Be More Social.

Solutions that leverage SodaHead's robust polling technology.

Designed for those wanting tailored solutions for building a custom polling experience.

We love working with our partners to fulfill their technology needs. We'll work with you to launch your custom project, be it a unique survey interface or a mobile polling app.

Need to create a poll widget or send a survey with your branding? Our white label solution is what you're looking for.

We'll handle all of the customization of any of our products with your logo and color palette. We'll remove all references to SodaHead on our products.

Consider white labeling the following SodaHead products:

Infographics & Videos

Collect a wealth of information about public opinion through your SodaHead polls and surveys. We'll leverage this aggregated data, as we highlight some of it with our data visualization products; infographics and video.

Data is collected from all points of voting, be it SodaHead.com. Poll Widget, Facebook App, or API.

SodaHead's editorial staff take a Deep Dive into your collected data to find the interesting nuggets that confirm stereotypes and bust myths about the opinions held by selected demographics.

Our creative and production teams produce a visual representation of your data, in the form of an infographic or video.

Custom Poll Widget

SodaHead's custom poll widget is used by top publishers across the web, thats engages users and collects valuable opinions.

Our fully customizable poll widget is loaded with features, including:

  • Embed Anywhere
  • Customize Look & Feel
  • Vote Geolocation
  • Images & Videos
  • Social Sharing
  • Optional CAPTCHA

Work side-by-side with our editorial team to develop a highly engaging poll question. Our writers work tirelessly day in and out, asking questions that illicit opinions from thousands of SodaHead users daily.

We understand how vital brand consistency is. Our design team will customize the look and feel of your poll widget, to accurately reflect the style of your brand.

Facebook Integration

Engage your Facebook fans with our tailored Facebook polling application.

SodaHead's Facebook app enables your fans to:

  • Real time voting on polls you create (We can also assist in poll creation).
  • Comment and discuss with each other
  • "Like" each other's comments
  • Interact with past polls

The look and feel of the application is custom built. Polls can be updated easily, with our "Poll by Author" feature. Comments are viral and powered by Facebook, driving users to your Facebook page. A history of your polls and their results are displayed, as well. We can even have your Facebook fans "Like" your page, prior to interacting with the app.


  • Custom designed and built for your brand
  • Single or Mutli-question polling available
  • Easy updating
  • Facebook commenting engine
  • SodaHead support