Be More Social.

Solutions that leverage SodaHead's robust polling technology.

SodaHead's Social Polling product is created for brands looking to extend their social reach, with non-traditional methods of user engagement.

What's included?

  • Custom poll widget
  • Facebook app integration
  • Vote API access and support
  • Mobile integration support

More about SodaHead's Social Polling product:

SodaHead's Social Polling product is comprised of four distinct pieces; custom polls, tailored Facebook app, Vote API, and Mobile support.

SodaHead's custom poll widget is used by top publishers across the web, that engages users and collects valuable opinions. Highly customizable and undoubtedly powerful, we'll work with you to assure the editorial and creatives assets of your poll widget jive harmoniously.

Engage your Facebook fans with our tailored Facebook polling application. The look and feel of the application is custom built and polls can be updated easily. Comments are viral and powered by Facebook, driving users to your Facebook page. Further, a history of your polls and their results are displayed. Have your Facebook fans "Like" your page, prior to interacting with the app.

Tap into the SodaHead's polling technology with our Vote API. Create a custom polling experience, designed uniquely for your users, with SodaHead support standing by.

Users of SodaHead's Vote API will be able to:

  • Retrieve questions and answer choices
  • Display images associated with questions asked
  • Retrieve absolute totals, per answer and overall
  • Geo location accessible per answer choice
  • Get polls by our "hot" score, by author, and by topic

Seamlessly integrate and enhance your mobile application with SodaHead polls.

Good Morning America approached SodaHead to help add a polling feature to their iPhone and Android apps. SodaHead worked closely with the GMA team to build a custom polling experience, for their national audience.

We work closely with all strategic partners, to ensure product delivery of the highest quality. The SodaHead team is ready to support and move forward with your mobile polling needs.

Where can I get more info or sign up?

If you have questions about SodaHead's Social Polling product or ready to sign up, please contact us.