0bama campaign of lies continues: "Republican women" exposed as Democrat operatives

RJ~PWCM~JLA 2012/08/26 11:27:08
0bama is a Democrat, of course he's a fraud
0bama is my Lord and Savior
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(Like the people who call conservative talk shows saying "I'm a Republican but ...", but then bash every Republican in sight, the 0bama campaign has engaged in the same juvenile, fraudulent tactic!)


Although the ad got a lot of playtime on MSNBC Friday, a recent so-called “Republican women for Obama” video advertisement has turned out to be a disingenuous campaign ploy.

That ad, posted on the official Barack Obama campaign YouTube page on Friday, claimed to show a group of women that had previously voted Republican but later abandoned the party because they felt it went too far to the right, leaving them no alternative but to vote for President Barack Obama this November.

The problem is, so far two of these women have been shown to be Democrats who had previously supported Obama.

First pointed out by Zeke Miller of Buzzfeed, one of the featured actors in the video, Maria Ciano had been a registered Democrat since October 2006, according to Colorado voter registration records.

John Hinderaker of Powerline took it a step further and investigated Ciano’s Facebook page and found some of her Facebook “likes” fall under many left-on-center causes:

  • Democracy For America
  • Tar Sands Action
  • Amy Goodman
  • Barack Obama
  • Costoftaxcuts.com
  • Being Liberal
  • MoveOn.org
  • Bernie Sanders Tells You A Secret the GOP Would Rather You Didn’t Know
  • Miss Piggy Delivers the Best Takedown of Fox News We’ve Seen All Month
  • Think Progress
  • The Best Quote From Barack Obama We’ve Seen This Week
  • Dow and Monsanto Join Forces to Poison America’s Heartland
  • Climate Reality
  • Grist.org
  • The Amazing Victory Scored With Obama That More People Should Be Talking About
  • The Sierra Club
  • The Buffett Rule
  • Obama For America–Colorado
  • UniteWomen.org
  • Denver Young Democrats
  • Obamacare
  • Latinos For Obama
  • Michelle Obama
  • Veterans For Obama
  • I Love It When I Wake Up In the Morning and Obama Is President
  • Obama Truth Team
  • Democratic Party

But Hinderaker also discovered that Ciano’s mother, Delia Ciano is another one of the women in the ad, who also has a history of pro-Obama support on her Facebook as well.

Read More: http://dailycaller.com/2012/08/25/two-in-republica...

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  • Elaine Magliacane 2012/08/26 13:42:14
    0bama is a Democrat, of course he's a fraud
    Elaine Magliacane
    As a member of the National Federation of Republican women... I can assure you Republican Women DO NOT support Obama.

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  • OneOfTheAmericanPeople 2012/09/07 01:03:42
    0bama is my Lord and Savior
    I am an OBAMA-BOT!
  • ehrhornp 2012/08/28 02:23:11
    0bama is my Lord and Savior
    At least when compared to the competition which is nothing more than socialists for the rich who actively want to transfer wealth from the middle class to the rich. Worked out so well in the past. lol
  • RJ~PWCM... ehrhornp 2012/08/28 11:09:05
    "transfer wealth from the middle class to the rich"

    Yep, that's the problem!

    eye roll
  • ehrhornp RJ~PWCM... 2012/08/28 15:21:15
    All one needs to do is look at the distribution of income since WWII. From WWII to Uncle Ron all income classes rose proportionately. Since uncle Ron the rich has gotten a lot richer while the middle class has basically stayed the same. Why do you think this country is in such a mess? Tell me who is going to continue buying when they don't have the money to spend? It is a shame you phony conservatives believe in socialism for the rich.
  • RJ~PWCM... ehrhornp 2012/09/08 10:46:24
    Please tell me what mechanism is used to literally *transfer* wealth from the middle class and *give* it to the rich?
  • ehrhornp RJ~PWCM... 2012/09/08 16:51:43
    Mitt's tax plan. There was an analysis of it that indicated that the average middle class tax payer will pay 2000 more while the very rich pay thousands less.

    Mitt is for doing away with the estate tax. This will relieve the very rich of much tax liability. The middle class however who generally is not subject to estate taxes will become subject to capital gains on inherited property. The step up valuation will also be gone. In my case when my mother died, we would be looking at capital gains on $800000. The increased value of her home over 50 years. This doesn't even mention the capital gains on the stocks she owned.
  • RJ~PWCM... ehrhornp 2012/09/08 17:48:52
    Taxes do not transfer anything. They take from the payers and give to the government.

    Your belief that enabling people to keep more of their money by taxing them less constitutes a "transfer" is incorrect.
  • ehrhornp RJ~PWCM... 2012/09/08 17:55:22
    lol, no it is not. You phony conservatives love to ignore the fact that up to Uncle ron, all income groups rose proportionately while after uncle ron, the Rich got richer and the middle class stayed stagnant.

    Taxes provide the funds to run government. Now I am the first to admit that gov. wastes tons of money specifically on the military industrial complex and the war on drugs. But as long as the majority of Americans want to waste this money, not much can be done except to make sure taxes are fairly collected and deficits are reduced.
  • RJ~PWCM... ehrhornp 2012/09/08 17:59:12
    You didn't address what I said at all.

    And your name-calling - "You phony conservatives" - indicates you're not capable of having a serious discussion. Stop bothering me.
  • ehrhornp RJ~PWCM... 2012/09/08 18:07:05
    When one group has to pay more taxes so that others can pay less, yes that is a transfer of wealth. I only call present day so called conservatives phony conservatives because they have broken every foundation of traditional conservatism. For your info these include:

    Fiscal responsibility
    State and individual rights.
    No to nation building.
  • Iamfree 2012/08/27 20:11:55
    0bama is a Democrat, of course he's a fraud
    Democrats crack me up. They regularly trot out people like this who have stories that are so simple to debunk. It's like they just don't believe anyone is going to check. In years past, they would be right...the MSM gave them passes for years. But the new media can and will speak up. This is hilarious.
  • rightside 2012/08/27 14:05:46
    0bama is a Democrat, of course he's a fraud
    Desperation! bama's scared.
  • HOMBRE 2012/08/27 13:53:47 (edited)
  • Scandalf 2012/08/27 07:58:31
    0bama is my Lord and Savior
    The unknown birth, the promise of Change.
    Obama is Nyarlathotep! And will change this World forever!
    Hail Nyarlathotep! God of a 1000 faces!
  • JoeM~PWCM~JLA 2012/08/27 02:34:09
    0bama is a Democrat, of course he's a fraud
    He is not capable of telling the truth.
  • heirsoftheking 2012/08/27 01:41:18
    0bama is a Democrat, of course he's a fraud
    The democrats ads are getting dumb and dumberer.
    dumber and dumberer
  • rightside heirsof... 2012/08/27 14:07:13
  • Oltom 2012/08/27 01:04:09
    0bama is a Democrat, of course he's a fraud
    Of course you know that democraps will swallow this lie hook line and sinker!
  • RJ~PWCM... Oltom 2012/08/27 02:27:26
  • Louisa - Enemy of the State 2012/08/27 00:02:05
    0bama is a Democrat, of course he's a fraud
    Louisa - Enemy of the State
    Obama knows that you can say anything regardless of its truthfulness because once it's out there, no amount of retracting is going to reach everyone who heard or read the ad. They in turn, may repeat what they heard and gather a few more believers.
  • Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F 2012/08/26 23:18:52
    0bama is a Democrat, of course he's a fraud
    Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F
    The Marxists keep coming up with silly new ways to try and sway the election. I think they're getting SCARED that they'll be forced to resort to martial law to keep power. Because, really...this shyt they've come out with the last several months, LMAO, it just isn't working.
  • dandieselonian 2012/08/26 23:05:30
    0bama is my Lord and Savior
    the Republican ship is taking on water , how bout charlie crist
  • Bassinman dandies... 2012/08/27 02:15:09
    You're gonna hate that statement when you meet Jesus Christ face to face and He says, "Depart from me, I know you not." I hear that hell is pretty warm, but it will be cast into the lake of fire, eventually. If you don't believe this, that's okay, YOU WILL.
  • Lady Wh... Bassinman 2012/08/27 10:11:18
    Lady Whitewolf
  • RJ~PWCM... Lady Wh... 2012/08/27 13:34:18

    In the words of John Lennon, "Are you out a ya' mind?"
  • dandies... Bassinman 2012/08/27 11:52:17
    get back on your med bible thumper
  • Mark P. 2012/08/26 23:03:05
    0bama is a Democrat, of course he's a fraud
    Mark P.
    We call these idiots Rhinos. We all know they only pretend to be Republicans.
  • texasred 2012/08/26 22:51:25
    0bama is a Democrat, of course he's a fraud
    Oh hell.... they've lied so much and used so many dirty tricks, I don't expect anything better.
  • Centrist_Bill 2012/08/26 20:43:54
    0bama is my Lord and Savior
    Let me start by saying NO he isnt my Lord or Savior. What Obama is is my President. That being said anyone of you people on either side listen to what they say on TV are a bunch of idiots. Do the foot work and decide on voting records. TV ads want you to BUY a bill of goods NOT a President.
  • Bassinman Centris... 2012/08/27 02:23:41
    Totally agree. Bills passed and those voted on (yea or nay), past voiced opinions, wishy washyness, "evolving" and not staying true to your original convictions, these are just a few things to look at, not the ads that tells lies just to get someone elected. We should all check past performance as a basis of future performance. Good post, good advise.
  • Centris... Bassinman 2012/08/27 02:45:52
    Thanks I expected alot of BS but this is refreshing.
  • gimini210 2012/08/26 20:38:04
    0bama is a Democrat, of course he's a fraud
    I wish you had a "other" box, but will make do. OK, as a former democrat, I know it is nothing to be proud of, and now a conservative female voter I can not see any Republican female ever casting a vote for any radical party member. As for the republican party not giving women equal rights, well I joined them because I wanted equal rights. I can't find any of that video as fact. It is beyond reason to think a rational female would switch to anyone who had Muslims backing him, a religion that treats females like animals, much less one where the man himself pays his female employees less than his males. Wake up America, the economy is in the tank and so are jobs and the national debt. We need real change and it ain't Obama and socialism.
  • golem48 2012/08/26 20:16:56
    0bama is a Democrat, of course he's a fraud
    0bama and his minions areinveterateliars!
  • Icono1 2012/08/26 20:15:11
    0bama is a Democrat, of course he's a fraud
    Possible but not probable. That is why the advertisement may work as a propaganda ploy.
  • Kiosk Kid 2012/08/26 20:06:16
    0bama is a Democrat, of course he's a fraud
    Kiosk Kid
    With Marxist Liberals there is no lie they won't tell. You can see it on SH. I am a Republican and now I support the party line.

    It is Standard Liberal Operatin Procedure (SLOP).

    What is a fact. Marxism doesn't work!
  • evangelism_vision 2012/08/26 19:47:55
    0bama is a Democrat, of course he's a fraud
  • Michaelene 2012/08/26 19:43:36
    0bama is a Democrat, of course he's a fraud
    Frauds, Liars, and the party of division is hard at work for Obama's smoke and mirrors campaign again.
    Some of the things on that list are hated even by the democrats, they're not democrats, they're progressives!
    Only a liar could come up with the idea of a "truth team".
  • RJ~PWCM... Michaelene 2012/08/26 21:53:35
    It's reminiscent of the Democrat DA in Missouri in 2008, who was forming an 0bama "truth squad", ostensibly to charge people who "lied about 0bama" with a crime.

  • Michaelene RJ~PWCM... 2012/08/26 21:55:23
    Yes, I just heard a rumor than one of Obama's E.O's discusses this subject, I'm looking though.
  • ComeOnNow 2012/08/26 19:24:23
    0bama is a Democrat, of course he's a fraud
    If we reelect such a failure of a president that has nothing to run on this election than blatant lies to divide this country on race, sex, or other demographic, then it is a very sad day for this country.

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