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About Me

I build amazing tents and pioneered the "glamping" movement with bedsheets

I'd like to meet

myself as a 10 year old, then ask him (me) if he (I) approve(s).


building tents, being awesome, drinking whiskey


Tents, music, coffee, hooded sweaters, shockolate, people, whiskey, shrimp shrimp

Favorite Music

chill-out, ambient, ethnic

Favorite TV Shows

arrested development, wilfred, the office, million dollar listing (they need to list some proper tents)

Favorite Movies

french new-wave cinema, indie flicks, meaningful documentaries, wall-e

Favorite Books

the wild sheep chase, at the mountains of madness, the power of now, be here now, the stranger, good omens, etc.

Favorite Quotes

be the person your dog thinks you are.

Favorite Heroes

ram dass


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