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Solutions that leverage SodaHead's robust polling technology.

Made for bloggers and publishers, ready to create and manage their own polls.

Our best in class poll widget powers Good Morning America, ABCNews.com, FOXNews.com, Spike.com, and many others.

We've worked hard to create the best poll widget on the net, and are continuously refining based on feedback from publishers, like you.

A "widget" functions like an application (program or mini-website) that you can "embed" or post on web pages. Posting a widget on your site allows you to ask your audience for their opinion, and gain valuable feedback and demographic information.

The SodaHead poll widget is fully customizable and loaded with features, including:

  • Customize size, colors, and background skins -- add your logo
  • Include images and videos
  • Save and organize themes for future use
  • Include 10+ answer choices
  • Map view of winning answer choices by region
  • Security against vote fraud (flash-based)
  • Grabbable by readers... make your poll go viral!
  • One-click post

Additional features:

  • Wordy answers - over 250 characters allowed per answer
  • One-click sharing to Facebook and Twitter
  • Optional voter comments
  • Optionally add your poll to the SodaHead network for more exposure!

Create your poll widget for free. Getting started is easy. Click hereto create and customize your poll widget.

Easily manage all of your polls from a single interface.

SodaHead's Poll Widget Customizer comes standard with tools to help you keep your polls organized.

  • Create and re-use poll themes
  • Save unlimited themes in unlimited albums
  • Edit, rename, move and delete themes anytime
  • Option to select a default them for easy poll widget sharing
  • Option to change album name or delete

Polls enhance interactivity and "stickiness" by engaging your audience and encouraging readers to come back to your site. Whether you blog about something controversial in the news or the latest celebrity gossip, your readers can actively participate in the discussion through polls. Chances are they'll send their friends to vote too, increasing traffic and interactivity on your site.

SodaHead offers Advanced Demographic Reporting on all Polls.

  • Did males and females vote for the same answers?
  • Did teens and adults vote the same?
  • Did the Liberals and Conservatives finally agree on something?

Now you can find out and do a "Deep Dive" into the data to find some unexpected results or data that confirms stereotypes.

You can analyze the votes by age, gender, political views and a dozen other demographic data points.

Demographic information comes from data provided by SodaHeads in their profiles. We recognize that some people don't tell the whole truth in their online profiles (shockingly!). All polling professionals have to take that into consideration. We have done some techniques behind the scenes to counteract that. We also require a minimum number of votes before showing any data so that the samplings will even out and prove more statistically accurate.

Professional polling companies that charge money to conduct polls always want us to include this notice: polls are not scientific and are meant for entertainment purposes only.

It is free to post a question on SodaHead.com and the results are instantly available on the site.

Tap into the SodaHead's polling technology with our Vote API.

Users of SodaHead's Vote API will be able to:

  • Retrieve questions and answer choices
  • Display images associated with questions asked
  • Retrieve absolute totals, per answer and overall
  • Geo location accessible per answer choice
  • Get polls by our "hot" score, by author, and by topic

Create a custom polling experience, designed uniquely for your users. Access the SodaHead's Vote API.