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Moving on to find happiness.
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About Me

It's been awhile since I got back on here. But during the time I've been absent. I started going to a vocational school. I am going for Veterinarian Assistand. :D. I moved away from my beloved reservation. There isn't much I can do down there. I feel much better now that I have moved on from my home of disappointment.

I'd like to meet

The other half of me. Vic Fuentes. He has such a unique and beautiful voice. <3
Ryan Gosling, a hottie. Ichiru Zero <3 VK character.


I read books, or online manga. I go on the internet at free wifi resouces near where I live. I ride my bike alot or walk. I write poems.


I love Music, Poetry, Animals, Food, Books, and Imvu.

Favorite Music

Blood on the Dance Floor, Alexandra Stan, A Skylit Drive, Jason Derulo, PIERCE THE VEIL <3!!!, Asking Alexandria, Bass Hunter, Kesha - ( Harold song) only, Iration, Three Days Grace, Crossfade, The Cure, AFI, The Adicts, The Ramones, Linkin Park, Korn, Alesana, Eyes Set To Kill, well many more. This is the top one I like right now.

Favorite TV Shows

That 70's show , Gilmore Girls, The Jersey Shore, Real World las vegas, Secret life of american teenager, and more...Well since I've moved I haven't been watch no tv what so ever. I've been youtubing it. Hahahaha..Said isn't it. But one tv show I like back in the day and still do is INVADINGZIM!! GIR <3!

Favorite Movies

Harry Potter series, Smallville, the rise of the planet of the apes. Drive feat. Ryan Gosling.

Favorite Books

Harry Potter, Vampire Knight (manga), happy hustle high, strawberry panic, where the red fern grows, ...

Favorite Quotes

Here's my own quote : "I live only to try to save those who need it most." - Ferrah Boni <.< My new name.

Favorite Heroes

What is a hero to me? My potential hero listens to my crys for help. Hugs me when I am happy. And get's annoyed when I think it's funny to poke him/her in the stomache for no apparent reason.


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