14 year old conservative boy blames Obama for "Making kids gay". What is up with that?

Assassin~ Badass Buzz Guru 2012/06/06 19:44:44
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A 14-year-old conservative radio host from West Virginia recently
claimed that President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were
“making kids gay” by supporting LGBT rights.

During the May 26 broadcast of his program, Caiden Cowger said it was
“sickening” to see other kids subscribe to the “belief” that they were
gay or lesbian.

“Homosexuality is a belief,” he explained. “It is not mandatory in
that person. The person is not born that way. … It is a decision. There —
it’s getting worse where I’m at. I see younger people that is [sic]
turning out to be homosexuals — it’s equal, boy and girl both. All of
them are starting to turn to homosexuals. We’ve got about 30 — I’d say
30 teenagers in this county that I’m at that are homosexuals. And it is

just decided all the sudden, ‘I think I’m going to be gay.’ And why
they are becoming homosexuals, why they are becoming gay is because they
are being encouraged by it!” he continued. “President Obama [says],
‘It’s alright, it’s OK, you were born that way. You know what? It gets
better.’ Rather than saying, ‘You need to turn away from homosexuality.
That is a perverted belief and it is immoral and it’s not natural.’”

Read More: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2012/06/06/14-year-old-...

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  • BHGOzzy 2012/06/06 20:09:35
    The stupid: It BURNS
    Welcome to Brain Washings R' Us.

    Brought to you by Insanity Party #1 and Extremist Religious Nutjobs Pretending to be Christians.

    Someone get this kid an education before he turns into VenomFangX 2.0
    ...oh wait, too late.

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  • Rusty BHGOzzy 2012/06/07 13:50:08
    This kid is not hating on his fellow students. He is stating that he thinks they are being victimized. He cares about his fellow students. This..so called preacher you speak of is not a christian in my opinion, he is ignorant and evil for promoting such ideas.
  • bman~AVA~BTTB 2012/06/07 04:38:07
    The stupid: It BURNS
    I don't think anyone can make you gay. This sounds very bizarre to me here. Couldn't get the video to load up either. What's up with that?
  • urwutuis 2012/06/07 04:37:43
    Its true. Obama converts people to "gaydom" all the time.
    The first question would be who listens to a 14 yr old radio host?
    He's obviously not the sharpest pencil in the box but it demonstrates the power of propaganda and the stupidity that's rampant in America.
  • dvd 2012/06/07 04:37:09
  • BHGOzzy dvd 2012/06/07 06:27:20
    And Bill Clinton was named by Newsweek as America's First Black President.

    Did you forget about that?
  • dvd BHGOzzy 2012/06/07 18:23:20
  • rightside 2012/06/07 04:27:12
    Awwwww what IS this....
    The video isn't there anymore and I question the fact that it was real. Sounds like a scam to me.
    Just another lwnj trying to spread lies and stir the crap,
  • SK-pro ... rightside 2012/06/07 04:41:55 (edited)
    SK-pro impeachment
    I watched it the other day on Youtube. the kid is a conservative and very smart on many issues. it was legit. C'mon, why do you think Youtube yanked it?
  • BHGOzzy SK-pro ... 2012/06/07 06:28:19
    Oh yes because YouTube yanks "good godfearing Conservatives that never harmed nobody" all the time, you know, like PPSimmons and VenomFangX (yet they've yet to yank NephillimFree, how odd)
  • rightside SK-pro ... 2012/06/07 21:52:58
    I just figured it was this bloggers exaggeration and trying to make fun of a kid.
  • SK-pro ... rightside 2012/06/08 02:05:15
    SK-pro impeachment
  • exhon2009 rightside 2012/06/07 05:43:04
    and picking on a 14 year old boy to boot.
  • BHGOzzy rightside 2012/06/07 06:27:37
    It's real, and should still be there... how odd.
  • Dawn Jacquelyn 2012/06/07 04:26:31
    If Obama makes you gay, you were gay already.
    Dawn Jacquelyn
    Nobody MAKES another person gay. If he/she brings it out in you, it was there already. This 14-yr old kid sounds like he comes from ultra-zealous, ignorant bible-thumpers.
  • JJ 2012/06/07 04:25:07
    Awwwww what IS this....
    For ANYONE to suggest homosexuality is not wrong may influence minds that could be set up to do wrong. Why? Because of insecurity, not being taught that it's wrong, having NO religious upbringing, hanging with those that are already influenced, etc. But, at the same time, they have a choice...to go ahead with it or not. They don't have to be influenced, its their choice.
  • Dawn Ja... JJ 2012/06/07 04:28:06
    Dawn Jacquelyn
    It's neither wrong nor right. It's just a fact of life and everyone needs to be aware of that. You included.
  • JJ Dawn Ja... 2012/06/07 15:02:01
    Dawn, the fact of life is that homosexuality has been around for eons, but that doesn't make it right. And I'm very much aware that its here, but do not accept it. I have met some nice ones and somes very mean ones and the one thing I've learned about most all of them,is they hate the word, NO! If they don't make an effort to change, there is going to be someone that's going to say NO back and its going to scare the hell out of them...that time is soon coming.

    I do not hate them... at all, in fact I pray for then all the time because God wants them in his kingdom, but not as homosexuals...this is sin.
  • L Brown 2012/06/07 04:22:39
    The stupid: It BURNS
    L Brown
    What a joke. Poor little brainwahed doofus.
  • Farnsworth L Brown 2012/06/07 04:39:02
    I know, when will you break your programming?
  • BHGOzzy Farnsworth 2012/06/07 06:29:39
    Bite My Shiny Metal Ass
    Couldn't help it :D
  • JERSEYDUDE 2012/06/07 04:21:57 (edited)
    If Obama makes you gay, you were gay already.
    the more being gay is accepted the more gay people will come out of the woodwork and more gay men will stop pretending to be straight living straight lives
  • Mike 2012/06/07 04:12:13
    Awwwww what IS this....
    another brain washed conservative. It's to bad conservative thinking requires no thinking..
  • Farnsworth 2012/06/07 04:01:27
    Awwwww what IS this....
    Is not Obama pushing the gay agenda?

    Is the school systems pushing homosexuality as a "normal" choice?

    homosexuality is always shown in a positive light and heterosexuality as negative. The kid is talking about "programming". Good for him, he's hasn't bought into the propaganda.

    Good for him, glad he has a radio show.

    PS: your answer choices show your bias.
  • Brendan... Farnsworth 2012/06/07 04:04:46
    Brendan Mcdonald
    The irony still at the stuff you say and who you made you character on here Farnsworth from Futurama have you even watched that show?.
  • Farnsworth Brendan... 2012/06/07 04:07:55
    Yes, I've watched the show Skippy. Shouldn't you be out in NYC mugging someone?
  • SK-pro ... Farnsworth 2012/06/07 04:44:30
    SK-pro impeachment
    He should be since his English doesn't look like it will get him very far. LOL
  • Farnsworth SK-pro ... 2012/06/07 04:47:28
    he's to busy taking pictures of himself. Conceded.....
  • SK-pro ... Farnsworth 2012/06/07 04:57:32
  • Brendan... Farnsworth 2012/06/07 19:58:48
    Brendan Mcdonald
    Yea unlike some people i dont need to hide behind a cartoon and a fake name :)
  • Farnsworth Brendan... 2012/06/07 21:26:41
    You should reconsider, cops may be looking for you
  • Brendan... Farnsworth 2012/06/08 20:52:45
    Brendan Mcdonald
    Your statement may say more about you then me.
  • Farnsworth Brendan... 2012/06/08 21:01:11
  • Brendan... Farnsworth 2012/06/07 04:45:51
    Brendan Mcdonald
    Shouldn't you be in your outhouse kissing your cousin?
  • Farnsworth Brendan... 2012/06/07 04:46:50
    your mom would get jealous.
  • Brendan... Farnsworth 2012/06/07 04:50:11
    Brendan Mcdonald
    My mothers been gone for almost a year now but nice try.
  • Farnsworth Brendan... 2012/06/07 07:09:08
  • BHGOzzy Farnsworth 2012/06/07 06:30:36
    Skippy? Sounds like a word NephillimFree uses. You're not him, are you?
  • Farnsworth BHGOzzy 2012/06/07 07:08:33
  • BHGOzzy Farnsworth 2012/06/07 07:12:01
    Okay, good. Thanks. That actually reassured me.
  • Rodney Farnsworth 2012/06/07 05:31:19
    We're on the same wave length there Professor. Different words, but same meaning.

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