101 things to do when you're bored in class

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  • Devise a secret code with your friends then hand in the homework in that code
  • Continually ask questions so that the professor can’t give homework
  • Answer the teacher’s questions in slow motion
  • Answer questions only with one wordScream random words without anybody noticing it’s you
    Continuously yawn until everyone is yawning

  • Ask your professor personal questions
  • Every time the professor finishes talking clap
  • Eat paper
  • Talk very fast
  • Call the professor “Mom” or “Dad”
  • Count your hair
  • Talk with an accent
  • Answer questions in a different language
  • Fake spasms
  • Pretend to be scared of everything
  • Draw cartoon characters of your classmates or of the professors
  • Quote Family Guy
  • Write out plan on how to conquer the world
  • Pretend to Choke
  • Pretend to be drunk
  • Tap your feet on the ground loudly
  • Raise your hand for every question your teacher asks you but answer “oh i forgot”
  • Pretend to slip
  • Wink at the teacher
  • Wink at random people
  • Smack your thigh and smile at the people who look at you
  • Smile the whole lesson
  • When the teacher enters the room give a low bow
  • Pretend to sleep and snore loudly
  • Drop your pen and say “accio”
  • Ask your teacher where the potions room is
  • Ask the teacher where he/she is
  • Fake Fart Sounds
  • Ask the teacher for his/her phone number
  • Spill you pencil case/box on the floor
  • Pretend to be sick
  • Pretend to have photographic memory
  • Fake flashbacks
  • Tell people “I’m Pregnant”
  • Ask out the teacher
  • Repeat movie lines
  • Pretend you are Harry Potter and your scar hurts
  • Sing your favourite song
  • Twitter the whole lesson
  • Pretend to be Indian
  • Write a love note to the teacher
  • Talk to yourself
  • Snort Eraser dust
  • When the teacher enters the room Scream “next”
  • When the Teacher enters the room ask for a refund
  • On your assignments write very small or extremely big
  • Act like a nerd
  • Pull a “Michael Jackson”
  • Put some red ink on a ruler, then slash your wrists with it so people think you cut yourself
  • Talk in slang
  • Get into a fight with yourself
  • Pretend you are a gangster
  • Pretend you are high
  • Bring a bag of flour to school and on your desk make lines of flour and attempt to snort them
  • Once the teacher enters the room get the whole class to sing the national anthem
  • Act high
  • Stare at one object in the classroom for one lesson
  • Rate the teacher
  • Pretend you are “Susan Boyle” and sing “I Dream a Dream
  • Touch a Plug and pretend to get electrocuted
  • Fart
  • Sleep
  • Make odd animal noises
  • Act like an undercover spy
  • Write down everything the teacher says while repeating what they say
  • Laugh Stupidly for no reason
  • Act as if you were blind
  • Sit on the floor and beg for money
  • Think of the best excuses for being late/ not handing in your homework
  • Lick your stationary seductively while staring at a person
  • Begin Cussing at your self
  • Talk in gangster rap
  • Challenge your teacher to a rap battle
  • Pretend to chew gum
  • Point out the window and say “LOOK EVERYBODY SPIDERMAN” once every one looks say “oh too late he’s gone now”
  • Write a love note and leave it on the chair when you change period
  • Play an air guitar
  • Throw paper airplanes
  • Say random facts about people
  • Go up to someone you have never talked to before then tell them “i have this problem for years now i can’t take it anymore”
  • Narrate your life
  • Beat box
  • Whistle at random things
  • Count random things
  • Pass notes to people you have no interest in
  • Ask personal details about people you would never have talked to
  • Play your favorite song in your head
  • Think of what the teacher’s life was like
  • Rhyme the last words of everybody’s sentences
  • Play paper football
  • Search in your bag/binder for things you don’t have
  • Attempt to Find Nemo
  • Take some take and give yourself a waxing
  • Find a better thing to do than find 100 things to do when bored
    101. Walk up to the front of the room and attempt to moonwalk and say, "Can't touch this!"
  • You!
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    • Erika 2013/01/01 14:50:48
      hmm.how about 102.If you are a dude,tell the proffeser you are pregnant.
    • HaileyHow? 2010/08/27 20:49:00
      lol nicee
    • ~•JęššįçãKøtęwã•~(Drøwñįñg)
      Just stare at the professor. *Stare* Hehehehehehehehe.
    • Marlicat 2010/08/13 23:28:12

      I'm printing this out and carrying it around with me in my purse, and I'm DEFINITELY doing some of these.
    • rockstar3m5 2010/08/06 15:15:24
    • Catgirl 2010/08/02 23:01:35
      i have wrote poeple notes and left it in the chair :) never got anything back, but it was kinda funny i guess...
    • katieheart 2010/08/02 18:46:05
      oh man im gonna have to try some of these and im going to a new schoolnext year so i should try them lol

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