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  • Obama calls Americans "teabag, anti-government people"
    - "Mr. Obama, during his private pep talk to Democrats, recognized Mr. Owens election and then posed a question to the other lawmakers. According to Representative Earl Blumenauer of Oregon...“Does anybody think that the tea...
    1,397 opinions
    Daryl 2009/11/09 17:55:56
  • Barney Frank/Ed Schultz In Liberal Lovers' Quarrel
    - "You might think the two libs would make beautiful progressive music together, but what made this spat especially entertaining was that Barney found himself being attacked . . . from the left." Prime target for 2010. ...
    536 opinions
    The Frog Prince 2009/11/10 14:02:25
  • AP: Obama's Glow From Health Care Triumph Over -- Bill DOA In Senate
    - "The glow from a health care triumph faded quickly for President Barack Obama on Sunday as Democrats realized the bill they fought so hard to pass in the House has nowhere to go in the Senate." Obama is Pelosi's lapdog!...
    365 opinions
    The Frog Prince 2009/11/09 15:09:45
  • The Frog Prince
    - "The radicals in the administration, whose views are shared by the President, in true czar fashion avoid honest debate on the issue at all costs. Even, it would seem, internally." Pick em off one at a time as they raise...
    204 opinions
    The Frog Prince 2009/11/10 15:51:36
  • Glenn Beck Gets Most Viewers Of All Time (Again) on Tuesday
    - by Steve Krakauer | 5:17 pm, September 16th, 2009 Cable news ratings, September 15, 2009: Check out the highlights, and see the full ratings below: • Coming off his top ratings on Thursday night, and huge ratings for h...
    173 opinions
    Informed Voter 2009/11/11 05:06:23
  • jt
    - It’s a sad day for commies. Barack Obama’s Mao supporting communications director Anita Dunn will step down from her post at the end of the month and Dan Pfeiffer, her deputy, will take over, according to sources familiar...
    103 opinions
    jt 2009/11/11 00:13:51
  • GOP calls it DOA
    - By DAPHNE RETTER Post Correspondent Posted: 4:13 AM, November 9, 2009 Not so fast. President Obama's victory dance yesterday for the House-passed health-care bill came as Senate foes -- mainly Republicans with one key D...
    78 opinions
    Informed Voter 2009/11/11 04:25:12
  • Dear Congressman Kennedy BY BISHOP THOMAS J. TOBIN
    - Dear Congressman Kennedy: “The fact that I disagree with the hierarchy on some issues does not make me any less of a Catholic.” (Congressman Patrick Kennedy) Since our recent correspondence has been rather public, I ho...
    85 opinions
    Arky in Y'shua 2009/11/11 03:55:32
  • Unreal… President Obama On Hasan: He May Have ‘Cracked’ From ‘Stress’
    - Oh, good grief… He was screaming “Alluha Akar” as he mowed our soldiers down! BO says US soldier killer Nidal Hasan may have “cracked” because of stress. He also told Jake Tapper today that he still has not quite decid...
    82 opinions
    jt 2009/11/11 00:05:56
  • Who’s Threatening Obama?
    - BY CLIFF KINCAID | SEPTEMBER 20, 2009 In one of the latest but most distasteful efforts to mute criticism of President Obama's policies, a left-wing media "watchdog" by the name of Eric Boehlert is suggesting that conse...
    69 opinions
    Informed Voter 2009/11/11 04:48:31
  • maplek
    - The DC sniper, responsible for killing 10 innocent people in 2002, is set to receive the ultimate punishment one half hour from now. John Allen Muhammed collaborated with a teenage accomplice seven years ago to murder inno...
    34 opinions
    maplek 2009/11/11 01:36:00
  • Rupert Murdoch: Beck Shouldn't Have Called Obama Racist -- But He Was Right
    - After a summer of silence, News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch has piped up to say that his newest Fox News star, Glenn Beck, "was right" when he called President Obama a racist in July even if he was wrong to say it. "On the ...
    103 opinions
    Angel 2009/11/10 17:31:50
  • "'Mohammed' - The Second Greatest Story Ever Told" or Return of the Jehadi
    - It is reported that there is to be a $150m Hollywood blockbuster biopic about the life of Mohammed. The film is financially backed by the Qatar-based... Alnoor Holdings, ... So, in accordance with Islamic law, Mohammed wil...
    54 opinions
    Javimendo 2009/11/10 21:57:25
  • Iraq vet says he was discharged after going public about his homosexuality, 'don't ask, don't tell'
    - "They told me, 'You are stupid, the Army is going to kick you out, but before they do, they are going to take your rank away and all your money away.' "
    71 opinions
    jt 2009/11/10 22:48:39
  • Figures… Obama Skips Anniversary of Fall of Berlin Wall, Sends a Video & Talks About Himself
    - One international leader was conspicuously absent at the 20 Year Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall today. Even worse- Obama spoke about himself to the crowd (VIDEO): “Few would have seen on that day that...
    75 opinions
    Edmund Jenks 2009/11/10 14:21:05
  • Obama Ignores Terror Threat at His Own Peril
    - Communism is gone but Islamic radicalism and jihadism are with us. President Obama will have to find an effective way to deal with this new threat or the American people will find someone else who can. The 44th president m...
    206 opinions
    jr 2009/11/10 03:07:20
  • 8 so-called 'chivalrous' moves that creep us out
    - Blake Lively and Penn Badgley are definitely the cutest actors who've played a couple on TV that refuse to acknowledge they're one in real life too. Luckily, "Gossip Girls" in training all around New York are constantly...
    90 opinions
    SayRah 2009/11/10 18:57:18
  • Bye Bye Dems, not sorry to see you go
    - You just sealed your fate... Americans will not give up the land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Final Health Care Vote Dem 220 Other 215 Liars and Tigers and Bears ... Oh My.
    1,071 opinions
    PartysOver 2009/11/08 04:15:32
  • Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.): IRS Should Scrutinize Roman Catholic Bishops
    - Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.) is co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. I expect political hardball on any legislation as important as the health care bill. I just didn’t expect it from the United States Coun...
    60 opinions
    Arky in Y'shua 2009/11/11 01:39:42
  • Chicago Mayor Daley Blames Fort Hood On America’s Love Of Guns!
    - On Monday, Chicago Mayor Daley blamed the Ft. Hood Jihad Massacre on America’s love of guns! “Unfortunately, America loves Guns. We love guns to a point where that uh we see devastation on a daily basis. You don’t blame...
    41 opinions
    jt 2009/11/11 00:03:09
  • jt
    - SAO PAULO (Reuters) - In Brazil, famed for its tiny bikinis and carefree attitude, a university student has been expelled after violent protests by students outraged at the short outfit she wore on campus.
    31 opinions
    jt 2009/11/11 03:24:51
  • jt
    - Jarratt, VIRGINIA (Reuters) - John Allen Muhammad was executed on Tuesday for masterminding and carrying out with his teenage accomplice the 2002 sniper shootings that killed 10 people and terrified the Washington, D.C. re...
    31 opinions
    jt 2009/11/11 03:19:01
  • Madelisa
    - In 2008, Tim Shorrock reported for Salon that while “working inside America’s ’shadow’ spy industry, George Tenet, Richard Armitage, Cofer Black and others are cashing in big on Iraq and the war on terror.” Now, the Financ...
    31 opinions
    Madelisa 2009/11/10 19:18:07
  • Obama goes Bush, agrees to dramatic troop escalation in Afghanistan
    - "Obama's Afghan Plan: About 40K More Troops"
    523 opinions
    FanOreilly 2009/11/10 00:24:23
  • Blackwater Attempted to Bribe Iraqi Officials
    - In the aftermath of the 2007 Nisour Square massacre in Baghdad by operatives working for Blackwater, top company officials including then-president Gary Jackson "authorized secret payments of about $1 million to Iraqi offi...
    5 opinions
    PLANETEATER 2009/11/11 04:37:51
  • The Palin qualifications
    - Palin has... a remarkable knack for saying all the things... Obama should be saying... While Obama was... the warm-up act for anti-American and anti-Semitic nutjobs at the U.N., Palin spoke of her country’s proud tradition...
    42 opinions
    Javimendo 2009/11/10 18:45:42
  • Michelle Obama's poll numbers slide
    - When Michelle Obama moved into the White House, she instantly became one of the most famous first ladies in history, a symbol of racial pride, a victor in the battle of the sexes and the picture of a modern woman, mother a...
    205 opinions
    SodaDead 2009/11/10 03:28:49
  • Confidence in Obama slips more, poll shows
    - WASHINGTON - The euphoria of 2008 is over: America is in a funk. Elected last November on a wave of optimism, President Barack Obama now finds himself governing an increasingly pessimistic country in recession while mus...
    5 opinions
    Angel 2009/11/11 04:59:28
  • Tort Reform Could Save Health Care $54 Billion, Says CBO
    - Patricia Murphy POSTED: 10/12/09 FILED UNDER:THE CAPITOLISTAs Congress wrangles over the skyrocketing cost of health care reform, the Congressional Budget Office has determined that reforming the medical malpractice insu...
    5 opinions
    Informed Voter 2009/11/11 04:42:24
  • Democrats and the death of deliberative democracy
    - By Michelle Malkin • November 6, 2009 05:56 AMThe House vote on Speaker Pelosi’s government health care bill is set for Saturday morning. She is scrambling to buy off recalcitrant Democrats on two of very issues that Rep...
    8 opinions
    Informed Voter 2009/11/11 04:40:04
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