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I'm 57, married to Joan, my wonderful wife, with one great Portuguese Water Dog, Dakota. My other PWD, Molly, died on Wednesday, April 23, 2014, completely out of the blue. I was mad at God at first, but soon realized He had given me one of the greatest gifts of my life. Water Dogs were developed by the Portuguese to help them fish. I've heard they used the dogs to spread out nets, "herd" fish, and even carry messages tied to their collars to the captain of one boat from a captain of another in the fleet. As fate would have it, my dogs love the water but only so long as they could feel the bottom with their feet. They become a little panicky when they realize they're in over their head's. Actually, Molly originally loved to swim and swam everywhere until one day Dakota (who is about 50 lbs heavier) got in over her head, too, and tried to but her huge paws on Molly's back to keep her head above water. This caused Molly to get dunked for a second; since I was right there in the water with them I got Molly's head above water right away, but she never looked at swimming the same way again after that - especially around Dakota. Smart dog! Don't let anyone ever tell you that dogs don't grieve or don't have a soul. Sometimes I think Dakota misses Molly more than any of us.

In memorial to "MOLLY", April, 2004 to April 23, 2014. Our loving, sweet, Portuguese Water Dog, who never met a person she did not love.

She loved to play with her unrelated step sister, Dakota. They'd chase each other around for hours until they'd collapse from exhaustion. Molly loved to flip over in the grass on warm, sunny days, and wiggle back and forth to scratch her back. Then she'd run around the grassy yard at top speed making hairpin turns, running circles around 'Kota-bear, her heavier and stronger best friend. Occasionally, I think Molly LET 'Kota catch her, so 'Kota wouldn't lose interest in the doggie game of tag. At the other end of the spectrum, she loved the first snowfall of the season and would go out running wildly through the soft white gift from God, stopping occasionally to lap at the frosty fresh snow, with a huge smile plastered on her face. Both dogs loved dipping in the East Branch of the Delaware River and our neighbor's pond, where they'd go for quick dips and the occasional swim. They loved to chase frogs, but never got close to catching one. They also loved to chase wild deer, who were so much faster that they never could even get close. (Which is a good thing because dogs seen chasing deer can be shot.) Another favorite adventure was to chase wild turkeys, until the turkeys tired of the game and took to the wing. I was such a city person 10 years ago, I didn't even know wild turkeys could fly and spend their nights in the low branches of trees to stay safe from predators, especially Coyotes, of which we have many. I nearly fell over backwards the first time I saw a flock of wild turkeys fly.

We (my wife and I) are so grateful to still have Dakota, although I have never seen a dog more depressed. She misses Molly dearly, but helps us to concentrate on Dakota's well-being and inventing ways to snap her out of her funk. We are taking her to an animal rescue shelter where we walk dogs and are hopeful that the shelter will allow Dakota to interact with members of her own species. Who knows, we may even find a playmate Dakota picks who is in need of a home. No dog will ever replace Molly, but Dakota may pick another animal of the right temperament to join her current pack, which has too many humans and not enough dogs. The real question is, are we helping Dakota out of her funk or, is she helping us out of our's? We have a game we played with the dogs called "Find the Treats". Either my wife or I would take the dogs in another room while the other would hide treats around the living room. Then we'd let them out and they got such joy out of looking for and actually finding small, hidden treats. Now we play the game with just Dakota and for those several minutes she gets her big Dakota smile on her face and forgets that her best friend is now only a familiar smell. I must say though, as time passes, Dakota is really stepping-up to the plate and helping us as much as we are helping her deal with Molly's totally unexpected demise..

Molly was one of God's greatest gifts to us. She will be dearly missed and remembered always.

In Memorial

SodaHead used to be a lot of fun and it still is, sometimes, but seeing the daily scandals and utter disregard by so many progressives is becoming depressing. It seems that no matter how far the country sinks and stinks with Obama in charge, there are too many American people who don't seem to care nor understand the potential ramifications of what is happening; the literal slicing and dicing of the Constitution. It is a depressing scenario getting worse and people better start caring about America before it's too late - assuming we haven't already passed that point.

I wrote this poem when Clinton was pretending to be a President. He's as filthy as Obama.


Satisfaction's on vacation; mental moron instigation.
Right side's up and up side's down; wear a smile for a frown.
Chimney's vomit toxic fumes; crusty stains in lead paint rooms.
People living in the sewer; meals made of cow manure.

Others feast on gold and gems; filet mignons and Cornish hens.
Mercedes Benz and cordon bleu benefit the privileged few.
Judge’s gavels spark and rumble; stocks aflame as markets tumble.
Making money on the phone; just discovered how to clone.

Got a tan in just one hour; now the sun has super power.
Corporations are the players; rip and tear the lower layers.
Satisfaction’s on vacation; mental moron instigation.
Through the country we will travel; dreaming dreams that all unravel.

All we need’s a brand new car; make a wish upon a star.
China dreams are doomed to shatter; in the end what does it matter?
Man verse woman HOT contention; billion dollar sloth convention.
Party leaders fat and stupid; president who thinks he’s cupid.

Now it’s such a common sight; right is left and wrong is right.
What’s the point to stay and fight when up is down and slack is tight?
Give a damn and lose a million; fat old lady’s third cotillion.
All that’s left is pocket change; guess that’s why it feels strange.

I'd like to meet

People who also want to save the United States from Obama's destruction.


Photography, writing, fishing, trying to save America and re-institute the CONSTITUTION.

Favorite Music

classic rock and jazz; Bob Dylan; Grateful Dead; Allman Brothers; Neil Simon; Simon and Garfunkel; Joan Baez; Mama Cass; Janis Joplin; Billy Joel; Paul McCartney; Pink Floyd; Yes; Traffic; Jethro Tull; Miles Davis; George Benson; Herbie Hancock

Favorite Quotes

The crux of the apostrophe is the biscuit; or, the crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe. Frank Zappa (I can no longer remember which is accurate but I like them both).

Favorite Heroes

My wife, Joan; Dr. W. Duane Todd & Dorothy Jane Todd; Ted Crolius; James Madison; Thomas Jefferson; Benjamin Franklin; Molly and Dakota, Jessica, Rusty, Duchess, and Pixie - the Siamese cat.


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