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Messing around with my friends. Making teachers mad!!! and pocking people xD

Favorite Quotes

"Life is like weed always good until you run out"

"Even in death the ones we love are still with us"

"Living is a dream you can't wake out of and dreaming is a life you want to live"

"Dreams Are From Your Greatest Fears and Your Biggest Desires."

"It's fun til someone gets hurt...then it's hilarious"

"The world is only as cruel or as beautiful as you allow it to be."

"Some of you spend your time hurting others. I spend my time giving those people band-aids."

" The world is a puppet theater, The only difference between you and me is I cut my strings a long time ago."

"Light believes its the fastest, but once light reaches its destination it realizes that the dark was already there and waiting for it"

"It's the ones that hurt us who make us stronger, but then is it the ones who loves us that makes us weaker? "

'If life gives you lemons, throw them back and scream 'Fuck You!'

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