'1st term of Obama administration is over'

snipe 2010/09/02 23:14:58
By Bob Unruh

A new poll indicates that as far as accomplishments are concerned, "the first term of the Obama administration is over" because of the president's far-reaching federalization agenda that has included requirements to buy government-approved health insurance and to forbid enforcement of local laws protecting residents.

"That there is such strong opposition against the national
government on a variety of issues must be alarming to those inside the
Obama administration, in part because it creates a serious barrier they

will have to overcome should they launch an effort to repair the image

of the national government," said pollster Fritz Wenzel of Wenzel Strategies, which conducts the WND/WENZEL POLLS.

"It almost certainly eliminates any opportunity for popular support for any new national legislative initiative, such as cap and
trade. To the extent that popular support is required to pass any

sweeping new law, it is fair to surmise that the first term of the Obama

administration is over," Wenzel said.

The August WND/WENZEL Poll was conducted Aug. 13-16 with an automated technology calling a random sampling of listed telephone
numbers nationwide. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.78

percentage points.

The results show that nearly 2 of 3 Americans back a coalition of 20
states in a legal challenge to Obamacare, the president's
nationalization plan for health-care decision-making.

"The overwhelming percentage of Republicans and independents sided
with the states on this question, and nearly half of all Democrats – 46
percent – also backed the states against the feds," Wenzel said, "though

it was a Democratic president and Congress who passed the health care legislation."

On a related question, 57 percent of adults nationwide said they
support the popular vote in Missouri that called for the repeal of the
federal health care bill, Wenzel reported.

"Asked whether they support the state of Arizona or the federal government in the on-going flap over an Arizona law governing
immigration, nearly three out of four – 71 percent – said they supported

the state over the feds," Wenzel's report said. "This result comes even

though a federal judge recently invalidated, for now, the key

provisions of that new state law that would allow Arizona law

enforcement officials to enforce federal immigration law."

Dozens of other states are now in the process of considering or developing similar laws.

"Even a majority of Democrats (52 percent) sided with the state
against the feds, along with 91 percent of Republicans and 67 percent
independents," Wenzel reported.

On an issue that must raise red flags for the Obama campaign, 71
percent also "support the efforts by two states to require future
presidential candidates to produce documentation to prove their

constitutional eligibility to be president before their names would be
allowed to be placed on these state ballots," Wenzel's report said.

"Again, a majority of each partisan demographic group agreed with these initiatives by the states," the report said.

Further, 66 percent of Americans also say that Obama has been "too
aggressive" in overruling the states. Only one American in four
believes the feds should have taken a stronger position in its fights with states.

The states also are starting to reject out of hand the authority of
Washington's bureaucrats, with eight states adopting their own
versions of a "Firearms Freedom Act" that essentially tells the federal

government that guns and ammunition made, sold and used within the state

are exempt from federal licensing and limits.

"These polling results reflect a growing distrust that Americans
have about Washington and the massive federal government," Wenzel said.
"There is an overall sense that things in the nation are badly off on

the wrong track, and doubt that Washington understands the seriousness

of problems facing the country, let alone has an effective plan to deal

with them."

He said the economic turmoil certainly contributes to the distrust,
but Obama supporters still should be alarmed at what they see.


The poll shows 1 in 5 members of the Democrat Party believe Washington is "far too aggressive" against states and another 1 in 6
thinks it is "a little too aggressive. For the GOP, those two categories

totaled more than 95 percent. And it was 2 of 3 for independents.

Obama probably should look to his own flanks for those concerned
about his eligibility, as 57 percent of the Democrats strongly
or somewhat supported a plan to require presidential candidates to

document their eligibility to hold the office under constitutional

requirements. The plan earned support from 85 percent of the GOP and 68

percent of the independents.

Other recent polling revealed that 6 in 10 Americans doubt Obama's eligibility to be president.

Support came from 52 percent of the Democrats, 95 percent of the GOP and 67
percent of the independents for Arizona's battle against the feds over

its crackdown on illegal aliens.

Other points of contention between local authority and federal
regulation have included roads and the use of National Guard troops.
Western state even has on its books a $2,000 fine for a federal agent

trying to impose federal rules on a state-regulated weapon.

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  • Angel 2010/09/03 00:20:01 (edited)
    I hope they cant repair the damage, I want to see this party out of business... I am sick of the socialist agenda... the liberals are trying to destroy not only America but the Conservative at the same time... they claim to be tolerant but that is far from being true
  • snipe Angel 2010/09/03 00:24:41
    They thought they had us destroyed in '08, but because of the nut they put in office they didn't succeed.
  • Angel snipe 2010/09/03 00:29:18
    I think obama actually woke a lot of us up
  • Rodney Angel 2010/09/03 02:42:41
    He did wake us up, now they are doing all the can to silence and ignore us.
  • Angel Rodney 2010/09/03 03:49:41
    ah but it won't work will it Rodney, we are loud and proud and here to make a stand...
  • Rodney Angel 2010/09/03 06:27:49
  • julie sossaman 2010/09/03 00:02:14
    julie sossaman
    i just hope he doesnt try to become a dictator, i dont think he will go down very easy i can only hope he just goes away
  • Nauticaa 2010/09/02 23:51:15 (edited)
    I'm not really shocked that so many American's are troubled by Obama's presidency. He's a radical liberal trying to run a country of mostly conservatives. Obviously a majority of people are not going to be happy with his agenda. I have this feeling he won't want to run again in 2012.
  • RachelLord 2010/09/02 23:50:03
    He certainly left a path of destruction. I hope we can reverse it!
    path destruction hope reverse
  • mach-1 BL-106 2010/09/02 23:41:27 (edited)
    mach-1  BL-106
    Well the Progressive party sure picked a good one...LOL
    History will say this about obama
    The only way he can save his legacy is to resign!
  • Scalded... mach-1 ... 2010/09/03 01:21:11
    Scalded Eagle
    He dont care about his legacy, all he cares about is exacting as much damage as he can while he is still in office. Impeach ASAP to minimize the damage!
  • mach-1 ... Scalded... 2010/09/03 01:50:36
    mach-1  BL-106
  • Rodney mach-1 ... 2010/09/03 03:00:04
    That'll never happen, he would have to admit to being a failure and as a narcissist he could never admit he is anything less then wonderful.
  • mach-1 ... Rodney 2010/09/03 03:16:00
    mach-1  BL-106
    that is true!
  • Kim 2010/09/02 23:41:26
    I think Obama is really shocked that we all didn't just bend over and let him go at it....he really thought he would just be able to flash a smile and we would swoon...is he really that stupid?
  • snipe Kim 2010/09/02 23:56:50
    He thought the whole world would bend over for him. Most foreign Leaders are all laughing at him, also.
  • Kim snipe 2010/09/03 00:02:36
    I know and don't you know that just pisses him off...lol.
  • JT For Political Reform 2010/09/02 23:40:04
    JT For Political Reform
    Nobama nomore noway
  • technotrucker 2010/09/02 23:35:11
    Just think for a minute. If Americans would actually read, and understand the Constitution of the United States, they would see just how much the Federal Govt. has completely subverted the states own constitutions. They would finally realize how little power the Federal Govt. has over the states. They would realize that the basic obligation of the U.S. govt. is to protect the states from foreign invaders and to protect our borders. They would also realize that the U.S. govt has no authority in Education, Welfare, Immigration, Taxation of the citizens in a state, Abortion, Funding undeclared wars, Control of alcohol, tobacco or firearms, confiscation of state property, confiscation of private citizen property, or many of the other hundreds of activities that this government has it's fingers in. Maybe, just maybe, in another decade or two, the rest of this country will actually take the time to learn these things. Of course by then, we should be a third world country, overrun with illegal aliens, predominantly muslim and quite possibly under Sharia law, completely bankrupt using a world govt. currency, and being used as slave labor to make products for the Chinese to pay off the debt acrued
    by an illegal unconstitutional govt.
  • RachelLord technot... 2010/09/03 04:13:06
    You are right. I don't think any of us really know what that means. If you consider the fact that two states refused to help fight the war of 1812 because they didn't think it was a good idea, that's some power. The states have to reclaim their power by refusing to participate in this pathetic farce we call government.
  • Theresa RachelLord 2010/09/03 05:40:28 (edited)
    Well He sure picked on the Wrong State! AZ will assert It's constitutional Rights especially from a corrupt DOJ! Just watch what happens if the Fed try to enforce anything on our Sheriffs!
  • RachelLord Theresa 2010/09/03 11:55:17
    I hope so, but then they go and put mccain up for election again. Why?
  • Theresa RachelLord 2010/09/04 11:33:52
    Well McCain has name recognition and JD had a terrible campaign plus all those favors he did as a congress person did not help him either. So McCain has been working very hard to stop most of the progressives plans in the Senate. So I guess the people of AZ decided to back McCain again!
  • technot... RachelLord 2010/09/03 06:04:53
    Thank you. They have to realize that they really do have the choice. Since so many states have liberal progressives at the helm, the people that count are lost in the muck of politics. The people have to take charge, and force the State to their bidding. That is how the Republic is supposed to work.
  • keeper 2010/09/02 23:25:36
    He can not be removed from office soon enough!!
  • Andrew ~ PWCM 2010/09/02 23:19:53
    Andrew ~ PWCM
    Lets just hope it's his last term too!
  • beachbum Andrew ... 2010/09/02 23:20:26
    No kidding!
  • snipe Andrew ... 2010/09/02 23:21:08
    I hear ya!

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