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About Me

I'm the daughter of Allah.

I'd like to meet

Nina Hagen.


I play in a heavy metal band. I specialise in droning power chords with open strings. I like to play the same solo in every song and bend the strings as much as possible. I usually have the same sound combing heavy metal distortion and phasing. My first choice guitar is a very old Gibson SG special.


I am interested in mythology and nothing else.

Favorite Music

I like the music of anything cool that no-one else has heard of. Band of the moment Sunseth Sphere.

Favorite TV Shows

1) Millennium 2) anything darker than Millennium.

Favorite Movies

Lady Snowblood

Favorite Books

Mountains Of Madness

Favorite Quotes

He who loves more is weak and must suffer.

Favorite Heroes

Tim Osman, a CIA asset in good standing at the time of his death.


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