1- 5 How do You Rate the GOP Candidates' Performance in the South Carolina Debate? 1 is best 5 is worst.

safari 2012/01/17 04:28:18
Presidential Candidates 2012
Without reflecting on your preferences of candidate and limited to what was said in this debate how would you rate them? And Why?

imho - I'm going Newt, Perry, Santorum, Mitt, Paul (Clarification - how they did not who I favor necessarily)

1 Newt got a standing ovation when he said that unlike obama the candidates actually think work is good. He handed Juan William's @ to him in a hand basket when he played the race baiting card. Juan - Low Ball, Newt - HOMERUN

2 Perry came on better than I've ever seen him. He made sure people knew about his job creating score card and as someone tweeted, while the other candidates were answering questions about guns, he slipped off stage and shot two coyotes.

3, Santorum sounded strong, forceful and put Mitt on the spot more than once. He also took on the NDAA with references to how it should have been changed to protect citizens.

4 Mitt made a good point about putting an end to Pac Ads but that is so much less important than the fact that he said he would have signed the NDAA bill as is and doesn't think Obama would abuse the power it grants against citizens.

5 Paul seemed off tonight and out of his element much of the time. His points became lost in his lengthy answers. He even got booed for mentioning the golden rule!
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  • Kane Fernau 2012/01/17 05:46:06
    Kane Fernau
    Newt won the debate. I wish Perry would have had his shit together from the start. Paul didn't come across very well. S. Carolina is not New Hampshire. Mitt or Santorum didn't hurt themselves.

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  • BwaHa 2012/01/27 19:31:43 (edited)
    1-Newt- Succinct, on the mark answers. Devoured Juan Williams.

    2-Santorum- Stronger than usual. Made Romney squirm. Appreciated his candor.

    3-Romney- overconfident at first then like a deer in the headlights. Not prepared.

    4-Perry- I thought he was shaky. Not sure of himself and redundant.

    5-Paul- All over the place and really just not coming across as electable.

    This is also how I felt they did and not necessarily who I prefer.
  • Marty9957 2012/01/22 20:17:07
    I would vote them in the same order as listed. Newt has been my choice since I started making it a point to listen to him speak on C-SPAN at every opportunity and on all subjects important to our Constitution and our way of life.

    Obama will have to be forced fed history and maybe even given some if not all of the questions ahead of the debates with Newt so he can study up on them. With Newt, the answers just naturally come flowing out. We get to see just how much of an intellectual Obama really is. I can't wait.
  • david shiel 2012/01/19 09:33:35
    david shiel
    I rate them al but one gone.
  • jesse 2012/01/18 04:09:37 (edited)
    1 Paul ,the only issue he did not win with me is right to work!
    What is a nation that BOOOs the Ten Commandments?
    2 The rest is like being in a chicken house!
  • Katfish 2012/01/17 17:54:44
    The vast majority of politicians don't really have strong beleifs, they gather plans from large donors, coorporate support and lobbyists. Then their job is to "sell" or "market" those ideas to the people. They are essentially "salespersons"
    I have a personal distain for sales/marketing in general for not really providing a good or service.
    Look at a college debate competition, where the competitors position is drawn at random(out of a hat, so to speak). A good debater disregards or possibly lacks entirely, personal principles.
    In political strategy, the positions are not drawn at random but carefully chosen by the powerful elite and sold to the people by the politician.
    There is one candidate that is not particulary good at sales or debate that happens to hold very strong principles of limited government, strong national defense, individual liberty and rule of law (The Constitution). My results are based on this, not "whose the best debater".
    1. Ron Paul

    2. Santorum
    3. Tie for third for the rest.
  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2012/01/17 17:19:07
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    I think Newt won this one, Romney a close second, with Santorum and Perry at third. Paul looked weak and out of touch.
    South Carolina is largely evangelical and stung on military and the audience reflected that - No matter who wins in SC, I think Florida may be the one that gives a clear front runner and, perhaps, the nominee.
  • Marie 2012/01/17 15:12:33
    None of them really stand out! Wish Mitch had run! Mitch
  • Dave**Gay for Girls** 2012/01/17 14:55:35
  • Mrs. maggot 2012/01/17 14:27:11
    Mrs. maggot
    I agree with you!
  • safari Mrs. ma... 2012/01/17 14:36:59
    Thanks for your input Ms Maggot. :)
  • Mrs. ma... safari 2012/01/17 14:41:55
    Mrs. maggot
    Your welcome, I am not a big Newt supporter, but I really did enjoy watching him take Juan Williams to task...I was disappointed in Juan for inserting race into so many of his questions, seems beneath him.
  • safari Mrs. ma... 2012/01/17 14:43:52
    He must have got the memo from Holder... ( who got the memo from obama )
  • Jackie ... Mrs. ma... 2012/01/17 17:20:37
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    I thought that at first but then reflected that this may as well come out now because it surely will later.
  • jams 2012/01/17 12:33:38
    A field day for anti-capitalist Perry, and for the anti-abortionists. Ultimately meaningless since we will remain a capitalist country with a court system.

    A liars festival in front of a crowd that only cares about anti-aborition and blaming someone else for their lack of success.
  • JessyBear 2012/01/17 11:33:55
    1 Newt got a standing ovation - and yes he won the debate - when he said that unlike obama the candidates actually think work is good. I think he opened up a conversation that we all want to talk about and forget the PC

    2 Sentorum came in second. God I loved it when he handed it tor Romeny about the ad. I also loved it when he spoke about Obamas policy's that are actually hurting poor black girls - something that needed to be said and is the truth.

    3 Perry - I thought he had one of this best nights ever - I love the limited congress idea - give them less time to mess things up - I'm also for flat tax so it works for me.

    4 Mitts only really good point was the Pac Ads comments at the end. He is a flip floper and I really don't rust him.made a good point about putting an end to Pac Ads but that is so much less important than the fact that he said he would have signed the NDAA bill as is and doesn't think Obama would abuse the power it grants against citizens.

    5 Paul - agreed Paul seemed off , I get lost in his answers since they never stay on point. I found the results of the tweets interesting - he must of had a bunch of people just plugging for him. It just shows how radical they are - there was hardly a reason for that .

    Overall I hope either Newt or Sentorum drop out before SC - that would be a sure win for the other. As it stands Mitt might take it and I would hate that.
  • safari JessyBear 2012/01/17 14:40:13
    Thanks!!! I hope neither drop out as well. I felt like we learned a lot about them last night. I had a hard time picking between Santorum and Perry for second - but finally went with Perry because he had the greatest improvement.
  • JessyBear safari 2012/01/17 14:45:23
    I'm actually hoping that one of them drop out so that the other can take the lead. If perry and rick drop - Newt wins SC - If newt and perry grop Rick wins SC - I just want one of these two to win. I do not want Mitt - he is the GOP insider and a progressive much like OBama - he will be all for big govt and big business - not the back bone of America small business and blue collar workers.
  • safari JessyBear 2012/01/17 17:15:09
    I have a feeling neither will drop out before this race - possibly before FL - but FL is a biggie - if I were a candidate I'd pour myself into FL race and hold out until then. After that I'm thinking we might lose a couple.
  • JessyBear safari 2012/01/17 20:44:45
    I agree with you - but that might just give SC to Mitt - and I'm hate that..... I guess the only hope might be if Newt and Rick - take first and second - that would be great. But I might just be dreaming a bit to much.
  • Alphalily 2012/01/17 07:32:35
    Watched !! Had to be the most interesting to date....O.K. according to performance they all did really well . Even Ron Paul explained his policy better than usual . I guess I would have to give Newt the first place on this . He debated well tonight---getting into the explanation of his work ethics . His message seemed to resonate well with the public and he scored points. I would give Perry second place .It is a shame he did not come on this strong in the beginning Third went to Santorum because he was anti-NDAA. Mitt ,fourth, because he said he would have signed that NDAA bill, and Ron Paul was confused on a few issues...
  • safari Alphalily 2012/01/17 08:44:35
    Hi thanks very much for your input. Looks like we happen to agree on the order. I agree it might be the best debate yet. It certainly knocks the last one ran by the All barack Channel
  • Christine/Rest in peace Pet... 2012/01/17 07:24:38
    Christine/Rest in peace Peter Br
    Based on what they had to say, I was pleased with Newt and Gov. Perry. Although I liked some of what Rommey had to say, I did not like his acceptance of NDAA and his statement that Obama would not abuse it. I do not like that law being in the hands of any president, because sooner or later it will be abused.

    Although Ron Paul did have some good ideas, once again I did not care for comments concerning foreign policy, and he came across as smart alec in a couple of statements. I think he was making an attempt at humor, but it did not come across that way.

    Gov Perry did well, and I think that unfortunately he has improved too late in the game to pick up the votes. It is too bad that he did not find his footing until the last couple of weeks

    Santorum and Romney both had some good remarks, but did not excite me in this debate. I would vote for either of them in a general election though.
  • Christi... Christi... 2012/01/17 07:34:33 (edited)
    Christine/Rest in peace Peter Br
    I can tell you my opinion of who the real loser was and that was Juan Williams. More than once he tried to make his questions racially bated. I am glad that the audience let him know they knew what he was doing. Sometimes I have respect for him dispite being diifferent idealogies, tonight I did not.
  • safari Christi... 2012/01/17 08:46:11
    I totally agree. He actually turned that into a win for Newt - which I am sure he didn't see coming. lol
  • Marie Christi... 2012/01/17 15:18:22
  • Marie Christi... 2012/01/18 14:29:14
  • safari Christi... 2012/01/17 08:45:41
    Thanks - I would vote for either of them also and I still stick by they all look awesome next to obama.
  • DefendnProtect 2012/01/17 06:29:31 (edited)
    Newt was the best debater. Too bad I'm ultimately interested in incorruptible sound policy. So Ron Paul ended first again by just showing up.

    Ranking among the rest is not so clear for me (except I know Gingrich is very very corruptible and Romney is the born flipflopper).

    Here is a maybe offensive ad.
  • safari Defendn... 2012/01/17 06:49:02
    That isn't "too bad"
  • Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel 2012/01/17 06:23:51
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    Newt won followed by Perry, Santorum, Romney, Paul.
  • safari Annie~P... 2012/01/17 06:49:17
    wow we agree! :) lol
  • Marie Annie~P... 2012/01/17 15:19:21
    Wish Perry could start all over again!
  • Annie~P... Marie 2012/01/24 09:17:58
    Annie~Pro American~Pro Israel
    Me too Marie!
  • Dagon 2012/01/17 06:09:40
  • safari Dagon 2012/01/17 06:49:44
    Agree they are all awesome especially next to Obama.
  • Dagon safari 2012/01/17 13:20:28
  • safari Dagon 2012/01/17 14:41:34
    I think we haven't even begun to see the number of ads he will put out in mass - topped off by his how I killed Bin Laden movie set to appear right before the election! I am so glad I don't watch TV or movies... lol
  • Marie safari 2012/01/17 15:04:44
  • safari Marie 2012/01/17 17:16:15
    I know!

    But to hear obummer tell it ...
  • Dagon safari 2012/01/17 15:34:46

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