder heaven

    No I am very sure it was islamist that did it. world muslim killing bombing people islam religion murder heaven islamist
    I say lets roll , WE WOULD BACK IN MY EARLY DAYS!
  • ConLibF... rightagain 2013/08/22 03:48:07
    So you are basing your entire life on the big question of "who". Just ignore all the facts, evidence and witnesses (murdered and alive) that prove 9-11 was not done by a bunch of guys from deserts and caves across an ocean.
  • rightagain ConLibF... 2013/08/22 11:42:39
    Let me guess, George Bush did it.
  • ConLibF... rightagain 2013/08/22 15:03:57
    You really need to get new memorized responses. They are very old and tired and over used.

    Again, just ignore all the facts, evidence and witnesses (murdered and alive) that prove 9-11 was not done by a bunch of guys from deserts and caves across an ocean.
  • rightagain ConLibF... 2013/08/23 01:19:36
    Tell me then. Who and why. what are the facts? They say they did it. Our leaders are all just lairs right?
    You have something other than than what you have said twice now which has NO substance.
  • ConLibF... rightagain 2013/08/23 01:28:21
    Why would I want to come down to your level? Anyone who uses the term "leaders" for our government/media is not packing a full deck or at the least totally living under a rock. Again, you prefer to stand on zero while you literally spit in the eyes of experts and witnesses (alive and murdered) who have proven 9-11 to be a lie as told by the government/media. It has been 12 years and there is so much evidence that exists so to admit you don't know means you flat out don't want the truth. Not playing your game. You can keep on coming to public sites like this and continue to obstruct justice. For the record.
  • rightagain ConLibF... 2013/08/23 02:09:49
    Well if you ain't the most stupid person on this site. All you can do is be rude. YOU FIUCNKG MORON. I now block you cause you ain't right in the head and there is nothing to discuss. MORON
  • clstans ConLibF... 2014/05/01 18:24:35
    How far up your ass is your head? People like you have no place breathing our air.

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