2 Million Biker Ride to protest the 9/11 Muslim March in DC. Will you support the Bikers protest of the Muslim March ?

CAPISCE 2013/08/21 00:14:44
Yes, this should be good
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2 Million Biker Ride To Protest The 09/11 Muslim March in DC.
Facebook ^ | 08/19/2013 | Myself
Posted on 8/19/2013 2:03:15 PM by Outland

A Biker Ride is scheduled to counter-protest the "Million Muslim March" on 09/11 in Washington DC.
See https://www.facebook.com/events/588094987901164/?ref=3 for details.
This is an open group so you don't need a Facebook account to view it.

Note that the group has numerous hostile posts by muslims.

Recent news articles such as the one at USNews.com state that the "Million Muslim March" has been re-named to "Million American March Against Fear". However, I'm sure we all know about "Taqiyya", the allowed, deliberate lying and misleading by muslims to non-muslims (and even other muslims under certain circumstances).

The march is all about islamic power in the US. What other reason is there for any group to have a show of force?
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  • bob johnston 2013/09/12 21:59:30
    Yes, this should be good
    bob johnston
    I was proud to be part of the bikers protest. But why I wasn't told where the meeting spots were was pretty messed up!! No web info, nobody in the city new anything. I signed up that I was GOING days ahead with my email address??? WTF???
  • MaryOz bob joh... 2013/09/12 22:01:57
  • bob joh... MaryOz 2013/10/24 13:41:48
    bob johnston
    MaryOz... Just shut up!!!!!!!!!!
  • CAPISCE bob joh... 2013/09/14 00:04:55
    America Thanks you for your participation
  • Bobby C 2013/09/12 01:30:06
    Yes, this should be good
    Bobby C
    The islamo-animals need to be checkmated....
  • karatemom63 2013/09/11 16:10:16
    Yes, this should be good
    I will support them fully and ask God to protect them. Although I support American's freedom of having marches for their cause, I am shocked and angry that the Muslim people have decided to have their march on this sacred day of 9/11. It is truly a slap in our face and disrespectful to all who died and lost someone on that day. This Million Muslim March is all about a show of power and disrespect. I pray that the 2 Million Biker Ride to protest the Muslim march will be successful and will drown out all of their speeches. I also pray that nobody gets hurt. Go patriot bikers and drown out the radical evil display of Islamic pride and power in this country. American Muslims need to be put in their place. They have the right to be here and worship freely in America, but if they want to disrespect this country then they should be forced out of this country. America is founded on Judeo-Christianity and should NEVER allow Islamists to set up Sharia law in parts of America and gain power over us! Patriots...put these anti-American Muslims in their place. Islam is EVIL and seeks to destroy us! Nip this in the bud!
  • MaryOz karatem... 2013/09/11 22:16:06
  • CAPISCE MaryOz 2013/09/12 00:11:15 (edited)
    Bikers flooded Washington today-- God Bless America 2 million biker rally 2 million biker rally
  • MaryOz CAPISCE 2013/09/12 00:12:57
  • CAPISCE MaryOz 2013/09/12 00:25:11
  • MaryOz CAPISCE 2013/09/12 00:27:36
  • CAPISCE MaryOz 2013/09/12 00:33:58
    Are so ignorant that you believe one person with a camera can tape 2 million bikers ? Oh Right, you are Australian
    NBC Washington | Wednesday, Sep 11, 2013 | Updated 7:09
    "Two Million Bikers" Rally Roars Into D.C. Area for 9/11
    Although they didn't reach a goal of two million riders they came close, a vast amount of bikers rolled and roared through the Washington, D.C. Wednesday to mark the 12th anniversary of 9/11.
  • MaryOz CAPISCE 2013/09/12 00:36:12
  • CAPISCE MaryOz 2013/09/12 00:40:36
    World News? Couldn't tell you, don't care...you should know by know all that matters is America ---The Bikers did the American thing while 21 Muslims showed up .
    The last time Australia made world news was when a Dingo ate a baby and that was about 20 years ago. Is Australia even still a country ?
  • MaryOz CAPISCE 2013/09/12 00:43:49
  • CAPISCE MaryOz 2013/09/12 00:46:17
    Do you even make Motorcycles in Australia? How about Cars? LMAO....how pathetic
  • MaryOz CAPISCE 2013/09/12 00:47:55
  • CAPISCE MaryOz 2013/09/12 00:51:25
    Listen I'm Italian but no bike compares to a Harley ---please inform me on these top notch Australian cars in such high demand ?
  • MaryOz CAPISCE 2013/09/12 00:54:15
  • Blueskys CAPISCE 2013/09/12 02:56:13
    Mary Oz is a blowhard and probably weighs 250 pounds.
    She does not know all that much, and I even doubt she is Australian.
  • MaryOz CAPISCE 2013/09/12 00:48:35
  • HOMBRE MaryOz 2013/09/12 01:19:14
    with Obama I say I cant argue.
  • MaryOz HOMBRE 2013/09/12 01:21:51
  • HOMBRE HOMBRE 2013/09/12 01:23:20
    I never blocked anybody dont believe in it
  • MaryOz CAPISCE 2013/09/12 00:44:15
  • CAPISCE MaryOz 2013/09/12 00:48:45
    Build a Motorcycle, Car or anything of note then talk to me.....Australia...lmao
    I am sure 99% of the world can not name one political Australia leader .. you know why? You are insignificant
  • MaryOz CAPISCE 2013/09/12 00:50:23
  • CAPISCE MaryOz 2013/09/12 00:52:46
    We will be fine, as usual----just need a few more years to get rid of Obama
  • MaryOz CAPISCE 2013/09/12 00:55:00
  • MaryOz MaryOz 2013/09/12 01:36:08 (edited)
  • Bobby C CAPISCE 2013/09/12 01:34:13
    Bobby C
    Hold it!
    Didn't Australia just throw out the libs? There was a conservative landslide.
  • MaryOz CAPISCE 2013/09/12 00:52:18
  • CAPISCE MaryOz 2013/09/12 00:53:30
    I see you have no idea about Motorcycles
  • MaryOz CAPISCE 2013/09/12 00:55:50
  • CAPISCE MaryOz 2013/09/12 00:58:22 (edited)
    lol---- ok-- Their are two type of bike owners, Harley Davidson and those who wish to had a Harley
    Hey tell me about these fine quality Australian cars you speak of ?
  • MaryOz CAPISCE 2013/09/12 00:59:58
  • CAPISCE MaryOz 2013/09/12 01:02:43
    --yea they are good cars...and in demand-----lmao---here in America we see a lot of them
  • MaryOz CAPISCE 2013/09/12 01:03:56
  • CAPISCE MaryOz 2013/09/12 01:05:15
    Too bad--- Harleys roar , crotch rockets sound like vacuum cleaners
  • MaryOz CAPISCE 2013/09/12 01:07:34
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