Poll Widget FAQ

Create and customize a free poll widget for your blog, website, or profiles in seconds. Your question lives on SodaHead, but with poll widgets, your discussions go where you go. Learn the ins and outs of online polls with our Poll Widget FAQ. Click here to create your own poll widget.

What’s a poll widget?
Why should I get a poll widget?
What does a poll widget look like?
What makes SodaHead poll widgets the best for my blog?
How do I get a poll widget?

What’s a poll widget?

Poll widgets are a free and easy way to take your SodaHead questions anywhere! Think of a poll widget as a backpack for your discussions: portable, easy to grab and chock-full of everything you want!

Every question on SodaHead can be grabbed as a widget and embedded on any HTML-based page where visitors can see your question, vote, discuss it and view results. And since a poll widget is a portable version of the actual poll, any images and videos from the question are viewable in the widget too.

Why should I get a poll widget?

There’s no easier way to promote user engagement and interact instantly than with a free poll widget! Whether you’re a blogger, publisher, band or just someone with an opinion, there are endless ways to use our widget:

  • Get feedback on your site layout
  • Give your visitors a voice
  • Add an interactive feature to your profile
  • Run a low maintenance contest
  • Get a better idea of who reads your blog
  • Keep your site fresh with the day’s top discussion
  • Make your blog sticky!

  • What does a poll widget look like?

    Your widgets are as unique as you are! Easy customization tools make it a snap to show off graphic design skills you didn’t even know you had.

    Customize your widget’s size, colors, buttons, text, and background skin to create widget themes from the simple to the elaborate. Save your widget themes to albums and reuse them whenever you want.

    What makes SodaHead poll widgets the best for my blog?

    Our free poll widgets are the most simple, versatile, and customizable polls on the web, which is why top bloggers, bands and publishers are making SodaHead their polling tool of choice. These great features and more make our polls stand out:

  • Multimedia! Pics and videos viewed seamlessly.
  • Customize size, colors, and backgrounds. Save and reuse themes.
  • Flash-based for best security against vote fraud.
  • Easy for friends, fans and readers to grab and post – go viral!
  • New features always added! Looking for something in particular? Become a partner!

  • How do I get a poll widget?

    Click here to create your own widget!

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