Quick Votes:

I am free, independent, and carefree. Yayyy!
I'm independent as long as I stay in my own home and pay my bills.
I don't feel very independent in the land of political correctness.
I have a dozen American flags. This PROVES I'm independent.
Obama is my President. Of COURSE I'm independent.
Get OUT if you don't like it!
Just wait till Romney gets in office...
I'm Independent from the British, and that's about it.
I feel SAFE, but not independent.
The only true independence is a loaded 12 gauge.
I am a sexist. Obama is smarter.
I am a racist. Hillary is smarter.
Obama , the MAN, is smarter than the "world's smartest woman"..
Hillary, the WOMAN who failed, is smarter.
Hillary needs to be satisfied with being"Mrs. Bill Clinton" and baking cookies.