Do You Have a Same-Sex or Opposite Sex 'Best Friend'?

SodaHead Living April 19, 2012 21:00:00 (3 hours ago)
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Best friends forever? Not quite. At least not if you consider your "best friend" to be the person you speak to most often on the phone. Starting at age 18 for women and 22 for men, people usually have an opposite-sex "best friend," according to a new study.

A woman's primary phone contact in her 20s is usually male (most likely her boyfriend or husband, but for the study's purposes, her "best friend"); but by the time she's 45, she'll probably be chatting with another woman -- most likely her daughter -- more than anyone else, LiveScience reports. Moreover, the male BFF is likely to get dumped long before the woman hits 45; she keeps him around for about 14 years, until she's around 32, and then prefers the conversation of other women.

best friends

"The male, who is presumably initially the boyfriend and later the husband, is flipped out into second place, replaced with what we take to be a daughter," said study researcher Robin Dunbar, an anthropologist at the University of Oxford, according to LiveScience.

Men, however, are more likely to have a female "best friend" their entire lives, most probably their girlfriend or wife. (We have to chuckle a little bit here: How many guys do you know who actually spend a ton of time chatting with other guys on the phone?) We're not sure we'd define our "best friend" strictly as the person we speak to most often on the phone, but it's food for thought nonetheless. Is your best friend the same sex as you are, or the opposite sex?
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  • Shawna 10 minutes ago
    Opposite sex
    The person I speak to most on the phone is my mother, but my best friend is a guy.
  • Brosia 13 minutes ago
    Opposite sex
    Even if you don't count that I married my best friend, my other best friend is also a dude. We call him Rev, because he is the most religious pot smoker we know, and I think it is supposed to be ironic, but it works and he answers to it.
  • pottercrazy1436 18 minutes ago
    Haha I also did have a best friend of the opposite sex but you know he had to go screwing me over for his other "friends"
  • Lucy allen 19 minutes ago
    Lucy allen
    Both but mostly same
  • Jon Peter 20 minutes ago
    Opposite sex
    Jon Peter
    I would like to anyway.
  • Dog BN-5 26 minutes ago
    Dog BN-5
    Actually both.
  • Nawjoo 33 minutes ago
    Opposite sex
    Girls cause problems. Dude friends for me, more similar interests anyway. Go figure.
  • Anastasia 34 minutes ago (edited)
    My best friend Angie:)))) love you sweetie! I don't think that you can actually be a friend with the opposite sex:( ?ear after year you will fell in love with him/her:D check the movie "When Harry met Sally"(amazing movie)
  • you fell for my jinx 45 minutes ago
    Opposite sex
    you fell for my jinx
    then i dnt have to worry bout them taking my men
  • Angry Congressman 50 minutes ago
    Angry Congressman
    It's kinda of the norm you know to stick to someone similar to you. I've known my best friend since 7th grade, and we are almost carbon copies of each other, in all but political beliefs in which we clash. He lives on the other end of the country but I still visit. I don't break friendships unless forced.
  • patchulie 57 minutes ago
    Opposite sex
    I get along better with guys than I do with girls
  • TheHushedScreamer 59 minutes ago
    Opposite sex
    Well, I don't have a best friend. But I prefer to have guy friends. They're more direct, drama free and haters of gossip.
  • Honeybuns 1 hour ago
    My best friend is the same sex as me. But i would never trade her in for the opposite sex as a best friend. But seen im shy it's hard for me talk to the opposite sex. I dont even think i will get married or be in a realtionship. But even people of the same sex as me its hard to talk to them.
  • red pixy 1 hour ago
    Opposite sex
    red pixy
    opposite sex are better than the same sex
  • Pedalpusher 1 hour ago
    But the runner up is opposite. But actually I've known the opposite a hell of a lot longer, but with the same sex we can share more female things that the opposite just wouldn't understand.
  • blackrings70 1 hour ago
    Opposite sex
    My husband!!!!:D
  • Rachael 1 hour ago
    But I'm also same-sex oriented.
  • Jenna ? 1 hour ago
    Opposite sex
    Jenna ?
    Most of my closest friends are of the opposite sex. I do have some same-sex friends though, mostly girls that I've known for years.
  • LilC 1 hour ago
    Opposite sex
    Actually both, my girl best friend and my boyfriend, who is also a best friend :D
  • FanOreilly 1 hour ago
    Opposite sex
    My wife.
  • Paige 1 hour ago
    N I love her like a sister.
  • The Patriot RP 2012 1 hour ago (edited)
    Opposite sex
    The Patriot RP 2012
    Actually my best friend is an opposite species, I have learned that there is no best friend when it comes to humans, other than my family.

    louie the dachshund
  • Sexuallobster 1 hour ago
    Opposite sex
    Both actually.

    But my female best friend is where I could go if I found myself in need of anything. Not to say that my male best friend isn't reliaable, but I'm slightly closer to the female one.
  • Justina Jackson 1 hour ago
    Justina Jackson
    There should be a both button you can have more than one best friend
  • Metaldane 1 hour ago
    Opposite sex
    My closest friend since I was 16 is actually my ex but now we're basically siblings she even calls me her brubby lol the rest of my best friends are male though
  • PapaHemp 1 hour ago
    I guess it would be of the same sex, because I'm my best friend.
  • Kendra 2 hours ago
    Opposite sex
    I actually have both, but I see my guy best friend every day, I only see my girl best friend a few times a year.
  • 666_Maggots 2 hours ago (edited)
    Opposite sex
    My best friend is a male....... The End....
  • forrest 2 hours ago
    Opposite sex
    My guy bestfriend and I know everything about eachother. And he moved to New Mexico then I moved to Arizona. We kept talking and realized we should have been together! So we're planning on meeting up when we're both 19 and see how things go and get married in the future! I know it sounds crazy but, I can really see it happening with us<3
  • Addicted to Life :) 2 hours ago
    Addicted to Life :)
    But I also have a opposite sex BFF too.
  • Jenny 2 hours ago
    I get on better with guys (I'm pretty sure every one gets on better with the opposite sex?) but it doesn't mean they're my best friends, they're like long term friends that I love to bits but I don't talk to everyday.
  • Tinka123 2 hours ago
    Opposite sex
    My best friend is male, not married to or dating him though. And we rarely talk on the phone.
  • Same-sex
    Archer ~ The Limit Break of PHAET
    Most of the people I talk to at all are the same gender as I am, actually. With a few exceptions. And the people I talk to most are all the same gender.
  • Miss Bela Rae 2 hours ago
    Miss Bela Rae
  • Miss Be... Miss Be... 2 hours ago
    Miss Bela Rae
    And my friend Johnathan Lee Bender (John-John), but he moved to Mississippi
  • MayaAngelou0524 2 hours ago
    Well I actually have GBFs (guy best friends) but my best BEST friend is a girl :)
  • Chancy99: Plague Rat 2 hours ago
    Chancy99: Plague Rat
    I have a girl and a guy, as best friends. Course we like to joke wit my guy friend he's more feminine then us.
  • cammy 2 hours ago
    Actually, it's a girl and a guy.
  • Opposite sex
    tommyg - POTL- PWCM-JLA
    My wife.
  • Tank 2 hours ago
    Opposite sex
    Two bloke best friends and a lady one (haha, I strongly suspect that she wouldn't be too pleased by the word 'lady'. And then again, one of the guys doesn't really suit bloke, either. Ah well :) Though my female 'best friend' and I have more of a sister-like relationship than that of best friends, if that makes sense. We don't always talk that often, but we're still very close. And I definitely think of her much more like how I think of my real sister (though without any arguments) than how I think of my other two best

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