Solutions that leverage SodaHead's robust polling technology.

  • 360 Polling
  • Social Polling
  • Lightning Poll
  • Online Survey

Poll Widget Highlights Create your free poll widget

  • Advanced Options

    SodaHead polls are loaded with advanced features, that include: message post voting, adjust top and bottom margins, hide results, outbound link, percentage or numerical results, show/hide results, specify poll end date, and more.

  • Allow Comments

    Enable comments on your poll and get live feedback from your users. View and manage aggregated comments on SodaHead.com.

  • Anonymous Voting

    By default, all polls allow for anonymous voting. Anonymous voting may increase the volume of votes on your poll and increase user engagement.

  • Customize Look & Feel

    Customize the look and feel of your poll with ease. Use SodaHead's powerful poll widget customizer to change colors, background image, dimensions, and more.

  • Geolocate Vote

    Our unique geolocation feature displays a color-coded map of your poll's winning answer choice by region. Hover over states for a detailed view.

  • Images & Videos

    Include images and videos within your poll. Adding images and videos to the question and answer choices, creates a richer voting experience.

  • Optional CAPTCHA

    Decrease possible fraudulent voting with CAPTCHA. This optional challenge-response feature helps ensure that a vote is generated by a person.

  • Save & Manage Multiple Themes

    We've made it easy to manage poll widget themes. Label and organize multiple themes in folders. Create and save themes quickly.

  • Social Sharing

    It's simple to share your poll with Facebook and Twitter. Grab embed code and add to any site.