The 24 Greatest Actors Who Got Fat People

The 24 Greatest Actors Who Got Fat

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Being in the public eye sucks. No matter what you do, more than likely your looks are going to change. This is a list of actors who went from fit to fat over the years. These celebs who got fat have gained weight in a variety of different ways. Drugs, alcohol , food or just good old fashioned aging and the slowing of the metabolism have transformed some of the hottest actors in Hollywood to down right fat messes.
Some of these Hollywood stars who got fat have been struggling with weight issues for years. Celebs like Kristie Alley, Matthew Perry even Christina Aguilera have been putting on the pounds and shedding them over and over. Then there's the cases of top action stars who simply seem to have said "Eff it" and let themselves go in a burst of magnificent fat glory, like Val Kilmer , Steven Seagal and the late, great Marlon Brando .

Take a look at these actors who got fat and see for yourself that nothing gold can stay. Pics include the year they were shot, as some of these celebs have both ballooned and shrunk multiple times. 
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