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10-Year-Old Saudi Child Bride Forced to Return to 80-Year-Old Husband

- After hiding at her aunt’s home for 10 days, a 10-year-old Saudi Arabian child bride was forced by her father to return to her 80-year-old husband on Sunday.

The husband, who denies being 80 in spite of family claims, has accused the aunt of meddling in his affairs. He had been engaged to the young girl’s older sister. After the sister bro... Read full article »
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  • Chris fed up 2009/08/28 14:13:31
    Seriously, in this country it is the white Christian males that tend to commit child sexual assaults and molestations (not saying there are not others of other races and religions, but I am saying your comment is null and void because these happenings are not exclusive to religions outside of Christianity and outside of this country...
  • Hammer Chris 2009/08/31 12:58:11
    No but here those are NOT the normal. We also prosecute those that are caught. Nor is it government sanctioned
  • Chris Hammer 2009/09/03 13:15:01
    It's not the norm anywhere...if it was this wouldn not be such a huge story...matter of fact, child abuduction and and molestation occurs more often in this country than the countires you speak of and the lesser developed countires that are involved in human traffiking are involved because the demand in our country and Erupoean countries (where ther's money) makes it a profitable business...Sorry, it being illegal in this country does NOT stop it from happening
  • Chaz Chris 2009/09/03 13:17:45 (edited)
    why do you try to beat up the u.s. how do you know these facts. It's not illegal in most other countries.
    there you a good like so don't say in not commen they get $500 on top of that from the goverment
  • Chris Chaz 2009/09/09 16:33:16 (edited)
    It's my job to know these facts. I work with youth, criminal offenders etc. Why do you wear rose colored glasses? I am proud to be an American but I don't turn a blind eye to wrongdoings in this country or by this country...that's the worst kind of treason.
  • Chaz Chris 2009/09/09 16:41:38
    roes colored glasses? what is that mean
  • Hammer Chris 2009/09/03 13:36:00
    Sorry to toss you under the bus (NOT)
    But it IS the NORM where Sharia Law is practiced which is why it's not reported. Simple truth is nobody reports a 'Non-Crime'. If I live on a street with a 35 mile an hour speed limit why call a cop to report someone driving 34 mph.
    A society that holds reverance to a man they consider to have done no wrong(Mohammed) whom had an eight year old wife. Why would they then not think it's OK to have a 10 yr old bride?
  • Chaz Hammer 2009/09/03 14:01:06
    i think he has some deep issue's himself how can you ever defened this like its normal
  • Chris Chaz 2009/09/09 16:42:17
    I am sorry, but Hammer is the one who is suggsting it is the norm...I am suggesting it is not.
  • Chris Hammer 2009/09/09 16:38:45
    Your rationale is extremely flawed...just because some people practice it in an area does NOT make it the norm. Most of the child pehophiles in this country are white, hetrosexual males. So, with your logic than, it is the norm for white, hetro sexual males to be penohiles. I mean that's the logic you are throwing out there. Most peopel do not subscribe to children getting married at the age of 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12...The norm is to wait until they are older, that is the NORM.
  • Hammer Chris 2009/09/09 16:49:51
    Show me a western or far eastern government that sanctions a child to be married to a grown man. In any society that considers children being married to an adult a abomanation that society has laws PROHIBITING the activity. However any society that allows this activity to be legal and governments supporting such activity than THAT society has determined such actions as acceptable behavior.
  • Guyupstairs 2009/08/28 13:54:13 (edited)
    I would comment here on this, but do not want some bleeding heart liberal to say I am being mean to an 80 year old pervert.
  • Chaz Guyupst... 2009/08/28 14:25:51
    look above
  • Chris Chaz 2009/08/28 14:45:08
  • Chaz Chris 2009/08/28 15:05:37
  • Chris Guyupst... 2009/08/28 14:32:10
    No bleeding heart but don't think this is soemthing that doesnot happen here.
  • Hammer 2009/08/28 13:50:00
    In a land that follows a religion founded by a PEDOPHILE. Is this really so shocking. The whole middle-east is Pedo-central. But alass it's Islam coming to a neighborhood near YOU.

    Better watch your daughters because the Federal governments letting millions into the country every year. Plus REFUSING to prosecute the one already here.
  • Chris Hammer 2009/08/28 14:19:13 (edited)
    Open your eyes pedophiles are already in your neighborhoods in this country and they are not of the Islamic faith, they are Christians...I am myself am Christian as probably are you. being Christian or being Islamic is not a predeterminder of becomming a pedophile...
  • Hammer Chris 2009/08/31 12:55:35 (edited)
    Never said it was. However pedophile activity IS sanctioned by Islamic governments. Also ther is not disputing Islam was started by a pedophile. In case you missed it Mohammed had an eight-year old wife. Can you site even one example of any other faith or (religion) throughout history with that type of pedigree?
  • Chris Hammer 2009/09/03 13:17:10
    Again, it does not matter. Those of the Christian faith participate in this act as much as any other religion...marriage isn't the issue, the sexual happenings is.

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