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BlueMax372 2012/01/10 01:53:50

PALM BEACH, Fla. – While polls across America show Barack Obama in a tight race for president with potential Republican nominees, top-rated radio host Rush Limbaugh doesn’t think the outcome of the race will even be close.

“If the election were today, it would be a landslide loss,” Limbaugh said this afternoon. “Let me define landslide: five to seven points. It’d be big. It would be huge.”

“Make no mistake about it,” he continued. “Of this I am as confident as anything. I know it’s not reflected anywhere else in the media and it’s not reflected too many other places in conservative media. But I’m telling you, he’s toast. Just as Jimmy Carter was toast, and nobody knew it until election night [in 1980].

Limbaugh cited Gallup polling about Obama’s personal approval ratings among voters, and he says the forecast is not bright for the president.

“Forty-two percent approve, 49 disapprove. Among white people, Obama is down to 35 percent approval. In 2008, he had 43 percent of the white vote. Among Hispanic people, Obama is at 46 percent, down from 67 percent. By age group, Obama is at 47 percent approval among voters under 30. In 2008, he got 66 percent of their vote. … I mean he’s plummeting, folks. He has been in a downward spiral for two years and it continues.”

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  • Ken 2012/01/15 06:49:03
    Sounds good to me.
  • gr8punkin 2012/01/10 15:14:13
    I do hope Rush is right, and there is a lot of evidence to support what he is saying. I just don't want to take it for granted.
  • Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA 2012/01/10 13:26:17
    Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA
    True. I know a few obaaaaama voters who will NOT vote for him again. One even told me that he made a mistake.
  • modernminuteman 2012/01/10 12:01:01
    music to my ears. rush has right on when it comes to obama from the start when it was not popular and he took a lot of heat for telling the truth. the media demonizes him just like they demonize anyone who does not drink the coolaid.
  • Red Buckeye 2012/01/10 09:10:23
    Red Buckeye
    El Rushbo is correct...as usual. Barry Soetoro/Obama is going down to a humiliating defeat next year...and I'm going to enjoy it to no end! He was hired because he's black and he will be fired because he's inept, stupid, and incompetent.
  • SK-pro impeachment 2012/01/10 05:24:52
    SK-pro impeachment
    The only way it would be close is if he cheats like a mofo. otherwise i have to believe it will be a landslide victory for the Republican party.
  • RastaFan 2012/01/10 05:10:45
    Maybe, but to take it for granted is nuts.

    Obama needs to slapped down hard, back-handed and stripped of his robes, shaken by the scruff of his neck and thrown out the window, bounced across the lawn, tossed over the fence, shoved out into the street, ass-kicked all the way off the block and pummeled with stones until he's as far over the edge of the world as can be seen.

    Maybe, just maybe if we're lucky we can repair the insane damage he's done to us.
  • Lisa 2012/01/10 04:55:43
    Rush is right!
  • wtw 2012/01/10 04:42:04
    For the good of the country I hope Rush is right but there is a lot of ignorant people who think that another 5 trillion in deficit spending is ok and that we need to remain oil dependent is good, a larger government is good and a bankrupting medical plan for our country is good!
  • woodstock 2012/01/10 02:24:30
    Right on Rush.....Obama is melting away like a chocolate drop in a summer noon day sun.
  • redhorse29 2012/01/10 02:22:53
    Be careful and watchful. It is never good to believe to much of what Rush says. Remember he is first an entertainer and been known to be vastly wrong in the past. I hope he is right and will be happy to apologize .
  • BlueMax372 redhorse29 2012/01/10 02:28:44
    "Vastly wrong in the past?" Could you provide some examples?
  • abubincrazy 2012/01/10 02:22:32
    I am inclined to agree with Rush.
    The THINKING public, the ones who vote, know what an anti-American disaster Obama is.
    He's pro-muslim, ant-Christian, pro-socialist, anti-Capitalist.
    He is a NIGHTMARE.
  • cynsity 2012/01/10 02:22:03
    I am so depressed by our choices this go around and its hard to wear me down, but I worry that there are more like me than not and even though I will hold my nose nad vote out obama I think many are just going to skip elections this year and with the political adds already getting annoying....
    I hope rush is right but its going to be a long trying 11 months.
  • Rabbit 2012/01/10 02:10:29
    At this point, I don't think he could buy himself another 4 years.

    Obama no more years
  • Striker 2012/01/10 02:00:18
    This charade goes on until November. Obama has a huge war-chest and we'll see many tricks come from his sleeve. Meanwhile, anything can happen.
  • BlueMax372 Striker 2012/01/10 02:03:04
    If the election were to be held today, 0v0mit would lose in a landslide to Jimmy Carter!
  • Striker BlueMax372 2012/01/10 02:10:59
    Eleven months till V-day, if we even get that far.
  • abubinc... BlueMax372 2012/01/10 02:26:56
    Carter is a former brave sub-mariner.
    In the Navy they say 100 sailors go down, 50 couples come back up.
    Where was I again?
    Oh yeah, Obama sucks, but probably not as well as Carter.
  • U-Dog 2012/01/10 01:59:25 (edited)
    Yeah I think his high azz might want to do a recount after the way he pissed on Ron Paul libertarian/conservatives today.
  • keeper 2012/01/10 01:58:01
    I may not like much of what Rush says, but I do like this one!

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